A sturdy shower standing handle is an elaborate safety decoration. This is a safety concerning step which can save you from falling. Unfortunately, the statistics show that 33% of older adults are injured due to falling in the bathroom.

Take a shower for some people. It’s more like a daily habit. But whatever purpose of bathing you believe in. The bathroom safety equipment comes in different sizes, shapes and strengths.

So depending on your requirements, select the most suitable one. When someone is falling, the wall and door handles can save them from experiencing an injury.


10 Easy Grip Sturdy Shower Standing Handle

The shower standing handle ideas always have some of the minimum requirements. These minimum requirements will give you better ideas about the bathroom handles.

And you will know which suction shower handle you need to select and which types of handles actually can bear your weight and save you from falling.

Here are the factors which you need to check before selecting the compatible sturdy shower standing handle.

  • Your grab bar should be able to hold at least 250 pounds of weight.
  • Shower handles or grab bar’s come in a range of different sizes from 9 to 42 inches.
  • A grab bar that is also intended more to keep the balance who are shorter but not less than 12″ long.

These are the minimum quality every shower standing handle should have. This is the minimum quality of a shower handle. And all of the following designs are fulfilling the requirements of the quality of the shower handle.

Here are the 10 designs which are easy to grip and have a simple installation process:

1. Regular Metal Easy Grip Handle

Regular aluminum-made metal easy-grip standing handles are the most convenient types of shower standing handles. Usually, these handles are permanent. One is you can take help from a professional interior designer. Else, if you already have the tools, you can install it on your own.

Regular Metal Easy Grip Handle

Aluminum-made metal easy-grip handles are pretty convenient for every age. You can install it beside the shower cubicles and beside the bath tube. First, make sure you measure up the right position for installation. It’s obvious you do not want to bump your head on the metal easy-grip handles.

2. Suction Shower Standing Handle

Usually, the common market available suction shower handles do not carry more weight. These handles are convenient for children’s use. But good quality medicated suction standing handles can bear the weight of upto 350 pounds.

Suction Shower Standing Handle

There is one advantage of having the suction shower standing handle its mobility. These are semi-permanent. You can change its location.

3. Long Pole Like Handle With Soft Gripining Option

This is the perfect shower handle for the elderly. The unusual look of this pole, like standing handles, ensures the security of an older person.

 Long Pole Like Handle With Soft Gripining Option

The best spot for installing these pole handles is the floor on the inner side of the shower door. Apart from this place, if you have both tubs, then you also can install them beside your tube in the middle of the commode and tube.

4. U shape shower standing handle

U shapes are uncommon. But these shower standing handles are really worthy of installation. Are you searching for a better grip and security? Then this type of design is the best pick for you.

U shape shower standing handle

Often the single gripping bar can slip off from your grip, but when the shape is U, then you will get more place to hold. After single slipping, you will get a second hence holding the standing handle a second time.

5. Long handles for elderly people

Long handles mean the shower bar, which is longer than 9 to 12 inches. Yes, most of the 

shower standing handles are available in different sizes. But when you are shower areas are larger in size, that means you have a more fall-like accident-prone place.

 Long handles for elderly people

So there are only alternative options besides getting long and sturdy standing handles. As it is going to cover more accident-prone areas of the floor. Long handles installation areas are very important. You have to install the long handles in a grabbing position. The shower cubicle door is the most appropriate place for installing these long handles.

6. Two horizontal handles

Two horizontal handles make the whole area more secure. If you do not have long handles, then the next thing is installing two horizontal handles to make the situation more secure. The target is very simple.

 Two horizontal handles

If a person is missing out on one shower standing handle, then he gets the option to hold the second one. The advantage is you do not require a professional installer for this. You can create the design on your own.

7. Suction Grab Handles With Indicators

The suction grab bars for showers with indicators ensure your security. Yes, like other suctions grab handles, these handles also come up with the suction grip. And installations are pretty convenient. You do not require any tools for installation.

Suction Grab Handles With Indicators

The shower standing handle indicator shows two indications. One is safe and secure for suction, the other one is  “re-affix” suction. So the person can minimise the chances of experiencing any accidents. In the security aspects, these grab handles score 9 out of ten.

8. Easy Gripping Handles

Easy gripping best shower grab bars come with a soft grip. Often people miss the handle, especially when they have soap on their hands. Metals like steel and aluminium are pretty slippery. When the handles come up with easy grips, it ensures your grip. That is the reason these shower handles are the first choice for any elderly.

Easy Gripping Handles

Easy-gripping  shower standing handle fits inside your palm. Some of the easy-gripping handles have a soft cushion in the middle of the bar structure. These soft cushions ensure better holding and grip. The small structures make it easily installable. It is not going to take more space for installations. Few of the space is enough for installations.

9. Curvy Shower Standing Handle

The curvy shower standing handles are another great safety piece of equipment for the shower room. These are usually multipurpose handles. It will work in both ways. One utility is that it works like a shower handle. Another utility is it will help you to walk on the bathroom floor.

Curvy Shower Standing Handle 

Even many older adults require some support when they are trying to get into a standing position from sitting. These curvy shower standing handles can be a great support for these utilities. If you are thinking of installing a multipurpose utility standing handle, then this idea is going to work for you.

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10. Long Full Bathroom Covered Railing Like Handle Installation

Long full bathroom-covered railing keeps every bathroom user in a safe condition. The long bathroom railing installation is also very easy.  Follow the lines. Yes, you do not have to invest in specific types of railing.

There are two solutions. One is to install regular grab bars for showers within a very short distance. Another one is to start to manufacture the railing the same as your balcony. You have to install the railing on the bathroom wall to work as a shower standing handle.

 Long Full Bathroom Covered Railing Like Handle Installation

There are many fashionable best-grab bars for showers available in the market. But before selecting anything, first, analyse the utility of grab bars. For example, if you are making arrangements for a person who is physically unfit, then you have to install a medicated handle for the shower.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are you thinking of installing shower grab bars? Then here is a set of questions that other audiences are asking before installing the shower grab bar.

1. Can Installations Of A Grab Bar Be Possible On The Tile?

You can install your shower grab bar anywhere you want. But for maximum security, you have to install it inside the wall on the stud. This will go to ensure that your grab bars are going to get the maximum strength.

2. Removable Shower Handle And A Fixed One; Which Is Better?

There is no question that fixed shower handles are always better. But the suction is entirely depending on your use. The suction handles require some time to get into the fitting positions. This is the reason if you are using any suction shower handles, first see the condition of the suction power, then try to grip it.

3. What Are The Best Anchors For Grab Bars?

Heavy-duty toggle bolts are always the best selection for grab bar installations. The anchors which come up with the grab bar packages can hold nearly 230 Lb weight. But if you want to have a grab bar which can hold 300Lb weight, then you have to use heavy-duty toggle bolts.

4. What Is The Best Location For Installing The Shower Grab Bars?

34 to 36 inch higher than the floor is the best place for installing the shower grab bars.

Wrapping It Up:

A shower standing handle is not only a good addition to increase your bathroom safety. This is nice bathroom safety equipment. If you do not want to install the neutral colour boring white standing handles. Then you can experiment with different metallic colours. You get the choice. But before installations, take some measurements like the person’s body weight and height. These two will give you better ideas and proper guidance on what installation ideas are going to be perfect for you.

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