We all love greens.

And, as per the doctors and health experts, the color green itself can offer a soothing and calming effect. It also helps us in relieving stress. That is why we all should have a piece of green in our life and space.

If you have a massive bungalow or house, you do not need to worry about having green space. You can create your own velvety layer with natural living grass.

But, most of us live in an apartment, where we only have 2 options to create a layer of green grass and get the velvety feeling underneath our feet;

  • Balconies.
  • Terraces.

Getting original living grass is too hectic.

Then what’s the solution?

Well, Artificial Grass, obviously.

Benefits Of Using Artificial Grass On Balconies And Terraces

You might be thinking, why would you opt for artificial grass when you can get the original ones. There are several benefits of opting for artificial grass, especially for your balconies and terraces.

Here, in this article, we will let you know about the amazing benefits of artificial grass for your balconies and terraces.

So, now, let’s get to know about them.

Benefit No. 1: Easy Cleaning And Maintenance

We know you get tired just with the thought of cleaning your lawn with natural grass. In that case, artificial grass is really easy to clean and keep clean. A wide range of artificial grass is available in the market; you just need to choose the right one.

The one with shorter grass is the easiest to clean up. You just need to brush them with a garden brush or hose them down with water at regular intervals to keep them clean. You can even use any mild detergent to keep it looking clean.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Benefit No. 2: Offer Insulation

We all look for innovative ways to cut down on home heating costs. An artificial lawn on your rooftop can help you in doing that. Artificial grass comes with an insulating effect. A layer of good-quality artificial grass will offer extra insulation.

At the same time, it will automatically reduce the amount of heat that usually escapes. On the other hand, it also prevents your roof from direct healing and will work as heat resistant. That means you are saving money both on home heating and home cooling.

Benefit No. 3: Creates A Pleasant Living Space

The very color green can add a natural look to your space. When you already have pots and containers with plants, you just need to add artificial grass to make the space feel more natural and green.

You might not know that in the middle of the city, your green space might attract more birds and butterflies. Just imagine you are having your morning tea with your loved one on your terrace or balcony and enjoying the green piece of nature with beautiful living creations of nature.

Benefit No. 4: A Safe Place For Play

To be honest, artificial grass has come a long way in recent years. Over the years, the texture of artificial grass has improved a lot. It has become much more natural and softer. All those softer types of artificial grass actually offer a great place for kids to play.

Children, who are now living in apartments or in terrace homes, mostly do not get access to a garden. Here, artificial grass can create a safe and soft environment really quickly for your toddler and also your pet, who loves to play outdoors. Unlike stone surfaces, it is completely safe.

Choose The Best Artificial Grass

Best Artificial Grass

We believe after going through this article, you have already made up your mind about getting artificial grass on your terrace or balcony. But with so many options available in the market, how you will pick the best one.

Here is a guide for you to do that as well-

  • Conduct thorough research and gather as much information as you can about artificial grass.
  • You need to understand the terminology of artificial grass.
  • Know about the yarn, and pick the right one.
  • Also, do not forget to consider the density of the artificial grass.
  • Pile height is another factor to consider here.
  • Do not skip the face weight part.
  • Also, look for a match.
  • Did I mention infill?
  • Now, come to the backing, which is really important.
  • Lastly, color and sun-base.


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