After all of the chaotic weather, we have experienced over the past year, it would not be a surprise if your yard was looking a little worse for wear. Our plants bloomed only to be battered by winds days later, and the downpour of rain before some very hot sunshine was enough to confuse everything in hibernation for at least a week. If your yard needs a refresh ready for this summer, then the coming weeks are the best time to start, as spring is so close we can almost taste it.

So, with this in mind, here are some simple ideas you can use to rejuvenate your garden.


Get Pruning:

Get Pruning

Much like our hair, plants benefit from trimming off their dead ends. Snipping off dead branches, dead flower heads, and any excess foliage might leave our plants looking a little bare but will allow them to bloom and thrive in the long run. Make sure you are pruning at the right time of year if you are opting to cut back live plants, as you can damage the plant if you are not careful.

Plant Some Blooms:

Plant Some Blooms

This might be one of the most obvious ideas when it comes to sprucing up your yard but getting some plants either in beds or in pots in time for blooming in summer will bring your space to life. If you want to keep ahead of the curve, then think about replanting annual blooms when they begin to fade – that way they will be ready the moment the time comes, keeping your blooms continuous!

Change Your Layout:

Change Your Layout

If you are planning on enjoying the weather in your yard this summer, then you might want to mix up the layout a little bit or create a cozy decking area where you can lounge and laze around.

This will obviously require a little more effort than trimming the leaves, and it would be a good idea to get some expert advice from, but having your own patch of decking to put some large garden cushions on or hang some hammocks above could be just the refreshing touch you need.

Repair Your Fence:

Repair Your Fence

Fences can look a little tired and worn after facing the elements for a year, so scrubbing and repainting or glossing them can really bring your fence back to life, and make your whole garden appear put together again.

It is better to resurface and repaint your fence on a day when it is going to be dry, and ideally dry for a few subsequent days after too, and it is up to you which method you want to use to make your fence look brand new again!

Refresh Your Yard Furniture:

Refresh Your Yard Furniture

Like fences, yard furniture can look a little bit worse for wear sitting outside all year, so giving these a refresher coat of paint or even a completely new style will really put the finishing touches on the yard. Do not be nervous to change the color of chairs, or even to paint patterns on your plant pots if you have a style or inspiration in mind.

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