How To Stay Safe While Buying Or Renting A New Apartment During The Coronavirus Pandemic


If you are thinking of renting or buying an apartment in Los Angeles during the Coronavirus pandemic, you might get discouraged by all the news you hear of how easily the virus spreads. However, a lot of Americans are still looking into new housing options despite the danger.

Some have to relocate because of a new job, others are facing a lease that is ending. No matter why you need to relocate now, know that it is still possible even in 2020. We spoke to the real estate experts at Neuman & Neuman to get the essential tips for renting or buying a new apartment in 2020.


Hire A Trustworthy Real Estate Agent:

If you are looking to buy a new apartment, make sure you hire a trustworthy and reputable real estate agent. This will make the experience a lot smoother and safer. A reliable real estate agent can let you know whether the local community is currently safe and can offer tips on how to protect yourself and all parties involved. They will be familiar with any restrictions currently in place in the area and how it can affect your purchase. They will make all the steps of the process much easier.

Browse Properties Online When Possible:

A lot of professional real estate companies offer virtual tours of their properties, which can make the entire process easier and safer. You can use your computer to easily browse any properties that might interest you and walk through them in a 3D setting. They will also have descriptions, pictures, and useful information necessary to make an informed decision.

Ask For A Live Virtual Tour:

Depending on the new measures as the virus progresses, you may not be able to inspect the home on your own. In that case, you should ask your realtor to walk you through the home through a video call. This way you will have the chance to ask any questions you may have as they are giving you a virtual tour. There are numerous apps that can help this virtual experience run smoothly.

Visit The Neighborhood Yourself:

There’s more to a new apartment than just the apartment itself. The neighborhood you choose plays an important role in any real estate buying decision. This is why you should visit the neighborhood on your own, whether on foot or by car.

Get Pre-Approved:

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of sellers might not allow you on their premises if they are still living there. However, if you pre-qualify before inspecting the new home, sellers are more likely to accommodate your request to see the real estate as they will know you are serious about buying. This is why you should have your mortgage approved before you ask to take a tour of the real estate.

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