Real estate is a hot commodity these days, and Instagram is a great way to find interesting, inspiring, and educational pages to follow. In this article, we will look at five of the most popular real estate pages on Instagram, showcasing the different types of content they share, as well as providing insight into how they engage with their followers.

These accounts provide valuable advice as well as breathtaking visuals, so if you’re interested in learning more about real estate and staying up to date with the latest market trends, be sure to check them out


Details about Popular Real Estate Pages On Instagram

1. RealEstate

The first Instagram page we’ll look at is @RealEstate. This Instagram page serves as a central hub for real estate-related content, which includes tips and tricks for buying or selling real estate, as well as helpful advice for anyone looking to get into the world of real estate investment. With a massive number of 218K followers on Instagram, this page can help you a lot.

Additionally, this page provides a wide variety of posts featuring media from some of the most well-known real estate agents and professionals in the industry.

2. StellarRealEstate

Another popular Instagram page for real estate is @StellarRealEstate. This page has a focus on luxury homes, allowing users to browse through some of the most beautiful and pristine properties located around the world.

Furthermore, the page is excellent for luxury home seekers thanks to a wide selection of well-designed posts highlighting enticing properties.

3. PropertyInvestors

invest in realestatate

@PropertyInvestors is another great Instagram page for those interested in investing in real estate. This page provides helpful tips and advice to potential real estate investors, while also featuring posts featuring photos of investment properties in some of the biggest real estate markets in the world.

4. RealEstateCheaper

new home

If you’re in the market for a more affordable living space then you should definitely check out @RealEstateCheaper. This page offers a wide selection of posts highlighting some of the most affordable properties located throughout the United States. This can be especially helpful if you’re in search of a new home on a tighter budget.

5. RealEstateDeals

Lastly, @RealEstateDeals is another great Instagram page for home seekers. This page specializes in highlighting the best real estate deals and properties in various different locations. Additionally, the page also features useful posts on homebuying and real estate investing tips.


The five aforementioned Instagram pages are some of the most popular and helpful real estate Websites on the platform. Remember that while these can be great resources, you should always make sure to do your own research and speak with an experienced real estate professional when it comes to securing a real estate deal.

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