As a prospective tenant in Bicester, your search for the ideal rental property is bound to take you far beyond the realms of mere advertisement perusal.

Asking the right questions can be very vital to ensure that the property will meet your needs and will be according to your expectations before you commit yourself to the signing of the tenancy agreement.

This complete guide outlines the essential questions every Bicester tenant should ask their landlord or letting agents before committing themselves to a rental property. This will help them in making decisions and finding the perfect home for them with confidence.

Overview Of Bicester 

Bicester is one of the most iconic places to be in England. It is a market town located on the northeastern side of Oxfordshire on the south-central side of England.

Bicester primarily comprises top-of-the-line fashion industries that have made a name for themselves.

As a result, the town has slowly grown to a size. In fact, Bicester has recently become one of the most talked about cities in the English countryside. In fact, the town is not just a town but a fashion hub that runs on its own ecosystem. 

Early History

Bicester is one of the most historic towns in England. The town started off as a market town and has eventually become a full-fledged fashion hub. The city lies at the confluence point of two Roman roads. 

The best part of the town is that it is riddled with Roman architecture, like the Roman fortress of Alchester, which is located a few kilometers from the main town of Bicester. Therefore, the city is rich with archaic architecture that will take your breath away.

Currently, Bicester might be one of the fashion hubs of England, but it is also ripe with military history. During the Civil Wars of the 1640s, the town served as a military hub for paramilitary forces.

Subsequently, the city of Bicester also served as one of the strategic towns during the French Revolutionary War of 1793. Hence, it is a highly strategic town that needs no introduction to British historians. 


You might be wondering why the architecture of a town is not relevant to the conversation of tenancy. However, you need to know every tiny detail about your place of residence in order to take complete advantage of the location.

I personally love architecture and believe that it is the only thing that gives a town or a city a character. The earliest surviving architecture of the city is the St Edburg. Historians claim that the building was built around 1500 and served as a church for years to come. 

The earliest secular architecture of the town was box-framed structures that were built using timber. This timber was sourced from the Bernwood forest. Slowly, this trend transformed, and newer variants of buildings were formed.  

The first-ever brick-and-mortar house the city saw was during the early 19th century. This was the time that saw the advent of concrete buildings. The architectural pattern was identified to be gothic.

These concrete buildings were mostly inhabited by famous and influential people of Bicester township. 

Even though the architectural language was changing, people were still using locally sourced materials to build houses, and this was conditioned till the World Wars. After that, the architectural language changed, and people started adopting newer variations of architecture.  

What is the monthly rent, and what does it include?

Understand exactly what the monthly rent covers for budgeting. Quite importantly, you need to ask the landlord or letting agent the amount of rent payable in a month, including the utilities, council tax, or any other surcharges or fees that might be applicable. Establish if there could be any rent increases during the course of the tenancy.

For how long the tenancy shall continue?

Kindly ask for a copy of the tenancy agreement and carefully go through all its terms and conditions, in particular, the duration period, notice time, and again, any specific clause with respect to maintenance responsibilities, pet policies, or subletting.

Any restrictions on the decor and refurbishment?

If you’re keen on personalising the property, inquire about any restrictions on decorating or making alterations. Ask whether you’re allowed to paint the walls, hang pictures, or make other modifications to the property and if there are any guidelines or permissions required.

Maintenance and Repairs Procedure

This shall be able to ascertain the procedure of maintenance and repair works and the way they can be handled in case they emanate during the period of tenancy.

Ask him how the tenants are supposed to issue the maintenance request and response time for repairs, who is supposed to incur the costs in the maintenance and repairs.

How shall the security deposit be taken care of?

Please elaborate, specifically the amount required for the security deposit and how it will be safeguarded. What are the procedures for getting the deposit returned at the end of the tenancy, and can any deductions be made for damages or rent left unpaid?.

What are the existing problems that one can identify within the property?

It should be of prime importance to raise any issues or concerns that might be in existence before renting the property. You should check with the landlord or letting agent about the current condition of the property that includes the problems regarding the plumbing, heating, and electrical systems, and appliances present in the property.

What’s the Neighbourhood Like?

Check if it is the right kind of property and understand the kind of neighbourhood and local amenities. Obtain information on services, for example, shops, schools, parks, and access to public transport from the place of residence.

Ask questions relating to security in the neighbourhood, levels of noise, development, or construction issues.

Policy on Renewing the Tenancy

Understand the landlord’s policy about renewing the lease agreement upon expiry of the term, subject to agreement.

State, therefore, how the tenancy agreement renewal is done, any increment in rent that may arise from the renewal, and the period of notice for termination or renewal of the agreement.

Can a pet be kept

In case you have a pet or think of keeping one inside, seek clarification about the landlord’s policy on pets. Ask whether the pets are allowed on the property, any limitation regarding the kind or size of pets, and whether an additional deposit for pets is required.

Are there properties to rent in Bicester that are suitable for me? Below is a very important guide—whether you are a prospective Bicester tenant or an existing one looking for an alternative property best suited to meet your requirements. I would ask the landlord or letting agent if there are other properties available to rent falling within your criteria regarding location, size, and budget.

“Do ask all the right questions before signing any tenancy agreement—essentially for a smooth and satisfactory renting experience while in Bicester.

This way, an individual will be better informed and thus will be able to make a decision and get a rental place to live with the terms and expectations well stipulated in regard to the rent, terms of the contract, procedures on maintenance, neighbourhood, and pet policy.

Make sure you read and understand the terms of the tenancy agreement fully before making any commitment to renting a property in Bicester.”

The Final Thought

Ultimately, that is all there is to know about Bicester and Bicester’s tenancy. Bicester is a fantastic place to live for people who want to experience the life and luxury of a fashionista. Keep following our page for more such content. Thank you and goodbye.

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