Are you planning to add the skirting boards at your place? If yes, there are two main options: either a person can hire a professional for the task or do it at their level.

The process of the installation is quite simple. With just the essential guidance from the experts, a person can efficiently complete the installation process.

There is not just a single method of installing the skirting boards. The selection of the installation method will depend on the person’s abilities and the time available for installation.

No matter which method a person selects for the installation, he first needs to purchase the skirting boards. One can plan to purchase the boards from as it is a reliable and economical platform.

Tools For The Installation

The installation of the skirting boards is not possible with just the boards. A person must also collect some other basic tools to complete the process.

Let us look at the various tools:

  • Pencil
  • Fixing gun
  • Tape measurer
  • Paint scraper
  • Hammer
  • Sandpaper
  • Screw Drill
  • Milter saw

Process Of Installation

Once the person is done collecting the various tools and materials in the procedure, the next step is to follow the steps.

If the person follows the steps properly, then achieves the goals.

1. Do The Preparation

install the skirting boards

Before a person can install the skirting boards, he needs to do some basic preparation. The buyers have the option to either purchase the painted skirting boards or he can plan to purchase them.

If he purchases their level, then they can do the matching as per the place’s interior. First, a person should apply the primer before the paint to increase the finish. Next, paint the MDF on both sides to get the best results.

2. Cut Of The Boards

In the market, a person will get the big pieces of the boards. A person can now do the cutting of the boards as per the requirement. Here the person can also do the marking on the wall where he wishes to place the specific skirting boards.

When purchasing the boards, the person needs to remember that 10% of the extra board materials are there to overcome the wastage while cutting.

3. Attach Boards To Wall

wall stuck

The person can now apply the glue on boards at a distance of 10 cm with the glue gun. Then just keep the wall stuck on the wall for 5 minutes so that it attaches to the wall completely.

If the wall is uneven, then a person can even plan to apply the dot of the glue on the wall to get the best results.

4. Create The Outside And Inside Corner

 The boards must be cut after getting an idea of the inside and the outside corners. A person can first of all cut the miltera and take the measurement. He will put the mark and then put the second skirting board accordingly.

5. Proper Finishing

The last and final step is to provide the skirting boards with the complete finishing. If one notices any form of a gap between boards, one can use the special glue to fill the spec. Even the person can use sandpaper to smooth the look of the boards.

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