Nicknamed ‘the Palmetto State’ thanks to its famous subtropical tree known as the Sabal Palmetto, South Carolina has so much to offer its residents.

From its natural beauty, festivals, attractions, a thriving economy, and near-perfect weather throughout the year, South Carolina is without a doubt one of the best places to live in the United States. The swaying palm trees, marsh-like Sea Islands, roaring waves, and subtropical beaches make it an ideal vacation spot.

The beautiful state of South Carolina is one of the areas that was first explored by European settlers and was among the original 13 states to make up the union. There are battlefields that date back to the Civil war and the American Revolution.

It is now home to more than 5 million people with a rich history, a thriving economy, and beautiful natural landscapes. Click here to find out more reasons why South Carolina is an ideal place to live.

1. The Charming Towns and Cities

South Carolina has some of the most charming towns in the United States. It has two metropolitan cities that are very vibrant and are rich in culture. Here are some of the best places you can live while in South Carolina.



Columbia is the state capital city of SC. It is home to some of the biggest attractions such as the 170-acre Riverbanks zoo. It also has big entertainment arenas among many other amenities including the University of South Carolina that gives the city a young and vibrant atmosphere.

This city has a lot of interesting cultural events and lives music performances that happen throughout the year. It strikes a fine balance between a relaxed, slow-paced life and the hustle and bustle of urban areas.


Charleston is the oldest city in this state. It’s known for its warm southern hospitality accorded by the local community. It’s actually the culture of the residents who take great pride in how welcoming and friendly to visitors they are.

It has a rich culture, tasty cuisine, lots of interesting things to do and see, as well as value-priced housing and accommodation.

Here you will find well-preserved architecture all around the city and beautiful cobbled streets. This city is also home to the famous Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the civil war were fired.

It also has sights like the Aiken-Rhett House, Drayton Hall, and Magnolia Cemetery, which are a huge attraction to history lovers. Charleston has several beaches that are located only a stone’s throw away from the residential areas of the city.


Conway is a nice country town located only 20 minutes away from Myrtle Beach. It is home to the Coastal Carolina University, the City Hall building designed by Robert Mills, and several other buildings and structures you’ll find on the National Register of Historic Places.

The rivers and parks in this location make it ideal for activities like kayaking, swimming, or boating. You can also enjoy a walk in the park with your friends, family, or pets.

Conway’s real estate is also quite affordable, and there are several homes for sale in Conway, SC, which are perfect for families or lone individuals. Other places you can live in are James Island, North Charleston, Greenville, Florence Rock Hill, and Mount Pleasant.

2. A Vibrant Job Market

Apart from the beautiful homes and scenery, several people move to South Carolina because of its thriving economy. The state has an unemployment rate of 2.6%, which is quite low compared to the national average of 3.6%. As such, there are plenty of employment opportunities in the state and you can be sure to find the right job for you.

Some of the operating industries in South Carolina include:

  • Aerospace: Aerospace and aviation are the most active industries in SC. There are more than one hundred aviation-related companies, with the largest being Boeing.
  • Tourism: With such a rich culture and history combined with plenty of tourist attractions, it is no surprise that the hospitality scene is flourishing in this state.
  • Automotive: There are more than 250 automotive companies that are based and operate within the state.

Other major industries include recycling, transportation, manufacturing, biotech, agriculture, health, and logistics.

3. The South Carolina Real Estate Market

South Carolina Real Estate Market

The overall average cost of a home in the state is around $166,000, which is 15% lower than the national average price of a home. The prices of homes in this state vary depending on where you choose to live. Some of the most expensive properties are in Charleston, where the average home can cost around $333,000.

Around 70% of the residents in SC are homeowners, and the homes increase in value by 3.04% every year. When looking for homes for sale in Conway, you can probably get a good price if you buy between September and April but do not wait too long if you plan to buy a home here because it is predicted that the prices might go up even higher

4. An Affordable Cost of Living

As highlighted above, the state of South Carolina has very affordable homes. If you plan to rent, get ready to pay at least $920 per month for a one-bedroom apartment but you will pay more if you decide to live in major cities like Charleston.

Utilities cost around 3.9% more than the national average because of the long hot summers while the average cost of health costs 2.3% more than the national average.

Food and groceries, however, cost 4.2% less. The state also has a general sales tax rate of 6% and a gallon of gas costs at least $2.20, which means that the cost of transportation is lower.

South Carolina Is An Ideal Place To Live

With a rich history, vibrant culture, good hospitality, a budding economy, affordable homes, and numerous attractions with easy access to amenities, a lot of Americans are moving to South Carolina, and with good reason too.

This state has so much to offer throughout the year so why not check it out? It might very well be the best decision of your life.

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