The renter’s insurance is one type of property insurance that has to provide coverage for the policyholder’s belongings. The tenants are getting benefits from these policies.

Property insurance or house insurance do not cover the tenets of personal belonging insurance. All renters insurance gives the cost value of the damaged products. But what about the cash value? The roost renters insurance gives you the opportunity.

Suppose you have a water leakage problem, then who will pay the demurrage cost? Indeed here is the one option, roosters. They even submit property insurance proof to the customer’s property management company.  

If the tenants misplace anything within the rented property, they do not get property insurance. In the last five years, renter’s insurance is becoming popular in the policy market.

Now we will discuss the top 10 roost renters insurance companies who just provide not the only beneficiary. They give a magnificently profitable policy for the policyholders. 

If some accidents occur, suppose any fire or flood breakup, the personal belongings of the tenants are getting destroyed. Then these renter’s insurance covers all types of property insurance.

Many landlords are demanding the renter’s insurance proof at the time of agreements, Solving the insurance problems.

The compensation of the landlord’s property is covered by the landowner’s own property insurance policy. But what about the tenets? If there is any mishap happen. Then tenants have to pay the money from their own pocket. 

Ten Customer’s All-time Favorite, roost renters insurance Companies in 2022

The customers choose renter insurance companies not only based on their policy. They select their desired companies after judging the company’s reputation also. 

Here is the list of the top ten roost renters insurance companies most preferred by the customers in 2022.

 1. State Farm Renter Insurance

State Farm Renter Insurance

This is one of the easy-going and straightforward insurance companies. So, the customers choose this insurance company for their huge discounts on auto insurance policies. They offer a discount against the purchase of house safety devices like a fire extinguisher, burglar alarm, etc.

State farm gives two options for the customers, online and through agents both. Thus, these insurance companies take a short time to process. They just let you purchase their policy without even having an account creation.  

 2. Nationwide

It is another second choice of customers who need comprehensive coverage for their personal belongings. Nationwide is one of the best roost renter insurance companies that provides a broad range.

They provide coverage against credit cards and building modifications. That is the main reason behind the customer’s preference.

 3. Metlife

Met life is famous for its excellent customer support. They have very little recorded customer complaints, according to the online consumer record. They do not provide policy quotes online. 

For better knowledge of the policies, you have to talk with customer care executives. 

They let you purchase home security gadgets without paying extra money. The customers also get some additional coverage for purchasing recreational items and electronic items.

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 4. Erie Insurance

If we talk about customer satisfaction. Then we must have to add Erie insurance to the list. It is one of the best roost renters insurance companies that think about their customers first. The Erie Insurance companies have a few records of customer complaints. The interested customers have to communicate with customer care representatives of the company.

 They will give you thorough information about the policies. They offer the coverage of valuable personal belongings, also like jewelry, expensive paintings, etc. 

  5. All-State


The All-State Insurance company gives customers who love to take information on mobile or computers. All-State has specific mobile applications for operating the system. Their sites are loaded with many tools like investment policy learning, retirement planning, personal investment planning tools, etc.

Their policies cover some of the extra coverages like a flood, guest medical, and liability coverage.

 6. Liberty Mutual

If you want an economic budget policy, then Liberty Mutual is just for you. They provide policies against higher-value items. The essential thing is that they provide coverage against leaked tap also.

This company gives you autopay options also. If you are opting for the autopay option, then the company offers you more discounts. 

 7. American Family

American Family

American Family is also on the side of the lower rate of customer complaints. This insurance company offers a unique type of discount to its customers. They provide a deal for the people whose parents also wear the customers.

They offer good discounts on cars also. This is the reason this insurance is popular among young people.

 8. Lemonade

Lemonade is relatively new in the renter’s policy market. You can operate all functions from your cell phones as they have their application software. They solve the claim-related queries as soon as possible. They resolve the claims online that are the more flexible part of the story.

Lemonade also gains popularity among young people. The renters can buy the items which are damaged or stolen with their policies. They offer replacement cost coverage than the actual cash coverage. That is a little bit different than the usual rental insurance company.

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 9. Traveler


This insurance company also put any effort into being on the right list of people using a user-friendly website. The directions and instructions of the websites are very clean and narrative. 

Travelers offer a discount to customers who have multiple policies. They provide good deals to the people who want electronic devices for their home safety.

 10. Auto-Owners

The Auto owner gives one unusual flexibility to their customers, that is you can upgrade your policies according to your modification of the rental policies.

This is the best roost renters insurance that also covers drainage and sewer damage. The Auto Owner policies cover the power cut disaster damage, which is quite unusual.

in addition to this, they offer good discounts to the people who give their premium on time.

Roost Renters Insurance Reviews: Pros And Cons

When you are thinking of considering the roost renters insurance reviews, I hope you are more interested in learning about the p[ositives and negatives that roost renters insurance has to offer you. So, let’s have a look at them. 

Benefits Of Roost Renters Insurance

  • It offers solid baseline coverage, which includes covering water damage. Instead of the actual cost value, it pays full replacement cost value. 
  • Somewhat affordable. 
  • It is super convenient to use the same online portal that you are currently using for paying your rent and interface with your property manager. 
  • Super easy to add roommates. 

Drawbacks Of Roost Renters Insurance

  • The parent company of it not only has potential instability but also has a criminal history along with a bad customer service record. All those affiliated insurance companies are a bit of a wild card as well. 
  • The customer reviews are not available, and the pricing is non-transparent as well. 
  • If you are planning to be bound with car insurance or any other coverage, there is no possibility for that. 
  • On personal belonging coverage, the maximum is $75,000. 


Renter’s insurance policy covers almost all types of natural disasters and accidents, like fire, flood, theft, lightning, vandalism, explosion, almost anything.

This policy gives excellent liability protection against lawsuits for the injured person. But the policy does not provide any coverage for any medical issues apart from guest medical issues. These all ten renter’s insurance work well. Suppose the customers are choosing their deals according to their needs.

The roost renters insurance policy gives you the best customer’s friendly policy terms which can not be provided by your property managers. And these insurance terms are the best terms for the customers as they cover almost everything. Your personal belongings to any stolen items. Even they also cover the valuable items which are always in a vulnerable position especially at the time of shifting.

Roost insurance assures you of good sleep. You can purchase the policies online and through agents both ways. The valuable and necessary good coverage can promise any tenants a good and relaxed sleep.

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