According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry in Texas employed 31,000 more people this year, showcasing a progressive trend. As more and more construction and renovation projects keep coming in, the Texan construction industry will continue to generate jobs for the masses.

Considering the industry’s dynamic nature, transportation costs are a major expense for any residential construction project. Companies may need a skilled workforce for certain projects to stay on-site for an extended period. These projects may vary from a few weeks of home renovation to months of construction at various job sites all over the state. It may be impossible for construction workers to travel from their homes to their worksites and get ample rest daily throughout this period.

Construction companies can satisfy employee housing needs by investing in temporary corporate housing depending on the project’s requirements. Temporary housing eliminates the need to commute to said site and helps save time, money, and energy. In addition, this allows the team to meet deadlines without breaking the bank or their backs.


What Is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing refers to fully furnished short-term rental homes and apartments featuring basic utilities. Business people, medical professionals, displaced homeowners, film crew, vacationers, and traveling construction workers use temporary housing.

Renting corporate housing works best when working on projects that last longer than a month but not long enough to purchase permanent property or invest in long-term housing plans. Here are some reasons that may further convince you why investing in corporate housing is important for construction projects:

9 Reasons Temporary Housing Is Important

Temporary Housing Is Important

1. Helps Your Employees Save Money On Commutes

Fuel in Texas costs more than $4 per gallon, making it expensive to regularly travel from one city to another. Imagine the amount of money saved by investing in safe, comfortable, and convenient corporate housing in the communities of Pecos, Odessa, Ozona, and San Angelo.

This corporate housing facility can save you big on time and transportation costs. In addition, you can say goodbye to unwanted delays in your project timeline as workers will report to the construction site on time. It will also be easier to invest extra work hours on a specific day with all the time you save.

2. Improves Productivity

Corporate housing provides construction workers with a comfortable place to sleep, eat, and relax, helping them prepare for another day of hard work. When employee needs are taken care of, they show enhanced motivation levels at work.

In addition, good food provides them ample energy, a peaceful sleep makes them more active, and enough time to relax helps them. These factors come together to prepare construction workers for another challenging day of hard work.

3. Provides Your Employees A Home-Away-From-Home

Almost all corporate housing options come generously packed with furniture, kitchen and dining necessities, functional bedrooms and bathrooms, laundry areas, television screens, housekeeping, internet access, and other essential means of living.

These temporary housing facilities are often located in pleasant surroundings featuring family-friendly infrastructure. Workers can bring their families along for the ride, eliminating separation anxiety and stress from their lives.

These factors offer your team a home-away-from-home, enabling them to settle into their new routine effortlessly.

4. Allows Your Team To Socialize

According to the neurobiology of human social behavior, people are inherently social animals, always looking to indulge in casual or meaningful conversations.

Construction workers also crave ample opportunities to socialize and interact with fellow human beings in healthy engagements. They are discouraged from indulging in conversations during work as it distracts their focus from work.

However, they are readily inclined to get involved in social settings when off from work. Corporate housing is often surrounded by parks, schools, supermarkets, healthcare facilities, and other areas that welcome social interaction.

In addition, the residential locality features beautiful communities, friendly people, and fantastic attractions that significantly satisfy a construction worker’s social needs.

5. Affordability

Corporate housing is inexpensive compared to commuting between cities and building a temporary residential area close to the site. Renting a corporate housing service for your employees can help you save a fair amount of money as most of these facilities offer exceptional utility services at affordable rates. You can cut expenses even more by getting involved in temporary housing plans that offer you a promotional deal on rentals, making corporate housing even cheaper.

6. Security

Construction equipment and material are extremely expensive, and storing them on-site in tented rooms can make them vulnerable to theft and damage. On the other hand, temporary housing facilities feature security plans that keep people and their belongings safe.

In addition, renting corporate housing means your employees can relocate all hardware and commodities to a safe space after work. As a result, your business will incur no unforeseen expenses due to damage or theft.

7. Requires Minimal Time And Effort To Set Up

While setting up camp on a construction site or traveling from the place of work to home means a great deal of time and effort, renting corporate housing means minimal. You have to survey available housing options online, visit them in person to check and compare, and book required space for your employees. You don’t even have to spend time setting up these houses as they come packed with essential housing utilities.

8. Allows Customization

The best part about corporate housing is that it offers your team great flexibility. They can choose from several housing types and can even enjoy customizing their spaces temporarily by moving furniture around and more. Residents can also live in their personal, customizable spaces.

9. Weather-Proof

The weather in Texas is largely unpredictable. From sudden tornadoes to thousands of acres burning in fires, Texas has seen its fair share of extreme weather in the last couple of years. Not knowing what weather you may have to endure while working is all the more reason why traveling long distances back home or living on-site in make-do tents is not a feasible option.

Instead, you can rent corporate housing for your team and equipment to ensure their safety during bad weather conditions.


Many construction business owners used to consider renting appropriate temporary housing space for employees an additional expense. However, now that people have realized its benefits, construction companies are more receptive to the concept. With the increase in demand for corporate housing, several big players have entered the temporary housing industry. It explains why construction workers now have various versatile housing options to choose from. These efficient and comfortable living spaces guarantee safety, comfort, and well-being, so construction workers are motivated to give their best at work.

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