Going back to school for most people is one of the most exciting times of the year. However, if you are dealing with housing issues, it might be less exciting and more stressful. Whether it’s your first year at school or you’re returning, trying to figure out where you’re living this year is an important matter.

There are only two major options when it comes to student housing: on-campus or off-campus housing. However, each of these options comes with a whole series of pros and cons, specifically here in New Paltz.

Here, we’ll break down some of the biggest pros and cons of living on and off-campus at SUNY New Paltz so that you can make the best possible decision for yourself for a successful year of school.


Living On Campus: Pros and Cons

SUNY New Paltz has 5 main residence halls on campus. These residence halls are open 10 months out of the year but remain open during academic break times. These halls are obviously located on campus so they put you a bit closer to where your classes would be.

These halls are a mix of suite-style and traditional dorm-style rooms of varying occupancies. They generally have shared spaces in the building for laundry and lounge spaces, with a bit more freedom given to those in suite-style living spaces. There are also RAs assigned to every building.

While the convenience of on-campus living might be right for some, in these environments you know you will be constantly surrounded by other students. There are definitely some conveniences but having to share small spaces can become irritating over time.

On-campus housing can also be expensive and those costs, in addition to other schooling costs, can definitely add up over time.

Living Off-Campus: Pros and Cons

Off-campus housing gives students a bit more freedom to live in an environment they prefer. There are more options when it comes to off-campus housing, whether that’s an apartment, a small house, or even just a room to rent.

Off-campus housing can range in expenses, but there are lots of affordable options in New Paltz. This can definitely help you save some money towards paying for other school-related expenses.

The biggest drawback to off-campus housing is of course that it’s, well, off-campus. However, even in New Paltz, there are options for off campus housing that are still very close to campus and even walkable or easily accessible by bike, if you don’t have a car.

Student Housing: What’s Best for You?

Ultimately, you get to make the choice of what living arrangements work best for you, whether that’s on-campus or off-campus living. The most important thing is that your student housing arrangements help you do what you came to school to do, and that’s to succeed.

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