It’s no secret that in Mississauga, condos are king when it comes to living space and price.

But you might be surprised to learn that there are Mississauga condo developments that set themselves apart from others, both in terms of luxury features and stellar location. One such development?

Tridel Lakeview Condos in North York, Ontario. Let’s take a look at why Tridel’s luxury condo offerings are so special – and whether they are right for you!


Exquisite Views for Nature-Loving Residents

Lakeview Village is a resurrection of our waterfront. This evolved urban living is made better by the water and is energized by spaces for recreation and fine dining.

Known for its heart and soul, this village by the lake provides its residents with easy access to their doorstep and that easy-going nature near the waterfront. To find solace, go to quiet spots like parks or bodies of water to take a break.

Come experience this booming hotspot where your daily needs and desires will be met without having to step into your car.

Tour the horizon from dawn to dusk and look at the city skyline in the distance- from the north, Mississauga’s skyline can be seen in the distance, only a short distance away. Here is a reimagining of waterfront living. The sounds and sights of nature await you here.

Great Location

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Close to everything from dining to shopping and entertainment, which makes it a convenient living area for busy professionals. Plus, Tridel’s Lakeview condos are minutes away from public transit and highways for easy access around Mississauga. It’s hard to beat Tridel’s luxury condo lifestyle in terms of convenience.

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At Tridel, we strive to give residents all of those little luxuries that make life easier. Our condos offer exquisite views and our amenity packages include items such as internet and cable television, in-suite laundry machines, parking, and exercise facilities.

Residents can also take advantage of being within walking distance of some of Mississauga’s best restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and recreation areas.

Fitness facilities

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What is a luxury condo without exceptional fitness facilities? Residents will have access to an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor hot tub that overlooks a scenic landscape. These are only two of many facilities on-site at Tridel’s luxurious condominium community in North York.

All of these amenities—and more—are included in your monthly condo fee. And, with no additional membership fees required, you can make use of them whenever you want!


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Lakeview by Tridel is centrally located in an area that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. With access to public transit, and walking distance to several schools, parks, and public services, your family will experience a new way of life without having to give up luxury. Here’s what you get with every home at Lakeview by Tridel.


high-rise building

Over 45 acres of green space, with access to 450+ acres of nearby parkland and a 64-acre conservation area. Lakeview Condos are spread over a 20+acre Innovation District: employment, research, and technology development.

While most condos are identical to their neighbors, these units were built to offer residents a new way of living in style, comfort, and convenience.

Amenities including full-sized washers and dryers mean you don’t have to visit a laundromat while you’re home – simply do your laundry when it suits you best.

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Well connected neighborhood

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Tridel’s Lakeview condos are connected to some of Mississauga’s best cultural and lifestyle amenities. With easy access to TTC services, you can explore all that downtown Mississauga has to offer from our luxurious condo residences.

Our location is also conveniently close to major highways, making your commute a breeze.

Redefining Luxury at Lakeview Condos

At Tridel’s new development in Mississauga, we wanted to redefine what luxury really is. We took inspiration from modern and minimalist designs, as well as some local influences to craft an exclusive condominium project unlike any other.

The result is a chic and comfortable living experience that’s truly luxurious in every way.

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