After deciding to sell your home, you’re considering whether to sell on your own or partner with a real estate agent.

With advancements in online marketplaces and payment mediums, many homeowners toy with the idea of selling their properties without professional assistance to avoid paying real estate agent fees.

Checkout Top Five Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent:

While selling independently to save commissions may seem tempting, most sellers soon realize it’s a mistake to go solo. Here are some excellent reasons to use a real estate agent:

1 You Probably Won’t Save Money Without Them

You may take longer to sell your home without a top real estate agent’s resources, experience, and insight. Time in this housing market can certainly be costly, especially if you’re interested in buying another property or retiring to a rental home.

In addition, when you price your home by the average home selling prices in the neighborhood, you should realize that those values were likely achieved by a real estate agent’s proven marketing system.

The bottom line is that real estate commissions often pay for themselves by saving you time and effort and selling your home for top dollar.

2 Convenience and Access

Having a real estate agent who does the heavy lifting offers a lot of conveniences.

A top local real estate agent has access to all the properties listed in your area. With this inside knowledge, they can help you settle on an excellent price.

A hard-working local agent like Adam Weiner + Associates— considered one of the top Bedford Park realtors — will also answer all phone calls on your behalf.

Remember, selling a property can be a full-time job. You miss one phone call from a potential buyer viewing multiple properties in your neighborhood and may miss out on the ideal sale.

Likewise, you will wait for buyers who will simply not show up for appointments. Real estate agents have the expertise to iron out unqualified buyers. You will avoid frustration when partnering with them. 

3 Professional Negotiation

Professional Negotiation

An experienced real estate agent is a full-time professional who has bought and sold many properties in your area.

They don’t have an emotional attachment to your home and will avoid overpricing or underpricing your property. They will also advocate professionally on your behalf and negotiate the best deal.

A real estate agent knows how to play it tough without killing a deal. While you may hang up the phone after receiving a lowball offer, a real estate agent won’t get offended because they don’t have a personal link to your property. Instead, they’re obligated to negotiate the best deal for you.

4 Contract Management

Even the most determined property owners admit that home selling contracts can be complex. There are multiple factors at play. Mistakes can be quite costly.

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with a real estate agent is that they’ll manage the contract work. They ensure that every angle of the contract is correct.

5 Staging

home sale

As mentioned earlier, a real estate agent will not have any emotional attachment to your property. They can examine your home and make critical suggestions that enhance your home.

They can help with staging, depersonalization, upkeep, and more to raise your chances of a faster home sale for more money.

These are some benefits of partnering with a real estate agent. They can do the heavy lifting and offer the best expertise to optimize your home selling journey.

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