You came across an ad saying “condo for sale in Parañaque City” and suddenly, you are living the high life near the Philippines’ Entertainment City. Or maybe you ended up within the central business district of Makati or in Bonifacio Global City. Condos have definitely redefined the mode of living in highly urbanized areas such as Metro Manila.

But some may say that living in a condo is not as fun as it sounds since you have all these people literally living under one roof. They even say that one should not expect to be able to fully live in peace in a condo setting.

While this may happen in bad condos, there are ways to promote a fun condo living experience with the other residents in mind.

Here are ways to survive condo living without driving your neighbors crazy:

5 Incredible Ways To Survive Condo Living

Living peacefully in a condo but still having fun starts with you

1. Keep noise at manageable levels

One of the usual concerns for condos is having noisy neighbors. Good condos should actually have enough soundproofing that typical levels of noise should not cause a ruckus so unless you are really loud with your music or with what you are watching, or if you are shouting or laughing way too loud.

If you will do anything that will be a bit noisy, such as assembling furniture or holding a party, make a habit of giving notice to your neighbors.

2. Be a responsible pet owner

There are condos that do not allow residents to bring pets for the reason that some pet owners are not able to keep their pets in line.

So if you are lucky enough to land in a condo that does allow pets, just make sure that you train them well enough so that they’re not noisy even when you leave them alone in the condo unit. Also make sure that you clean up after your pets, especially in common areas to maintain cleanliness.

By being a responsible owner, you will be able to continue enjoying condo living with your fur baby.


Living peacefully in a condo but still having fun starts with you

3. Follow your condo’s smoking policies

Secondhand smoke is dangerous and can be quite bothersome, especially for people who do not smoke. One may think that smoking should be no problem but doing so may lead to your smoke going into your neighbors’ rooms too.

So be mindful of your condo’s smoking policies. There may be a designated smoking area where you can smoke without bothering your neighbors.

4. Enjoy shared facilities responsibly

Condos come with shared facilities and amenities. This ranges from the reception area and the elevators up to the gym or pool. These are meant to be shared with other people so be mindful when using them. Always keep the next user in mind so that you can expect the same level of courtesy from the other residents.

5. Following redecorating rules

Another policy that you should keep in mind is redecorating. You may suddenly want to give your unit a fresh, new look, but this is not something that you should do on a whim.

Usually, you have to let the building’s property manager know what kind of redecorating you will be doing to ensure that these are within the allowed level of construction activity you can do. Your neighbors will also be given notice so that they can plan around the dates where the noise level may be a bit high.

A fun and peaceful condo life starts with you

peaceful condo life

Living peacefully in a condo but still having fun starts with you. By being a good neighbor, other residents would also likely do the same. Follow your condo’s policies that are designed to maintain order among residents.


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