If you are someone who likes to have cozy, friendly gatherings in your house, then you might be searching for some of the best screen porch ideas on a budget.

A screen porch or a screen room is when the room that you are treating as a porch is covered or surrounded by a window. This helps the owners of the house to ensure that there is no way in which insects can come inside and disturb you while you are having a gala time talking to your friends and family there.

If you think that you will have to spend thousands to get yourself a screened porch, then you are mistaken. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about screen porch ideas on a budget…

Best Screen Porch Ideas On A Budget:

In case you have been searching for some of the best inexpensive screen porch ideas on a budget, you have found the destination.

Take a look at these ideas that you can use for turning your back porch into a screen porch:

1. Dark Wood Paneling Screen Porch

The first one on the list of the best screen porch ideas on a budget is the authentic dark wood paneling screen porch. This makes sure that you are able to make the room look like you believe in dark academia. Also, adding the right amount of light will make the porch look cozy enough for comfortable late-night gatherings.

2. Wooden Fence Screen Porch

Next on the list is the screen porch, where you add a wooden fence at the bottom. This makes sure that you are able to provide durability to the entire structure. Take a cue from this image right here!

3. Brick Design Wall On Screen Porch

If there is one thing that you must try to do to your house at least once in your lifetime, it is the brick design or paint to the wall. While the color of the brick design can be literally anything that you want, you can do two things— either make the color of the design match the furniture or keep a contrast.

4. White Screen Porch

Next on the list of the screen porch ideas on a budget is an all white screen porch. This, along with the natural light that the room gets during the daytime, will make the room look even bigger than it actually is. So tell me, isn’t it the best way to give a luxurious look to the room even without spending that extra penny?

5. Fireplace Cum Screen Porch

What about those nights when it is freezing outside, and that glass wall or window or door in your back screen porch is not keeping you warm? Well, that is the reason why you need to have a fireplace on your back porch!

6. Small Screen Porch With Slanted Roof

If you are really right about the budget, then you can also opt for a small screen porch. There is no need for you to think that it is going to make any difference to the size of the room. Well, at least that won’t happen visually!

7. Screen Porch Near The Garden

The next one on the list of the best and most inexpensive screen porch ideas is the one where you have a garden surrounding it. Even though the greenery is outside, it still makes it look like you are sitting in your garden, as this is the back portion of the house!

8. Swinging Bed In Screen Porch

If you have a very tiny space and do not know whether you will be able to add much furniture to it, then you can add a single swinging bed. Take a cue from this image right here. You might also add some hanging chairs if you think hanging a bed is a bit too much!

9. Old Wooden Aesthetic In Screen Porch

Are you in love with the vintage vibes? If yes, then this one is perfect for you. Some unpolished wood that gives the rustic and vintage vibe to the room is a great way of going forward with the old wooden aesthetic for a screen porch.

10. Pop Of Color In Screen Porch

The last one on the list of the most inexpensive back porch or screened porch ideas is this one right here. If you have a screen porch with a more subtle color, then this is the best way to go about it. Hang a tapestry, add in some colorful cushions, or a little bit of flowers and planters here and there to bring out the look of the room!

Other Noteworthy Mentions Of Inexpensive Screen Porch Ideas

Did you think that the list is over? Well, not at all! Check out some of these noteworthy designs when it comes to having a great and inexpensive screen porch:

1. Add Lights

2. Make The Windows Interesting

3. The Stone Wall Design

4. White And Gray Screen Porch

5. Slanted Roof Screen Porch

6. Swinging Chair In Screen Porch

7. Mix The Color Of The Furniture

8. Add A Round Table

9. Go For A Farmhouse Vibe

10. Bring Out The Hunter Vibes

11. Play With The Colors

12. Let The Floor Be Black!

13. Or Maybe Let The Floor Be White!

14. An Arched Glass Wall

15. Add A Hammock

Wrapping It Up!

One of the best ways that you can make your back porch look luxurious is to ensure that you turn the porch into a screen room or a screen porch. There are a lot of ways in which you can do that. And if you think that you need to spend a lot of money in order to get a screen porch, then you are wrong. 

In case you were searching for the best screen porch ideas on a budget, then hopefully, this blog has helped to gather lots of them. Let me know how you tried and if there are other ideas that you would want to see.

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