what is a keeping room

The Interior and architecture of a house are not only for enhancing its beauty and look. There are also many purposes for them. And this is how the interiors of old houses were done, by keeping all the needs and requirements of the house members. 

One of North America’s oldest interiors is coming in trend again, and that is the keeping room. Now, what is a keeping room? Do you have the same question in your mind? Here I will answer this question. And I will tell you more about this keeping room. 


What Is A Keeping Room In A Home?

what is a keeping room

A keeping room is a space adjacent to the kitchen of the house. People not only can kick back but also keep the cook company. But the story does not end here; there is a lot more than just the information that I have provided. 


Here in this article, we will know a lot more about the 246 years old Keeping room. We also now get the idea of why it is resurfaced into the listing of real estate as an attractive feature to add to your home today. 

History Of Keeping Rooms

What Is A Keeping Room & Keeping Suite

If you notice the houses of 18th century Colonial America, you can trace a keeping room. During that time, most of the cooking used to be done around the home’s only fireplace. As the place is the warmest place in the house, all the family members were gathered in the kitchen. 

But to eliminate being underfoot and also to create any disturbance to the chef, they generally gathered in the nearest area. So, here is the answer to your question, “what is a keeping room in a house?” That closest space or room is called a keeping room.

Typically the room used to be furnished with a comfortable couch or sofa. Here they could lounge or also perform some small tasks, such as writing letters or sewing. This cozy area also offers the chance to perform several activities.

Cooking preparation, reading, writing, sewing are some of them. In rural areas, during the winter nights, the family also sleeps in this toasty keeping room. As the fire kept them warm, the name of the room is keeping room. 

As a feature of architecture, the importance of keeping room has been maintained as a feature in the South. There are many homes where keeping room is the most used room in the entire house. 

So, I hope by going through the history of keeping rooms, you have got the basic idea of what is a keeping room. This room was totally common in older homes. But in modern days this room is also being constructed. 

There is another useful purpose of keeping room. In case you spend the most time in the kitchen, you may have witnessed that you invest a huge part of your time in keeping an eye on the food. 

This adjacent room also allows the cook or chef to keep an eye on the food and also perform some small tasks that I have mentioned earlier. People are finding that having a keeping room offers more comfort and convenience. That is why they are adding them to their homes. 

Modern Day Benefits Of Having A Keeping Room

what is a keeping room

Have you heard of health rooms or family rooms? Well, they are just other names of the same keeping room. So, as now you get the answer to your question, what is a keeping room, it is time to know the benefits of having a keeping room in the modern-day. 

As a result of the explosion of open floor plans, keeping rooms are again gaining much popularity in real estate. Homeowners are knocking down the kitchen wall and setting up kitchen islands so that, at the same time, they can cook and also keep an eye and earshot to their family members and guests. 

You will always want to give your guests or family members more comfort than those tiny bar stools when they are wanting to accompany you in the kitchen. You may have heard from your old families that the kitchen used to be or still is the heart of the home.

So, when you are preparing the meal or cooking, why not give your friends, families, or guests a more comfortable place to sit? This is the main purpose of having a keeping room. The newer keeping rooms can be small or also large.

The best thing is that there is no necessity to dedicate an entire room as the keeping room. You can use a nook or even just a defined space as your keeping room. The rooms are generally furnished in a practical and comfortable manner. 

You can furnish your keeping room with durable fabrics on the chair or sofa, a space to prop your feet, and also some build-ins for stacking books or hiding family board games will also work. 

During Colonial times, the keeping room was so popular as it offered warmth and comfort. But in recent days we do not use wood-burning stoves in the kitchen. So, for the same purpose, some people also add a fireplace there for warmth and comfort.

As per the real estate agents, more buyers are wanting a kitchen that is open to an entertaining multipurpose space with a fireplace and s TV. But in case your living room is more formal, and the kitchen is far from it, having a keeping room is really a huge plus. 


So, from this article, I believe that you get a proper idea about “what is a keeping room?” The history and benefits that it is offering in modern days will also help you to know the reason behind its increasing popularity in modern real estate plans. 

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