The new smart is small and cosy. The traditional utility room ideas are now changing. And most of the new utility room model designs are now a little different. Smart designers’ furniture fits in small spaces. So if you are thinking your utility room needs to be large and you require thousand-dollar furniture there. Then this is the time when you will feel relaxed. The modern designer utility rooms are for making your life easy, not complicated.

Let’s have a look at what types of utility room designs you can adopt for your new apartments and house.

What Makes A Utility Room?

According to,

The utility room is a bit of a modern home luxury. A well-designed utility room serves to bridge the gap between indoors and out, preventing outdoor dirt from entering the kitchen and main living areas, as well as holding bulky white goods, utility products, and everyday family clutter.”

One of the major characteristics of a utility room is that you can make the most out of the space in the room. Given the lack of space, having utility room ideas for your home is a must. However, it is also important for you to have a stylish and smart room. Hence, you will need to make sure that your room not only has functionality but has the necessary flair as well.

Utility rooms are located near the kitchen. Hence, in such cases, you will also need to consider how the kitchen and the utility room complement each other. The major focus will be to create a harmonious feeling inside your home when you are deciding on the design of your home.

In recent times, utility rooms have become an overspill to the kitchen. Hence, in recent years, there has been a rise in utility projects by 35%. People want to keep their kitchens clean, tidy and organized. Furthermore, many people are also using bold colors and patterns in their utility rooms.Things To Consider While Designing Your Utility Room.

Things To Consider While Designing Your Utility Room

If you want to design your utility room, you must start designing your cupboards. Make these cupboards big (floor-to-ceiling size), as this will give your utility room more storage space. Apart from that, you can also consider adding a second sink in the room if possible. In that, case, you will also need to create a plumbing line for that as well.

Furthermore, while building your utility room, also make sure that there are plenty of hooks, hardware, and bespoke shelving in the area. This will allow you to have ultimate practical space if you want to accommodate your belongings.

The following are some of the major trends that you can consider while you are building your utility room:

  1. Go with open shelving, as this will give you more space and ease of access.
  2. Use worktop designs, and also make them visually prominent.
  3. Make use of parquet floors in the utility room. This will add more warmth to the room.
  4. Use sustainable and environmentally friendly items in the utility room.
  5. Use functional furniture items to make use of all the spaces.

20 Best Small And Smart Utility Room Ideas

Your utility can be squeezed into smaller spaces. So if you are thinking of designing your utility rooms, then the following ideas will make your work easy.

Here are 20 top utility room ideas for 2022.

1. Use Your Walls

In all the small and smart utility room ideas, less space is prevalent in any modern apartment and home. Most modern-day utility rooms do not have extra space.

Use Your Walls

So if you like to build a particular area for your utility rooms, then using the wall cabinets is the best solution. Do not use the floor areas. Just use the walls for installing any wall cabinets.

2. Small Partitioning Glass Door

The small glass door looks pretty. So if you are thinking of partitioning small areas of your utility rooms, then these utility room ideas will be better to install a thin glass door. The glass doors will not go to take up so much space.

Small Partitioning Glass Door

The installations are also very easy. So if you are thinking of separating some of the spaces of the utility rooms, then using the glass doors is the smartest way.

3. Washing Machine Cupboard

Where are you going to put your laundry utilities? This is the most laudable question. Your utility rooms should be so spacious that you can put anything, including your washing machine.

Washing Machine Cupboard

So the great saviour is to design a washing machine cupboard. You can organise all the necessary items in the cupboard, cloth wash and brushes.

4. Utility Room Storage

Utility room storage is pretty necessary for the utility room ideas. The wall-mounted organisers are the best solution for the utility room storage ideas. You do not have to install any of the extra items.

 room storage ideas

The utility room storage is enough to put everything which you require for your kitchen and laundry works.

5. Adjustable Boot Rack

Usually, when you are going to apply the small utility room ideas, we often sacrifice some of the organisers. But this is not entirely not required. You can put the boot rack and the other required items in there.

Boot Rack

Especially the ice, haunting, and rubber boots. These boots are for occasional use. And you can easily put these boots in your utility room cupboards.

6. Smart Storage Underneath Your Sink

In the utility room DIY small laundry room ideas of the sink is very important. Most homeowners are only thinking of picking a designer sink. But the clever utility room ideas are to use the space underneath your sink.

Storage Underneath Your Sink

Yes, make some space underneath the sink, and always put a cupboard under your sink.

7. Curtain

Not necessary that every time you have to use the door to look cleaner. The curtains can also be used. Then pick some vibrant colour easy washable curtains on the open cabinets.


Your utility rooms will look much more vibrant and much neater design-wise. Just hang the curtains on the fixed rods or stretchy elastic fibers. For every type of utility room ideas, these curtains are an innovative and colourful addition.

8. Small Cosy Place For Your Pets

Do not forget about your pets. Yes, every time when you are planning to design your utility room. Always make sure that you are keeping a small space for your pets.

Small Cosy Place For Your Pets

When you are making some space for your pets, make sure you are selecting drywall. Damp walls are not suitable for the pet’s health. So never forget to add some spaces for your pets in the utility room ideas.

9. Easy Cleanable Floor Tiles

In the utility room ideas, the easily cleanable floor tiles are a very good pick. In utility rooms, floors are often required for deep cleaning. And for this deep cleaning, the floor tiles need to be robust and easily cleanable.

Cleanable Floor Tiles

Always keep these points in your mind. The fancy titles are not for the utility rooms. You have to pick easy maintenance and robust floor tiles whose pairs are easily available.

