A tenant is someone who pays rent or money to the landlord for being able to live on it or use it. But he/she is capable of some Tenant Rights that make their stay a pleasurable experience. As per the Rent Control Act, there are some rights that every tenant deserves. 

In this article today, I will tell you about some rights that you can enjoy if you are renting a house, a property, or both. Without the right set of legal protections, you are vulnerable to becoming an exploitation victim. So, let me quickly take you to some significant details. 


A Brief Overview Of Lease Terms

A Brief Overview Of Lease Terms

Whether you are renting a condo, a house, or an apartment- they come with a rental agreement, most popularly called a “lease.” You have to sign it as it includes terms and conditions that you have to follow. Some classic examples include:

  1. Name of the renter and occupancy strength.
  2. The duration of the tenancy, along with renewal alternatives.
  3. Payment and rent details, acceptable modes of payment, and applicable delayed fees.
  4. Fees and deposits.
  5. Some leases might also mention Tenant Rights in a separate, dedicated column.
  6. Restrictions on illicit and disruptive activities.
  7. Whether or not a pet is allowed and the limit.
  8. Maintenance and repair requirements, along with restrictions on tenant alterations.
  9. The right of the landlord to access his property and notice period.
  10.  Necessary landlord disclosures like bedbug history.

A lease assists you in protecting the rights of both the landlord and the tenant. However, some renter’s rights might restrict the authority of landlords to evict tenants without notice. It further ensures the safety of tenants’ tenure. 

What Are Your Rights As A Tenant? 

The rental agreement is documentation or proof that you can exercise your control of the property with the provided conditions. The agreement must be signed by both the tenant and the landlord with the presence of two eyewitnesses. They will also have to sign the legal agreement. Given below are some rights that every tenant receives-

1. Tenant Rights Associated With Eviction

As a renter, you have rights against a forced or illicit eviction. This indicates that the landlord will not be able to evict you without showing a valid cause. 

The eviction rules might differ from one state to another. In certain places, the landlord should consult the court to produce an order for tenant eviction. On the other hand, some states hinder the eviction process if the renter is willing to pay the desired rent. 

Under the infamous act of “Rent Control,” the landlord has to file a petition in the court and seek permission for the renter’s eviction. Some causes of eviction might include the tenant’s subletting of the property without notice or failing to follow a certain law. 

Electricity, water supply, and, nowadays, Wi-Fi are the basic rights of every tenant. If your landlord is denying these essential facilities, it’s time to take necessary actions. 

The Rent Control Act says that a renter can ask for justice if the landlord withdraws any of these essential services. Under tenant rights, these facilities might get restored as the court will take necessary actions against the homeowner. 

One might further seek help from the proposed act of “Model Tenancy.” It adds that in situations of a dispute, landowners cannot prohibit the water and power supply for their tenants. 

3. Rights Associated With Rent Increase

The most common issue taking place between a renter and the landlord is the sudden increase in rent- it has no upper limit. With the rental agreement, you can save yourself from such random, unprecedented rent increases. 

At the time of signaling your rental agreement, don’t forget to negotiate the rent price. Typically, a landlord has the right to increase 5-8% of the existing rent annually. 

Both the landlord and tenant have the freedom to opt for the lease agreement type they wish to sign- it depends on how much rent they wish to increase. Basically, there are two lease agreement types- automatic renewal lease and fixed term. 

4. Tenant Rights Of Fair Housing

A landlord can never deny you housing on the basis of color, age, race, religion, national origin, gender, or family status. Neither can you be denied renting a unit because of your physical or mental disability, as stated by the “Fair Housing Act.” 

If you get rejected because of your credit check, your landlord has to advise you to make a written request. This will help you explore the negative information and work on the positive ones. 

If you are disabled and are applying for rent, it is the duty of your landlord to make reasonable accommodations to make your stay easier. Under the renter’s right, you can ask them to install ramps or lease a lower unit. 

5. Security Deposit Rights

Finally, there are certain landlord-tenant rights related to security deposit as well. On renting, maximum times, you will be asked to pay a security deposit for protecting the landlord against any damages you make.

While certain states have stopped the procurement of deposits, there are still some places where this is practiced. It is necessary for the landlord to treat all tenants the same and refrain from imposing higher deposits unreasonably. 

The laws of the state can control the duration of deposit return by the landlord. If they keep some portion of your deposit, you might receive written documentation for the damages.

Final Words

As a renter, you own a set of tenant rights that will safeguard you against unlawful landlord activities. It is due to these rights that one is ensured of a safe rental home. 

Don’t forget that you can get some flexibility in the conditions of your lease. But, your renter’s rights might or might not be non-negotiable. A transparent communication with your landlord before paying the security deposit might save you some time and money

So, this was all about how to rent a house and the necessary rights as a tenant. Share your thoughts on this by commenting below. Happy renting!

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