The US Securities & Exchange Commission has launched inquiries to the Arciterra Cos. Founder, Jonathan Larmore. The inquiries are about a November 3 Press release in which an entity named Cole Capital Funds expressed that it was looking to buy shares in the working company at a recognizable premium. This has come to light thanks to someone related to what someone related to the incident has said.

A company filing has linked Lamore to Cole Capital Funds. This was registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission in October. According to the people familiar with the news, the real estate investor Larmore was facing inquiries related to Arciterra, which owned almost 80 properties, including strip malls.

Larmore said that he had planned to make all the required filings connected to his purchase of WeWork shares. Also, he could not comment further on the current matters at hand until he had done so.

Larmore also denied comment on the SEC inquiry on him, saying that he was working through lawsuits that different private parties filed against him. He was also confident of their outcomes.

“Many of the lawsuits have been resolved and we will continue to resolve the rest,”

Larmore said.

According to an SEC spokesperson, the government agency is not willing to comment on any possible investigation. Also, SEC investigations, which do not yet accuse anyone of any wrongdoing, do not always lead to any enforcement actions.

According to the Statement of  November 3, Cole Capital Funds tried to acquire and own 51% of minority-ownership shares in WeWork. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy a few days later.

The statement suggests Cole Capital Funds offered to pay $9 per share after their consultation “with God, legal, financial and other advisors” – a premium to the closing price of $1.11 on the previous day.The Stock rose briefly once the Stock was issued following a closing market. One of WeWork’s spokespersons declined to comment.

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