Families who want the suburban lifestyle while still maintaining proximity to work would be wise to consider Portland Oregon. Many neighborhoods are within the city limits and are also close to some of the city’s most attractive parks.

Most of the residential neighborhoods are close to downtown, including Marshall Park, a neighborhood deemed the top place to bring up a family in Portland.

Beyond the neighborhoods, there are many other reasons to move to Portland. As a versatile city, you can find everything from scenic parks to craft breweries.

You’ll find arts scenes and stellar schools. You’ll be amazed at the affordable cost of living for families starting out, given all of these family-friendly perks.

When it comes to the things in life that matter: family, friends, food, comfort, homes for sale Portland Oregon has it all. Whatever you’re into, find it in Portland! If you’re interested in learning more about why Portland, Oregon is a preferred city for families, read on!

Top 5 Reasons Why Portland Oregon Is A Preferred City For Families:

1. Fulfilling Activities For Everyone

Portland Oregon city

Portland Oregon is a popular city for good reason. There are many different activities for people of all ages to enjoy. You’re never short of good eats thanks to the area’s food cart pods.

If you’re into educational activities, Portland is home to The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

2. The Greenery Is Consistent

Greenery Portland Oregon

The rain is misty most of the year, so Portland’s plants stay healthy. Many homes for sale in Portland, Oregon are a good choice for families interested in living near greenery.

Portland is also only a few hours from The Columbia River Gorge, a natural oasis that borders Oregon and Washington; this is a great place to teach kids the value of nature.

3. You’ll Find Family Restaurants

Family Restaurants

Sit down to eat at one of many family-friendly restaurants within the Forest Park neighborhood alone. If a barbeque cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake are calling your name, then head to the hotspot family diner, Skyline Burger. You can also head to Joy Wok and indulge in Chinese cuisine.

4. Great Schools: Find Homes For Sale In Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon school

Portland’s schools are highly-rated. Check out Stoller Middle School, Cedar Mill Elementary, or Cleveland High School and see homes for sale in Portland, Oregon in these areas.

The workforce stats also reflect high education levels, with more than 40% of residents above 25 years old having obtained a bachelor’s degree.

5. The Abundant Lifestyle Rocks

Portland Oregon Abundant Lifestyle

Families enjoy the way of life in Portland thanks to the range of parks, the dog-friendly areas, the affordable cost of living, and frequent entertainment like festivals, events, and live music. Whether you’re a sports fan or into the arts, you can find homes for sale in Portland, Oregon which is surrounded by it all.

Feel At Home In Portland

In Portland, you get everything from the great outdoors to family-friendly neighbors equipped with all you could ever need to feel at home. Look into homes for sale in Portland, Oregon, and see what adventure is in store for your family!


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