Scattered shower gel, shampoo bottle, soap, and toothbrushes create messy bathroom looks. These are the weapons to fight against the dirt and germs so you can’t throw them out of your bathroom. But you can have a neat and clean look. Just with some simple changes. Why are you not installing a bathroom shower shelf?

Check out these 20+ shower shelves that can fit on your bathroom’s surface.

What do you think– you don’t have any space in your bathroom to install a new shower shelf.  Here I present twenty types of low-maintenance and space saver shower shelves by material, shape, and position basis.

Whether your bathroom is small or big, these plenty of options of shelves will be an extra complement for your washroom.

So, let’s get into the list of shower shelves.

Shower Shelf:  Types By Material, Position, And Shape

What are you looking for… is it material, place saver, or shape? Industrial look or vintage look or a modern look– what you want.

Let’s select from this 20+ variety of shower shelves.

1. Wooden Shower Shelf

Wooden Shower Shelf

The wood material is one of the most common materials for home decor items. This is the reason I placed this at the top position in this shower shelf list.

If you want to create a classic look, use a brown colour wood shelf. Easy maintenance, durability, and classic features become a visual interest in design and staining.

From toothbrushes to hanging towels, a wooden shower shelf is enough to hold them.

2. Ceramic Bathroom Shelf

Ceramic Bathroom Shelf

Ceramic material is all time favourite for those who want to decorate their bathroom. This type of ceramic furniture is attractive, and it has a refreshment vibe also. 

Ceramic is aesthetically unique, and its graceful look creates a glaze finish. If you want colourful ceramic shelves, you can try them.

Many of us like to use printed ceramic for shower shelf corner. You can create a theme in your bathroom. Aesthetically it will create an elegant look.

3. Tile Shower Corner Shelf

Tile Shower Corner Shelf

Are you looking for a shower shelf on a budget? Tile is the best choice for a budget-friendly shower niche shelf. It is super solid, where you can store all of your toilet sets. 

In the market, tiles are popular for their inexpensive price. Many people like this uniformity in their bathroom. Some of us use timber framing, but I personally would not recommend this frame idea because wood framing in the wet area of the shower is a bad idea. 

4. Stone Corner Shower Shelf

Stone Corner Shower Shelf

2 cm white marble stones can be the smart choice for a permanent corner shower shelf. If you want to place them below the mirror, go for it.

Many like to place indoor plants in their washrooms. In this case, white marble stone will be paired perfectly with green leaves.

In the morning, when we entered the bathroom, these green vibes provided energy for the entire day.

5. Metal Shelf

Many of us don’t like corner or side shower shelves. Don’t worry, you can try a metal shower shelf. You can place it separately where it would be best utilized.

The best thing is that it is flexible. You can move it anywhere. Its modern look and chrome finish make your bathroom sophisticated.

This metal shelf has come with 3 to 4 racks. You can keep towels, shampoo, shower gel bottles, sanitary pads, shaving kits, toothbrushes, and more.

6. Plastic Shelf

Plastic Shelf

If you have short space and a low budget, then I will recommend a plastic shower shelf.  See, we always want a strong and flexible shelf on a budget.

Plastic texture shower shelves are ideal because they are easy to clean, flexible, and inexpensive. It is available on every e-commerce site.

This DIY plastic shelf is easy to rearrange by yourself. It provides ample places for soaps, toilet accessories, and towels.

7. Glass Shower Shelf

Glass Shower Shelf

This material shower shelf is also common among common people. Glass for the bathroom creates a transparent and elegant look.

Glass furniture requires frequent cleaning as well as it has the chance of breaking.  But, if you promise to maintain a glass material shower shelf, you can try them.

It can visually make your bathroom seem larger. Its transparency and low price is the reason to install them in the bathroom.

8. Wire Bathroom Shelf

Wire Bathroom Shelf

A wire bathroom shelf is a unique choice for your bathroom. Everyone goes for ceramics, tiles, wood, or stones, but the wire is quite out of the list.

But I include it in my shower shelf list. It is easy to clean and flexible. Its modern appeal and adjustable features are easy to use.

For all decor types, you can select a wire bathroom shelf.

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9. Suction Shower Shelf

Suction Shower Shelf

Suction shower shelves are one of the most common and popular shower shelves in the world. The lower price and ease of installation is the reason to like this shower shelf.

This trending time, suction showers are now in trend in the market. But if you are looking for something long-lasting, then I do not recommend installing it in your bathroom.

10. Teak Shower Shelf

To create a vintage look in your bathroom, don’t move further. Teak shower shelves can occupy the corner side of your bathroom.

