There are plenty of ways you can create a “green” house from the ground up. You can prioritize insulation and natural lighting to minimize unnecessary energy consumption.

You can install solar panels on the roof to tap into a renewable energy source. You can install low-flow sinks, showers, and toilets to reduce wasted water. All of these are great methods for creating an eco-friendly house.

Another way to build a greener home is to use recycled and repurposed materials. These are some recycled and repurposed materials you could incorporate into your home construction.


Repurposed Shipping Containers:

Anyone that wants to join the tiny house movement doesn’t have to build a cozy and compact house entirely from scratch. They can repurpose a shipping container instead.

Shipping containers are excellent building materials for home construction. They are strong, water-tight, and spacious. They can be modified to add entrances, insulation, utility connections, drywall, and a wide variety of interior décor.

What shipping containers should you use? When it comes to tiny home construction, Boxhub’s 20ft shipping containers should be the perfect building materials. This shipping container size is small but spacious enough to create the ideal frame for a tiny home.

Shipping containers aren’t just convenient materials for people who want to build tiny homes. They can be useful for building outdoor storage spaces, backyard offices, and home additions, as well.

Repurposed Shipping Containers:

Reclaimed Wood:

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been salvaged from old buildings like houses and barns. Sometimes it is reclaimed from fences, railways, and barrels. You can use reclaimed wood in various steps of your home construction.

Reclaimed Wood:

Recycled Steel:

Steel is a strong, low-maintenance, and long-lasting material. It’s also 100% recyclable. This makes steel a great material to incorporate into your home construction.

How can you use it? Steel is commonly used to reinforce structures to increase their stability. You may want to frame your home using steel beams instead of wood.

Steel can also be used for roofing in place of traditional asphalt shingles, which will go to the landfill when they need to be replaced. Steel is a highly effective and supportive roofing material. It’s especially favored by homeowners that want to install solar panels on their roofs.

Recycled Steel

Recycled Cork:

Cork is an eco-friendly, biodegradable construction material, which makes it an ideal flooring option for homeowners who want to go green.

What’s even better news is that cork flooring can be a recyclable material, too. Some cork flooring is sourced from recycled wine bottle stoppers.

Recycled Cork

Previously Used Materials:

You don’t have to purchase brand-new building materials from the hardware store. You can go to charitable organizations to get previously used materials at a lower price. For instance, go to Habitat ReStores, a store through the organization Habitat for Humanity.

It will have a selection of donated second-hand flooring, fencing, bricks, blocks, tiles, lighting fixtures, windows, and doors. You could give these materials a second life in your home construction.

Take old materials and make them feel brand-new again. Use repurposed and recycled materials in your home construction!

Previously Used Materials:


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