Real estate agents assist clients at all stages of purchasing, renting on selling properly. This career is quite flexible and has great earning potential for proactive individuals. Yet, if you want to work with a reputable broker, you will need a resume that emphasizes your value as a professional.
In particular, you need to prove that you have the most valuable skills that all successful real estate agents have. In this article, we will share the top skills and tips for creating a strong resume.
Have no time to write a resume on your own? Entrust this task to an expert. Today, many real estate agents turn to sales resume writing service professionals to get their resume done or to update an old one. These professionals know how to create a real estate agent resume that works, so you can turn to professional services if you think that the resume undersells you to employers.

7 Skills To Include On Your Real Estate Resume


Since real estate agents work with people, make sure that your resume reflects your ability to effectively communicate with clients, colleagues, and property owners. Show that you can understand the needs and preferences of each client, provide relevant information, and adapt to their communication style.
Moreover, real estate agents should understand complex legal terms and procedures to customers in plain English, so reflect this ability on your resume as well.

Contract Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

Negotiating the best terms for your client is another valuable skill. As an agent, you need to successfully negotiate with buyers, sellers, and sometimes third parties until effective terms for both parties are achieved.
Successful negotiation requires extensive knowledge of market conditions, and property conditions, as well as an understanding of the psychology of buyers and sellers. Show your ability to access market conditions, provide sound advice to your clients, and instruct them on how to make offers and counteroffers.

Cultural Sensitivity

Real estate agents work with people who have diverse backgrounds. If you work with overseas clients, you are probably aware of differences in business etiquette. So, reflect your ability to work with clients from different cultures on a resume.
In addition to understanding cultural differences, demonstrate that you understand body language cues and can anticipate the nervousness or concerns of a client. Understanding psychology is always helpful if you work with people, so make this an asset of your resume.

Active Listening

Active listening is a communication skill that assumes fully focusing on what your client or coworker is saying. This means giving your full attention to the person, taking into account their tone of voice and non-verbal cues. Not only does it help you truly understand what your client wants and what they are worried about, but also it builds trust and makes your client feel valued.
When listing this skill on your real estate resume, mention your ability to ask clarifying questions, provide feedback and build productive relations with clients.

Marketing Skills

Today, successful real estate agents can’t go without marketing skills. These skills are essential to promote properties on social media, through online listings, or print media. So, show that you can create persuasive property descriptions, take quality photos, or even set up a website to generate leads.
You may list Marketing as a skill on your resume, or make it more specific, mentioning online channels and strategies you use to promote properties and attract potential clients.

Time Management

Real estate agents typically work with multiple clients and properties simultaneously, so showing your ability to manage time and priorities is essential.
Effective time management assumes that you get back to your clients and property owners on time, manage your schedules and go the extra mile to meet deadlines. Moreover, time management skill shows that you have a strong work ethic and are capable of making a professional impression on clients and building long-term relations.

Customer Service

Since you work with people, one of your priorities is to deliver excellent customer service to clients. Successful real estate agents are friendly, approachable, and proactive in anticipating customer needs and responding to them. Make sure that your resume reflects that. Building long-term relationships with property owners and clients and providing personalized services is another must-have skill.
You can include the above skills in your resume as a list, or describe how you used each skill in the Professional Experience section.

5 Tips To Enhance Your Real Estate Resume

In addition to listing valuable skills, take these steps to make your resume more attractive for hiring managers:
• Keep it to 1-2 pages. If you have less than 5 years of experience, a one-page resume is perfect for you. Otherwise, keep it to two pages. If your resume is longer, consider removing old jobs and irrelevant experience.
• Write a short summary. Write 3-4 sentences explaining why an employer should choose you over other candidates. Are you great at generating leads, can market properties effectively, or have administrative experience as well? Mention your biggest accomplishment in this section as well.
• Focus on results, not job duties. When listing your experience, describe the results of your work rather than daily duties which are similar for all agents. Specify how many properties you sold, how many new clients served, or how many leads were generated. Employers pay attention to results in the first place.
• Adapt the resume for a job posting. Many companies use software to screen applicants. To pass the software screening, use keywords relevant to the job. You can find these keywords in the job posting – read what the employer wants and use the same words on your resume.
• Proofread before sending. Typos, poor grammar, or incomplete sentences make a sloppy, unprofessional impression. Read your resume aloud several times to make sure that it is perfect in every aspect.
A good resume should sell your skills and experience as a real estate agent to prospective employers. Make sure you have mentioned your specialization, listed your successes, and included the must-have skills from the list above. If you still have questions about improving your resume, do not hesitate to speak to a resume consultant to get a better chance for employment.


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