Its water-resistant feature is suitable for classic, modern and contemporary looks. Generally, it has three shelves where you can fit all of your toilet kits. You can keep candles and skin care products. 

11. Modern Shower Shelf

Modern Shower Shelf

Are you looking for a shower shelf where you just fit your shampoo and shower gel and soap-loofah? Then you need to go for a single piece of the showerGem shelf.

Here you can keep only three bottles (shampoo, conditioner, face wash), a soap case, and a loofah hanger.

Those who have limited options to keep shower shelf, they can try them instantly.

12. White Wooden Shelf

White Wooden Shelf

If you maintain the white colour in your bathroom or you want to maintain the white, then in your washroom, you can try this wooden shelf. 

You may now ask how I will recommend installing a wooden shower shelf because they are white.

White furniture in the bathroom creates a special look. It creates a clean and sophisticated image in the bathroom. Elephant ear plants or sunflowers can add a more aesthetic look.

13. Adhesive Shower Shelf

Adhesive Shower Shelf

Some of us forget to leave a space for a shower shelf and don’t want to dedicate any space for a flexible shower shelf. In this case, an adhesive shower niche shelf is the right choice. 

If you want to use the horizontal space of the bathroom wall, then an adhesive shelf goes a long way. 

It is easy to install. Don’t look for how to install floating shelf in shower; the special adhesive to set up the shower shelf in 60 seconds.

14. Rolling Shelf

Rolling Shelf

Shelves need to be user-friendly which offer attractive designs to organize all your skin care products. If you are looking for a shower shelf that represents your style and uplifts the design of your bathroom, then rolling carts are excellent.

There is no need to think about the bathroom space because it is flexible and fun to use.

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15. Ladder Style

Ladder Style

Yes, ladders save your bathroom space. It has ample storage for your towels and toilet kits. It occupies the vertical space of your bathroom.

If you are looking for a shower shelf that can save your space as well as be unique, then you must bring a ladder shelf for your bathroom.

16. Tall Bathroom Shelf

After ladder style, tall wood bathroom shelves can add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom. Make space for folded towels, potted plants, ceramic pots of handwash, and candles.

It is modern, seamless, and attractive with suitable quality. It has plenty of space to keep toiletries and decorations.

This tall bamboo shelf is best for a modern and boho-style bathroom.

17. Over Door Shelf

Over Door Shelf

The over door bathroom shelf is the traditional style. But don’t think that it is old style. The easiest way to install a shower shelf in the bathroom.

Your staff will stay neatly. You can keep hair products, face masks, beauty products, and bottles of lotion.

Hang it over your bathroom door and keep accessories and antiseptic items where you can easily see them.

18. Over The Toilet Shelf

Over The Toilet Shelf

Don’t skip the space over the toilet. You can easily use this space to install a shower shelf to keep toilet kits, hand wash, and potted plants.

For those who have a compact bathroom, why not use this space? A three to four storage unit fits nicely all the things you want to place.

19. Space Saver: Shower Niche Shelf

Space Saver

If you’re decorating your bathroom, it is a good idea to think about the storage for bathroom kits such as soaps, shampoos, shower gel and etc.

For those who are building their bathroom, this idea is only for them. Cut out a space in the wall of the bathtub or beside the shower. The construction of your wall is dedicated to storing toilet kits.

20. Building A Shelf Below The Window

Building A Shelf Below The Window

If your bathroom space is long and you have a huge space. But you don’t know how to utilize the space. Well, I have an idea.

You can build a long shelf horizontally where you can store bathroom cleaning kits, skin care products, and all the stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now you are at the end of the article; I hope you’ll decide which shower shelf you’ll install. Besides this, you must take a look below. I mentioned the questions that readers frequently ask… 

Q1. Are Shower Shelves A Good Idea?

Ans: Yes, a shower shelf is a good idea. You can keep all your products and bottles of lotions, scrubs, and shampoos in one place.

Q2. Where Should I Put My Shower Shelf?

Ans: The wall of your bathtub head is the perfect area to put a shower shelf. On the other hand, the wall beside the shower is the perfect place to place the shelf. You can also fix the shelf below the face mirror.

Q3. Which Shower Shelf Is Best For A Small Bathroom?

Ans: For a small bathroom, you can choose a corner shower shelf. A shower corner shelf will be the best idea to utilize in the corner area of the bathroom.

Final Words

A shower shelf is the best option to clean your bathroom and get everything at a time. To decorate your bathroom and maintain the clean, shower shelves play the greatest role in creating a stylish look.

No matter the decoration and the theme, it is important to upgrade the bathroom space and keep everything organized.

If you have any other questions related to the decoration or home decor items, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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