The market has corrected post-covid-19.

Discussing what the local property market is experiencing and how investors and buyers alike can create successful strategies moving forward. Let’s see why the casuarina comes under the top few best-deal Real estate properties. 

We all know how beautiful the casuarina tree is, and if you have properties that are surrounded by these trees, then this will be a perfect place where you can take some breaths and take a small nap.

Even the selling prices are also going to be more remarkable when you are comparing to the other property deals in the same locations.


About Casuarina Real Estate!!!!

The Good Property team represents the suburb of Casuarina, selling and buying luxury and high-end homes. Who doesn’t see the villa casa Casuarina and these properties’ beauties are no less than these properties?

We service the coastal town of Casuarina, located in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Just 30 minutes drive to the famous Byron Bay, we appreciate what the region offers regarding an envious lifestyle with surpassing real estate returns. 

Casuarina has grown exponentially in the past 5-10 years as subdivisions and developments have grown the area into a more developed suburb, creating a more defined location with a demand of affluent families looking to buy in a safe coastal neighborhood. 

Casuarina has close proximity to Kingscliff and Cabarita Beach, with accessibility to local businesses. Locals enjoy various shops, cafes, restaurants, gyms, healthcare providers, education, schools, and more. 

This has allowed the suburb to maintain attractiveness to buyers who require minimal travel and don’t want to give up essential neighborhood amenities. 

About Casuarina Real Estate

Lifestyle In Casuarina Real Estate

As we have seen the suburb grow in the construction of residential homes, we see more families and interstate investors buying homes here due to its proximity to the city of the Gold Coast

With a current buyer search rate of 9% from buyers across the country, it is proven that people want to be here. 

After the pandemic, it has become evident that lifestyle is paramount to buyers who will pay a premium to live in a renowned suburb. This is why Casuarina has a mixed demographic of residents from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and international countries. 

The Good Property Collective team anticipates Casuarina sales figures to soar as we enter a time of seasonal buying of Summer 2022-2023.

Although interest rates have risen, and construction and living expenses have increased- property investors have come out to play, knowing that increased interest rates bring new property opportunities as the market stabilizes home values. 

Lifestyle In Casuarina Real Estate

Can You Get The Home Loan For Buying The Property In Casuarina?

In September 2022, across Australia, the total home loan approved finance came in at $28 billion. This data shows that among the new home loan requirements, people still heavily invest in the real estate market and easily justify their investments with the knowledge that the rental market is maintaining exceptional returns in prime locations. 

Despite a changing real estate market, buyers are here for the long term and see past the initial economic challenges. Purchasing property in Casuarina makes sense for buyers who holiday here. 

As a popular getaway destination, inbound travel has created a community emphasis on luxury coastal living. We know the demand for luxury coastal homes built and renovated for Airbnb purposes makes rotating assets with flexibility for owners and their friends/family to occupy at certain times of the year, combining lifestyle and financial benefits. 

As interstate inquiries are increasing in the upcoming Australian summer of 2022, buyers and sellers alike are keeping in mind that Christmas is the busiest time of the year. In the new year, we predict stable buyer interest on a national and international level. 

Home Loan

Is Casuarina A Good Property investment?

To understand the property value, you have to understand what the growth potential of these properties is. The median growth in Casuarina has been growing for the past 12 months. From the 19.7% of the house and for selling increases by 28.30% percentages over the unit. 

This growth is remarkable when you compare the market prices of real estate during the pandemic. After the pandemic, this is the highest growth that you can experience.

On average, the Casuarina property rates are pretty competitive in comparison to the other properties in the area. If you are thinking of investing in any real easter properties, then these properties are the best pick for you. But before buying the real estate properties of Casuarina, always study the market prices. Then go for the market’s best deal.

Bottom Line:

As northern NSW experienced a catastrophic flooding event in February this year, it pays to note that Casuarina had minimal impact from excessive rainfall, making it an even more sound investment for local buyers. 

The Good Property Collective team are specialists in the Casuarina region, facilitating luxury property transactions that shape market values for the future.


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