10. Small Bottle Or Jar Storage System

Every house has unused kitchen jars. So the best storages for these jars are in the utility rooms. You can make a small rack just for organising your small jars from the kitchen.

unused kitchen jars

This way, you can separately organise a whole rack of the small bottle and jar storage system. And make your kitchen look cleaner with these types of utility room ideas.

11. Rack For Unused Items

Unused items and small laundry items are often misplaced. Hence it will be a clever utility room idea to put a rack just for the misplaced items.

Rack For Unused Items

Yes, often the socks and gloves are misplaced, and we can’t find the other pair of these items. So if you have a separate rack for the unused items, you can easily find the pieces.

12. Portable And Hanging Drying Rack

Drying racks are another essential part of the utility rooms. The wall-mounted hanging racks and the easily portable drying racks will go to save your space. So you can put any portable hanging and drying racks from the roofs.

 Hanging Drying Rack

For this, you can apply any type of DIY ideas or hang the drying bars with organic ropes. It will bring a boho look to your utility rooms.

13. Sliding Wardrobe

The sliding wardrobe is a very good pick for any modern-style cosy utility room ideas. The sliding wardrobe looks very trendy and stylish. Along with the look, the sliding wardrobes are also very unique and versatile.

Sliding Wardrobe

It does not take up too much floor space. So you will get plenty of floor space for organising the areas in your own way. This is the reason every homeowner who likes to get a modern and innovative home utility room then these smart sliding wardrobes just work perfectly for them.

14. Pick The Colour To Look Your Room More Spacious

Maybe your utility room is not a large area. But it can look very large. Always give more value to the colours in the utility room ideas. Pick the colour in white base. Or any light shades. Your rooms will look more spacious and do experiments. You can try contrasting colours for your wardrobes and other furniture.

Colour To Look Your Room More Spacious
Colour To Look Your Room More Spacious

The white and any types of pastel shades give your room a more spacious look. So there is no harm in doing the experiment with the wall colours.

15. Wall Hanging Smart Storage Unit

In the utility room cabinet ideas, the wall-hanging smart storage units are a great space saver. And it will give your utility rooms a neater look.

Wall Hanging Smart Storage

So if you are thinking of applying some different tricks, then these wall-hanging smart storage units are going to be your perfect selection. And the most attractive part is these storage units give your utility rooms a boho look.

16. Floor And Ceiling Storage Unit

Where to put your alcohol and the wines? In the utility room ideas, 360-degree visions are the most valued ones. Why? Usually, we have a small wine cellar. But if you are putting this cellar in the utility rooms, it will go to occupy ample space on the floor.

Floor And Ceiling Storage Unit

Why waste the floor space. The new smart means are tiny. The floor wine chest is unique in the utility room ideas. Actually, the whole wine cellar will be underneath your room.

17. Use Some Contrasting Colours

Contrasting colours of the walls and the furniture will give your utility room a nice makeover. In the utility room ideas, the colours of the walls are pretty essential. The light contrasting colours of the floor and the tiles will give your room a more vibrant look.

Some Contrasting Colours

But whatever wall colours you are picking, make sure you are picking water restraint colours. Else the oil or washable acrylic colours are also perfect solutions for brilliant utility room designs.

18. Do Not Go For The Expensive And Fancy Furniture

The fancy designer furniture is not for the utility rooms. The utility rooms are the most loaded room in the whole house. So when you are picking any type of furniture for your utility room, make sure you are picking durable and easy replaceable furniture.

The Expensive And Fancy Furniture

The expensive and fancy furniture is not for the utility rooms. You have to pick durable furniture. And always pick the cushions which are washable. Yes, these utility room ideas are a way you can overcome the maintenance problems of the utility rooms.

19. Pick The Right Colour Sink

There are many laundry room utility sink ideas. But when you are picking the utility room sink, always install the sink which is not larger in size, but it’s slender.

Pick The Right Colour Sink

Yes, your problems will go away. The larger sinks are taking up more space. But when you are picking the slender design sinks, you will get more free spaces on the floor.

Along with the sink, do not forget to pick a multifunctional sink cabinet. This way, you can organise your utility rooms in a more smart way. So these are other clever utility room ideas.

20. Good Wall Paper Can Work Like A Design

Maybe the utility room’s interiors must be simple. But if you like to add some sparkle to your utility rooms, it is better to add some colourful wallpapers. These colourful wallpapers make your room look unique, and it is also going to protect your room’s walls.

Good Wall Paper

Now many types of wallpapers are available in the market? So you can pick any type of wallpaper that is actually fluent in the bright side of your utility room’s interiors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Do You Need A Window In The Utility Room?

Usually, many designers will suggest that your utility rooms do not require a window. But maybe your room does not require a window, but your room needs a sound ventilation system. So keep that point in your mind, especially when you have a laundry room there.

Q2: Is There Any Difference Between A Utility Room And A Laundry Room?

Utility rooms are a place where laundry is done. The utility room and the laundry room functions are nearly the same. But the modern utility rooms have more features like the seating arrangements and the kitchen areas along with the laundry features.

Q3: What Are The Minimum Size Requirements For A Utility Room?

The minimum size requirements of the utility rooms are nearly about 15 sq ft. Roughly you have to use the space where you can put your laundry. And the washing machine. The utility room spaces can also vary.

Wrapping It Up:

All of these 20 utility room ideas are pretty convenient for any small apartment utility room design. And along with these ideas, you must pick the furniture suitable for your smart utility rooms. And brilliant boho DIY furniture is also very compatible for giving your whole utility room excellent makeovers. So what is your opinion? Do not forget to share your opinion about the utility rooms through the comment sections.


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