Most people do not focus on their ranch house exterior colors as much as they focus on the interior. However, depending on your choice, the place you stay and the features of your house also determine the look of your ranch house. In this article, we will give you various options on trendy ranch style house exterior paint colors.

With the right ranch style house colors, you can make your house look absolutely great. No matter what type of house you have, whether it is Victorian, craftsman, cape cod, mid-century modern, or stucco, you can simply achieve different looks with the right ranch style home exterior paint colors.


Top Trendy Ranch Style House Exterior Paint Colors You Must Check Out

No matter what the shape of your ranch house is, a new color palette can fully transform the looks of your entire house. If you are looking for ways to upgrade the color of your ranch house, you will need to be absolutely careful while you choose the color combination, whether you are looking for ranch style house colors with brown roof, or a white ranch house with black trim.

The following are some of the major exterior paint colors for your ranch house in 2023:

1. A Conventional Ranch House With Light Orange In The Exterior

If you use a light orange on the exterior and pair it with dark brown trim, as well as dark-colored doors and windows, you can make your ranch house look simple and elegant at the same time.

2. Ranch House With Gray Exterior and White Trim

Paired with white trim, a dark gray shade on the walls will go incredibly well for a ranch house. Using transparent window panes will add to the modern look of the ranch house.

3. Modern Ranch House With Bricks Painted Black And Stained Wood

If you own a modern ranch house, you can paint your bricks black, which will enhance the boldness of the building. Using white roofs and stained wood in some places will create a good contrast.

4. Traditional Ranch House With Bluish Exterior And White Roof

You can give your ranch house a bold look with a dark and deep blue color. Adding the white color on the roofs and trim area, you can very much enhance the looks of the building.

5. Ranch House With White Walls And Gray Roofs 

A simple combination of white walls and gray roofs will give your ranch house a neutral roof. Furthermore, your ranch house will also look bright, which is important for smaller buildings.

6. Ranch House With White Walls And Chocolate Brown Roofs 

If you use the white color too much on your exterior, it will make your ranch house look dull and boring. Hence, consider adding chocolate brown color on your roofs, and add natural wood on your doors and windows.

7. Craftsman Styled Ranch House With Grayish Green Trim and Teal Wall

If you have a craftsman-styled ranch house, then the teal-colored wall with grayish-green trim will enable you to create a warm feeling. Furthermore, it also creates a bold and contrasting look.

8. Traditional Ranch House With Redwood Trim Exterior, White Walls, And Blue Roof

If you want to give your ranch house with a farmhouse look, go your white walls, redwood trim exterior, and blue roof. The redwood trim creates a good contrast against the white walls.

9. Ranch House With Blue Exterior And Light Brown Roof

This is a bold combination and will look great if your ranch house is small in size. The bluish walls will only enhance the elegance, and it will look great against some greeneries around.

10. Ranch House With Black And White Exterior And Brown Roof

If your ranch house is multi-storied, painting some of your walls black and some of them white will allow you to create a contrast and keep a simple look. The brown roof will just act as a complement.

11. Contemporary Ranch House With Light Beige Gray Exterior And White Trim

If you want a simple yet trendy look, a light beige-gray exterior, both on the walls and the roof, complemented with white trim, will be great for a welcoming view.

12. Ranch House Exterior With Olive Green And Black Roof

Although olive is an unusual color option for a ranch house, you will be able to make your house look trendy with it. Furthermore, with some greeneries around, you can make it blend with the surroundings.

13. Classic Ranch House With Dark Gray Exterior And White Trim

With a combination of the dark gray exterior with white trim, you can make your ranch house look timeless. This is also a great option if you want a modern yet simple look for your ranch house.

14. Modern Ranch House With Two Tones Of Olive

Modern Ranch House With Two Tones Of Olive
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If you love olive green and want your house to look eco-friendly in some way, you can use dark-tone olive on the roof, doors, and windows while light-tone olive on the walls.

15. Ranch House With Red Exterior And Black Roof

If your ranch house is smaller in size, you can make it stand out in terms of looks by painting it brick-red on the exterior. With a few black accents on the doors, windows, and roof, the house will look great.

16. Ranch House With Yellow And Blue Exterior

Many might think that two primary colors do not go with one another. However, if the colors are executed well enough, your ranch house is sure to stand out. Go with a light yellow and aqua blue for the best effect.


Hope you have decided on the best combination of trendy ranch style house exterior paint colors after going through all the options given in this article. However, before you choose one, you will need to ensure which one is the best color scheme for your neighborhood. Furthermore, you should also make sure that the colors you are choosing for your ranch house suits your character and choice. Always try to combine a light color with a dark one when you are going for exterior paints.

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