Are you looking for a healthy, nourishing way to detox, reduce stress, and pamper yourself?
After a long, stressful day nothing is quite as good as a soothing, hot bath.

Luxury bathrooms are designed for relaxation, with special features such as fireplaces, large windows, and custom copper bathtubs.

But even if you only have an ordinary bathroom, you can create a relaxing, luxurious, spa-like atmosphere with the right ingredients and preparations.

13 Ideas For Having A Relaxing Bath

1. Candles and Lighting


Use soothing lighting such as candles and string lights to set the mood. Scented candles with relaxing scents such as lavender are great for filling the room with fragrance, while lots of little tea lights are perfect for ambiance. Whatever you choose, make sure you set the candles in a safe place, and don’t forget to put them out before you leave the room.

2. Bring a Snack


Gather a healthy, luxurious snack before you run your bath water. Some favorite choices include fresh fruits and veggies which are easy to eat around water. Other options include cheese and crackers, and of course, a bar of delicious chocolate for dessert. Perhaps the best option is a creative charcuterie board. You can even buy boards specially made for the tub!

3. Music


Make sure you have music ready before you get in your bath. Choose a relaxing playlist from your favorite streaming service or make your own with your favorite songs. Make sure to keep the music at a quiet level if you are trying to relax.

4. Reading Material

Reading Material

Bring reading material- an easy, relaxing book or magazine. You can buy a bath caddy that will hold your book for you so you are less likely to get it wet. If you are using an e-reader, you can buy waterproof covers for peace of mind. If you are trying to destress, it might be best to choose a relaxing or soothing book rather than a thriller, work material, or your college texts.

5. Essential Oils

Essential Oils

If you want to add scents to your bath water, consider using essential oils for their aromatherapy benefits. To help with stress, consider lavender or ylang-ylang. Clary sage and orange are also supposed to be helpful for stress, while sandalwood is supposed to help with healing and rose is always has a great scent as well as good for the skin.

6. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a great addition to your bath and can be used in conjunction with essential oils. Epsom salt is a great source of magnesium which many people are deficient in. This mineral helps to relax the muscles and soothe stress, creating a calm mood. Add the salt while the water is running to help it dissolve.

7. Oatmeal


Another great addition to bathwater, oatmeal has been shown to soothe skin ailments like eczema and dry skin. Oatmeal has vitamin E, antioxidants, and other compounds that are excellent for the skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties. To make an oatmeal bath, use finely ground oatmeal, called colloidal oatmeal. You can purchase this or make it at home using a blender.

8. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are fun and beneficial bathwater additions. Bath bombs are hard balls made of a variety of ingredients, including baking soda and citric acid, that fizz and bubble when you add them to your bathwater. Once they have dissolved, they release their goodness into the water for you to soak in: soothing and moisturizing essential oils, cleansing baking soda, and relaxing scents.

9. Enjoy a Facial

Enjoy a Facial

Don’t let your face miss out on the soothing experience. Instead, bring a face mask into the bath with you. Facial scrubs are also great bath additions. You can even pull your hair up into a hair mask while you are relaxing.

10. Use a Bath Pillow

Bath Pillow

Don’t let a cold, hard bathtub wall ruin your relaxing soak. Cushion your tub with a bath pillow or a folded towel so you can truly relax. You can purchase a bath pillow with suction cups made just for this purpose.

11. Use a Bath Caddy

Bath Caddy

Consider purchasing a bath caddy to enhance your bathing experience. A caddy can keep all your bathing supplies nearby and dry. You can use it to hold your drink and snack, and it’s a dry place to prop your reading material while you soak.

12. Towel Heater

If you want to bask in your relaxation as long as possible, use a towel warmer to get your towel and robe toasty warm. No one wants to step out of a soothing bath and be greeted with a cold towel! If you have a radiator in your bathroom, that can also be used to warm your towel in the winter.

13. Moisturize


After you have enjoyed your soak, don’t forget to use a high-quality scented moisturizer to get the best benefits for your skin. Long, hot baths can be drying because they pull oils from your skin. Replace the lost oils and trap in the moisture from your bath with a liberal dose of moisturizer.


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