There are several options of roofs that you can choose from. These roofs are rigid, low maintenance, and provide excellent support to your house roof. Roofing types are categorized based on the material used and the quality of the material.

Although solid roofs are excellent for protecting the outside of the house, green roofs are currently getting very famous. It is because these roofs are eco-friendly and very affordable. You can grow your favorite vegetables and, as a result, can save a lot of money.

However, providing a suitable climate for a living roof is essential according to most roofers. Although, the temperature of the environment is not in our control as some areas are stormy, some are extremely hot, some are cold, and some places don’t have proper sunlight.

So, keeping the weather conditions of a specific area in mind, grow the vegetables or flowers accordingly. In the end, you will only benefit from these living or green roofs. This article will guide the suitable climate for a living roof. But initially, we need to look at the detail of living roofs.


What Are Living Roofs?

What Are Living Roofs?
A living roof, also known as a green roof, is a roof that has ingrown vegetation and plants. At the bottom of this roof is a layer of soil

Above this layer of mud, different plants can be grown. Living or green roofs are a great option to control the temperature.

They are highly cost-effective, and the whole roof is installed on a meager budget compared to other roofing systems. Also, you can enjoy your house-grown vegetables purely fresh. So, living roofs are considered a fantastic roofing idea.

Moreover, these roofs are highly eco-friendly and help your environment stay the best Ways To Waterproof Your Basement: Costs & Designs are clean and moderate. Furthermore, rainwater will not get wasted as the soil will absorb it. As a result, your house will remain calmer in the summers, and you don’t have to spend any extra money on air conditioners or coolers.

Additionally, green roofs provide a charming look to your house. Different colored flowers with green plants give a fantastic look to your home. They don’t require much maintenance and can even last a lifetime. So, green or living roofs are very beneficial for our environment. Fairview Folkestone Roofing also provides great advice on what type of roof best suits different homes, they are UK based and have some great informative blog posts.

Types of Living or Green Roofs

Types of Living or Green Roofs
Living roofs are mainly divided into three types depending upon the depth, type of vegetation, and function

Extensive green roofs: Extensive green roofs are the most inexpensive green roofs that require some maintenance. It is designed for small plants, and the layer of soil is also fragile.

Intensive green roofs: Extensive green roofs are the most expensive and require high maintenance. Such ceilings give a complete feel of a garden and have the capability to grow bushes and trees.

Semi-intensive green roofs: Semi-intensive green roofs come in between the other types. They are not so cheap or expensive and require moderate maintenance. Of course, you can’t grow bushes and trees on such roofs, but they are suitable for growing vegetables.

The Suitable Climate for Living roofs:

The Suitable Climate for Living roofs:
Living roofs don’t require a specific climate or temperature. Two things necessary for having a living roof are moderate sunlight and water

Suppose you live in a region where climate conditions are very extreme, then it can be challenging to have a living roof.

However, the climate condition also depends on the type of vegetation you are doing. For example, some plants can’t bear extreme sunlight, so there is a high chance of getting damaged. Similarly, heavy watering can also damage the plants.

The suitable climate for living roofs is where the plants easily. Although, climate conditions do change the whole year. So, you have to do some precautions like using a green shade that can help maintain the temperature of your roof.

You can also take help from some professionals, and they will guide you on what type of plants are suitable for your climate. Such professionals will charge little money but will be worth the cost. So, instead of assuming that hiring a professional gardener is a better option for your green or living roofs.


Green roofs are considered more environment-friendly than other types. This is because they are very cheap and don’t require hard work for their maintenance. In addition, you can grow different plants depending upon your area’s climate.

Your area’s climate plays a vital role in protecting your plants from damage. Moreover, extreme weather conditions are not suitable for green roofs. You can also take help from some professionals before installing a green roof.

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