Thousands of people have been moving to Treasure Coast each year, and people are wondering why.

Is it the beaches, the neighborhoods, or because Treasure Coast is considered one of the happiest places to live? It can also be the rich history or the fact that it’s an excellent place for retirees and families.

You’ll find that even Florida residents have been making a move to Treasure Coast and discover that it is a beautiful destination for renters and home buyers.

The city also has a great history and is known for its recovered treasure fleet. You’ll find that Treasure Coast homes for sale have increased in value, and many people find this a wonderful place to start the next chapter of their life.


8 Crucial Reasons Treasure Coast Is A Popular Place To Live

Treasure Coast benefits

Keep reading to discover why this is a popular place to move to and why people love it.

1. It is A Relaxed Atmosphere

Treasure Coast has set itself apart from other cities because it has an entirely relaxed atmosphere. It’s known for being an area where life and business can slow down but in a good way.

This is why this is a lovely vacation spot. It has natural beauty, and it is a very serene area. Many magazines named the town a comfortable seaside area; because of this, you’ll find that people love to come here to fish or relax on the beach. Others like to walk amongst the shops and try the variety of food offered in the restaurants.

You can watch the sunset, take advantage of the free concerts, the water activities you can find here, or hike. You’ll find that while the town has plenty of things to do, it almost doesn’t feel like a tourist attraction at all.

2. The Housing Is Incredibly Affordable

Most people are shocked that the homes here are affordable because coastal areas are usually more expensive.

However, Treasure Coast homes are far more affordable than you think. You’ll find that many people decide to come here, both young and old.

Retirees come here for a peaceful living situation, and younger families move here because they believe they can build a better and healthier lifestyle for their children.

Another benefit is instead of paying for expensive houses in a neighborhood that isn’t safe, with Treasure Coast, you have homes for sale in significant areas deemed incredibly safe. The property taxes are also lower than in other places like New York. Home buyers here also get a lot more for their money.

The houses are more significant, and the neighborhoods are much cleaner regarding pollution or sanitation services. Many people find this an excellent opportunity for themselves and their families. As such, you’ll find that people decide to make a move no matter what season.

3. The Weather Is Great

Another reason people want to move here? The weather is excellent all year round. There is no snow on the Treasure Coast, and the average temperature here is seventy-seven degrees annually. This is great for people that love to be outside and spend their days being active and having fun.

4. There Are Plenty Of Outdoor Activities

One of the reasons that people choose to move here besides the Treasure Coast homes for sale we mentioned earlier is the activities! You can go hiking and swimming, and there are plenty of sites to see. There are also various water activities, such as kayaking or watersports with family and friends.

Fitness enthusiasts also love being here because there’s so much to do; you never have to go inside! In addition to this, you’ll notice that there’s a private gated boating and golf community!

The new amenity centers where you can have a workout inside and a clubhouse outside are also making a splash. You can experience spas and fun activities for the whole family.

5. The Unemployment Rate Is Low

People are also moving here because the unemployment rate is below five percent. The commutes are smaller as well. The average commute here is only twenty minutes long.

It’s a small, extremely business-friendly population, and they are willing to spend money on their students. This means those who were getting an education to become business owners later have a great opportunity here.

6. It’s Safer Than Other Cities

The crime rate at Treasure Coast is low. On a scale of one or one hundred, where one hundred is considered the highest, it scores twenty-nine. That is considered to be extremely low compared to other cities.

 Treasure Coast cities

7. You Can Immerse Yourself Into A New Culture

People visit the area because of the beaches and climates, but they choose to move here and stay in the Treasure Coast area because of the beautiful sense of community and culture. You can fill up your calendar every day with new sites and experiences. You’ll find the following sites here.

  • Wildlife sanctuaries
  • Galleries
  • Shopping festivals every year
  • Sports
  • Fairs that celebrate the local artisans
  • Agriculture
  • Botanical gardens

With all of these options in place, you have the opportunity to see things that you’ve never seen before.

8. The Schools Are Beneficial

The Treasure Coast has several colleges and universities, but they also have vocational schools. The central campuses are conveniently located near residential areas where you can choose to live, so you don’t have to stay in dorms.

The local public school system has award-winning charter schools and international programs at high schools. In addition to this, Treasure Coast also has private schools available. This is a fantastic educational opportunity.

Schools Are Beneficial

Are You Ready To Make The Move?

Treasure Coast homes for sale are not only affordable, but they are also in one of the best locations possible, with the safety in the neighborhoods, the great schools, and the benefits of knowing that you’re moving to an area that is considered to be the happiest coastal town in the United States.

Join the hundreds of others that have chosen to move here and watch as you experience an entirely different world.


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