Corner clamps are an essential tool for woodworkers. Without them, it is difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating to push wood at an exact 90-degree angle.

But corner clamps aren’t just for wood. You can use them on steel, too. They make a lot of jobs easier, such as setting angles for pipes and other metalwork.

Here are four reasons why. Let’s explore them. Read on to discover how they work.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Multi-purpose
  3. Durable
  4. Easy to make

1. Easy to use

The easiest way to get mitered frames clamped tightly is with easy-to-use corner clamps. You can find many of these tools in different price ranges. Many of the less expensive ones don’t work very well, while others don’t work at all.

This corner clamp has been designed over several years and places the clamping force across the miter while pushing it tightly closed. Buying one of these clamps is well worth the money.

A couple of models of corner clamps are adjustable and have ergonomic rubber handles. The HORUSDY 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp has an ergonomic rubber handle and is made of strong die-cast aluminum alloy.

It offers a sturdy and stable fastening, but its single-handed operation makes it less convenient for long-term use. However, some users have complained about the lack of hold, which makes this clamp best for smaller projects.

2. Multi-purpose

If you’re in the construction business, multi-purpose corner clamps are an excellent tool to have in your toolbox. Unlike standard clamps, multi-purpose corner clamps allow you to work on a variety of materials.

From rounded corners to curved surfaces, these clamps can handle it all. And they’re great for welding, too! Using a welding corner clamp means you’ll be able to hold your materials firmly, and without the risk of damaging your work.

While angle clamps are generally considered to be the weakest type of joint, they can be used to create them. Usually used in construction projects, angle clamps are often used to hold workpieces during welding and metalworking applications.

Aside from gluing, corner clamps are also used for splicing and doweling. You can even clamp thick glass and metal! This versatile tool is perfect for any DIY project.

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3. Durable

Buying a durable corner clamp is essential if you are planning to do any home improvement project. These clamps are used to support various types of materials, from wood to metal. With the right tool, you can finish your project quickly and easily.

These clamps are adjustable, so you can use them to secure a variety of materials. Here are some of the most popular types of corner clamps:

Aluminum alloy: An aluminum alloy corner clamp makes construction strong and long-lasting. Its structural ribs help maintain its shape over time. The steel spindle is covered with a rubber handle for comfort.

The clamp’s wide range of adjustments allows you to align pieces of different heights and widths. These clamps are ideal for high-volume frame making. They are also lightweight and durable, so you can use them for construction projects.

4. Easy to make

In order to make corner clamps, you will need a piece of wood. Cut two pieces of plywood to be about 4×4 cm. Make a diagonal cut in the corner of the base piece so that excess glue can drain away. For the jaws of the clamp, use two pieces of plywood stacked on top of one another.

Make sure to cut each piece of plywood at least 1 cm shorter than the other to accommodate larger or heavier pieces of wood.

You can buy ready-made corner clamps from Boss Clamp that are ideal for jointing wood at an angle, but for best results, make your own. Angle corner clamps are commonly used in framing, repairing window screens, metalworking, and welding.

You can also make your own corner clamps by using a speed square and plywood. Just make sure to use glue or a fastener to attach your clamps. These clamps are the simplest way to create a butt joint and can save you money on a professional corner joiner.

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