Penthouse, this single word gives you the dreams of living in the highest top, the beautiful rooftop swimming pool, with exclusive amenities. Penthouses are the apparent sign of class and luxury. However, this is not only a place to live. This place is conveying the clear message of the owner’s aristocracy and social status.

Owning a penthouse is almost everyone’s dream but making it successful is a little bit challenging. But when you see the facility and the penthouse’s classy gesture, you might think this is a less amount of money you are spending in return for these heavenly places.

And some of the penthouses are beautiful like the movies or the dreams. 

The glass walls, rooftop garden, swimming pools, and the multiple lavish incorporating in the architecture are the most attractive parts of the penthouse. If you see the most expensive penthouse features, you are sure to feel the thrill when thinking about staying there.


7 Most Expensive Penthouses In The World

7 Most Expensive Penthouses In The World

Penthouse apartments are the most attractive suits in the whole world. Indeed most of the readers agree with us. But some of the penthouse interior designs are reaching the highest level of the buyer’s expectations.

Of course, some of the penthouse designs have the perfect touch of famous architecture designers. If you are already aware of the penthouse suite designer’s name, hence you are already sure about the work perfections level.

So, Before making your mind over the buying of the penthouse property, Take a look at these seven most expensive penthouses in the world that are making their penthouse suits perfect like a picture.

1. Sky Penthouse In Monaco

The natural weather of Monaco is charming. The blue sea and the sunny weather are the biggest attraction of Monaco. Can you guess the beauty of the Monaco penthouses, which are just lying beside the blue sea?

Groupe Marzocco has developed this beautiful and exclusive property. And this is the tallest building in Monaco, which includes 70 private luxury residences. The building is 170 meters tall, along with 49 floors. Each suite has one to six bedrooms, and it has two 12,000 sq. feet sky duplexes. And guess what, this is the most expensive penthouse in the world.

2. 160 Leroy, Manhattan

Living in the heart of Manhattan city is the most attractive and pricey decision to make. The $80 million penthouses are the most suitable place to live in the Manhattan City downtown. The beautiful rooftop garden and the private swimming pools are the most common features in the penthouse suits.

The structure of the building is unique and modern. The concept of the design took inspiration from Oscar Niemeyer. This architecture is conveying the message of the new modern era of sensuality and curvaceousness.

3. South Bank Tower London

South Bank Tower is a high-rise building in Stamford Street. This penthouse is one of the iconic high-rise buildings on Stamford Street. This is a 111meters high thirty-floor structure. In addition, This is also one of the abused penthouses in London. John Laing makes the architect design, and Richard Seifert does the construction.

They have penthouse suites for diverse purposes; for example, the business works,  lounge facilities, private gym, and swimming pools are also available here, which are the main key attractions of this penthouse.

4. 56 Leonard 

The Jenga building of Leonard street is 821 feet tall and with 57 floors.

This building was designed by the Swiss architecture firm Herzog and de Meuron. The first name of the building was  “houses stacked in the sky.”

Each penthouse suite is the price between the range of $4 to $50 million. The building consists of 145 condominium residences. This iconic building is just situated in the middle of Manhattan city. The building’s unique architect is the most attractive part of the penthouse, including the penthouse suites’ facilities.

5. Wallich Residence

The Wallich residence of the Singapore Guoco Tower is one of the expensive and most favorable business locations in the country. The Guoco Tower is a famous business destination point, and this penthouse is in the middle of the Guoco Tower in Singapore.

The residence spans from the 39th to 64th floor of Guoco Tower. Even, the residence also has another name, Tanjong Pagar Centre.

Twenty-one thousand one hundred eight square feet and the top three floors, 62 to 64, are among the biggest areas of the Guoco Tower.

6. 172 Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue is the biggest business place in Manhattan City, new york. All the important business offices and the meetings are having their offices in this place.172 Madison is just a few steps away from Madison Square Park.

This penthouse is just sitting in the middle of Madison Avenue. Besides, when you are observing the surroundings, you also feel this is the perfect place to stay. This place is full of luxury restaurants and luxury boutiques. 

Each penthouse ceilings are almost 11 feet high, and the sky-high penthouse ceilings are 23 feet high. The Extra private amenities are making this place suitable for luxurious life-loving people.

7. House Of The Tree

The name itself conveys the vision of this beautiful China Based penthouse. The beautiful luxurious penthouse is right in the middle of the central city of Guangdong. The designers are implementing the idea of living in the nature concepts. This penthouse is the iconic building of Shenzhen, China.

These paint houses are fully designed with different natural interiors, trees, and gardens. Interiors. The design concept is modern and contemporary. The tree is planted with a unique skill set in the 48th and 49th-floor entrance gates. For these nature favors, the unique concept is making these penthouses suits most expensive and beautiful.

Bottom Line

Indeed Living in the penthouse is everybody’s dream. The jaw-dropping view of the interiors and the surrounding are attractive; in addition, it also makes your life nearer to nature. Hence, the new designers are more focusing on nature-based plans and more user-friendly designs. 

When you plan to buy a new penthouse, then first ask yourself why you want to buy a penthouse. If you have the proper answers to these questions, then go forward to buy the property; hence the penthouse is not only the living place. This is a sign of prosperity and the aristocracy.

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