You may not think too frequently about your HVAC, but you certainly expect it to run daily and provide you with the temperature you enjoy. However, having your HVAC break down will likely happen at the most inconvenient time and add a great deal of stress to your life. To avoid this bothersome event, it is a good idea to call your trusted Houston HVAC service technician and have them come to your home twice a year as the seasons change. 

They will be able to perform a thorough inspection of your system and recommend any preventative actions that will catch a problem when it is still small and give you a unit that works well year-round. Here is what you may expect your HVAC service call to include.

Common Tasks Included in an HVAC Service

Common Tasks

When the hvac contractor and technician get to your home for an HVAC service, you can expect that they will:

  • Check your hvac tools and thermostat along with its settings and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Check all electrical connections to ensure they are correct and functioning as they should.
  • Inspect the condensation line looking for any obstruction.
  • Inspect the outdoor unit to confirm that everything is in order and that the area is clean and free of debris.
  • Do a lubrication check and perform any replacement needed.
  • Visually examine the air filters to determine whether they need to be replaced to maintain the desired airflow.
  • Inspect the fan to make sure it is not damaged and that it is functioning as intended.
  • Examine outdoor and indoor coils and verify whether they need to be cleaned. A clean unit will always work and run more efficiently.
  • Catch any issues that may be present and recommend actions needed. This is priceless since detecting an issue when small can easily be repaired much more efficiently than waiting until a large issue appears, which could cost quite a bit more.
  • Depending on the age and type of your unit, your technician may also verify whether the coils need to be cleaned or refrigerant fluid needs to be added due to a freon leak.

The purpose of an HVAC service is to ensure your system is operating at its peak efficiency. Ultimately, this can save you money on your gas or electric bills. If you allow your system to operate when some of its elements are not performing as they should, you may soon be facing costly repairs or even a full replacement.

What Are the Main Parts of Your HVAC System?

Multiple parts make up an HVAC system. Some you can see, and others are hidden behind walls. Yet, most HVACs include

Your HVAC System

A Furnace

This is the component that is in charge of giving you hot air during the winter months. A furnace may include a burner and fuel system, heat exchangers, an exhaust flue, and a blower.

Air Conditioner

Warm air is drawn out of your home through small vents which connect with ductwork; it is then transferred outside as cool air is pushed in. You may have a central AC unit, a split system, or a mini-split. Air conditioners generally have a compressor, coils, along with blower that processes the cool air.

Heat Pump

This vacuum pump hvac can also transfer outside air into the home to heat or cool it. It often uses an air handler to circulate the air throughout the house.


These are the tubes through which the cool or heated air circulates to reach every room in the house.


You are familiar with this component because you know exactly where it is and interacts with it frequently. Nowadays, newer models can be controlled through an app on your cell phone.


Your system may have more than one filter installed at the end of the ductwork. Their purpose is to help keep dust, dander, pet fur, and other debris from entering the HVAC system. Filters should be replaced frequently to ensure clean air in the home.

How Do I Know When I Need HVAC Maintenance or Repair?

HVAC Maintenance or Repair

If you’re not in the habit of having regular HVAC services, you may need to have your system repaired when you detect any of the following issues:

●     The unit is making unusual noises.

●     There is leakage around the equipment.

●     You’re not getting enough cool or hot air, depending on the season.

●     You keep adjusting the thermostat, and it is still not giving you the temperature you want.

●     There are unpleasant odors coming out of the system.

●     The system sounds like it is working properly, and the air is blowing, but it does not give you the cool or hot air you need.

●     The system is not turning on.

Although some of these issues may come up suddenly, others may be prevented with a regular HVAC service. Ask your HVAC technician whether they offer a regular service program so that you can put this task out of your to-do list and have the peace of mind of knowing that this expensive equipment will be receiving the regular care it needs.

Bottom line: How Often Should You Have Your HVAC Serviced?

HVAC Serviced

Certain actions must be done regularly for the system to perform at its peak. Some of them, such as making sure the equipment is free of debris, HVAC capacitor, and filters changed frequently, may be performed by the homeowner. However, there are other considerations regarding having an HVAC service call. Some components of your unit may be idle during certain months, while others are overworked. Making it essential to schedule an HVAC service twice a year. By doing so, you will avoid any unnecessary wear of components and decrease the strain on your equipment.


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