The real estate industry is welcoming digital marketing as a progressive way to serve buyers, improve brand visibility, generate more sales, etc. With time, the increase in the real estate landscape on the internet pulled up the competition between real estate agents.

Real estate agents have to shape up and modernize their digital marketing methods with more profitable real estate digital marketing ideas to remain pertinent and prominent.

Thus, we have developed the top 10 creative real estate digital marketing ideas that will surely attract customers and make your real estate business go through the roof.

Before, we start probing the ideas that will boost your real estate business. Let’s quickly understand how exactly digital marketing aids real estate agents.


The Ways Digital Marketing Aids Real Estate Agents

  • The digital market is where most leads are created. Therefore, digital existence becomes necessary to show up in their searches. Through virtual tours, property images, real estate video marketing, and mobile marketing, one can increase the brand’s visibility and conversion rate.
  • For every realtor, especially the newbies, proving credibility has become easier through digital marketing. Just a few positive reviews on the online page can draw prospective customers. Additionally, obtaining constant positive realtor reviews will enhance your online reputation and rankings. Further, cost-effective and targeted advertising like paid ads helps get immediate engagement.
  • Digital marketing helps check performance which was not possible with traditional marketing strategies. With tools like pay per click, one can track their performance and implement strategies, campaigns, etc.
  • Besides all, the freedom one gets through digital marketing breaks the monotony of traditional practices. It allows realtors to think out of the box and explore different demographics and campaigns to expand their business.

Now, let’s look at the ten creative real estate digital marketing ideas that, if executed, will transform your presence in the digital world and help convert digital traffic into promising customers.

Top 10 Creative Real Estate Digital Marketing Ideas To Attract Customers:

1. Build Social Media Marketing Strategy

Build Social Media Marketing Strategy

Anyone with the slightest experience in social media marketing would know that adapting to the changes and thriving in the competition with an inefficient strategy can be counterproductive. Therefore, come up with a well-rounded strategy.

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram live for home tours. Post all your new or previous listings, case studies, blog posts, and, most importantly, success stories as they leave a notable impact on the minds of the visitors.

2. Construct A Well-rounded Website

Your website will illustrate your relevance to visitors. It is found that 75% of people evaluate a business by the first look at its website. An unorganized website will be annoying.

Make sure not to saturate your website with content. Also, nowadays, most house hunting begins and ends on mobile phones, and an unresponsive website will be a pain. Therefore, optimize the website in a mobile-friendly way.

Make the website resourceful, with distinctive features like a live chat option for clients to connect anytime and plan appointments.

Share guidelines that ease the buying process. Also, provide useful links related to the buying, packaging, and moving for the customers.

3. Use SEO Optimally

With the intelligent use of search engine optimization, your websites can scale on search engines and show up repeatedly in relevant searches.

Some basic ingredients of definitive SEO are high-ranking keywords, meta descriptions, titles, backlinks, and social media pages.

Also, content is an essential part of SEO. Therefore, it is necessary to be consistent and creative with blog posts.

However, search engines keep altering their algorithms. Therefore, one has to adapt to the changes every time.

4. Create Worthwhile Content

Create Worthwhile Content

In a survey, it was found that 70% of marketers invest in content marketing. Therefore, even relators should invest in creating creative content that gathers attention.

The key to growing a real estate business is to share diversified and dominating content. One can regularly post long-form, high-value content via blogs, make real estate videos, post photos of properties, etc.

However, one must make sure that the content is produced for an overall audience, not just the leads in the real estate market.

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5. Explore The Video Marketing

The National Association of Realtors report states that 73% of sellers prefer realtors who use videos for listing their properties.

According to another survey, around 83% of marketers claimed that video marketing brought quality leads.

To grab the attention of such visual buyers, one must prepare real estate videos with the help of an easy real estate video maker tool that can create unique real estate videos for a lasting impact on their minds more than any other form of listing.

Be certain that the videos are responsive on all devices. To skip the tedious video-making and editing process, one can easily use an online real estate video maker tool and ai text to speech tool for adding voice-overs to your real estate videos.

6. Provide Vivid Virtual Tours

As per the NAR report, 51% of people bought the houses they noticed on the internet. In such a case, virtual tour marketing becomes a worthwhile idea. Most of the preeminent realtors are already taking benefits from it.

With interactive, responsive, user-friendly, and 3D virtual tours, agents can provide a view of the actual footage of properties.

Remember, the more explicit a virtual tour is, the quicker it would simplify a customer’s home buying journey and ultimately yield faster revenue for the business.

7. Conduct Webinars & Workshops

For real estate agents creating inbound leads is essential in their digital marketing strategy.

This is achievable if one successfully disseminates their expressions and expertise globally.

Thankfully, in this digital era, it is not difficult. Agents can use online tools to host user-friendly webinars and online workshops and reach a wider audience to establish their campaign in the digital market.

8. Set Out On An Email Drive

Set Out On An Email Drive

Sending emails can increase the rate of change of a beginner into a buyer. It is a worthwhile tool that helps you engage with your old clients, keep them acquainted with your services, and generate new leads.

To set out on an effective email drive, one must keep the content compatible with the customers. Because the more the content will suit them, the more willing they will be to open the emails they receive from your domain.

9. Invest In The PPC Model

The PPC ads, also known as pay-per-click ads, are great for real estate agents as it helps generate new leads based on ads. The PPC ads are one of the top generators of on-page conversion.

You have to pay only when an ad gets a click in a pay-per-click marketing strategy. The PPC idea can connect real estate professionals with potential buyers who are genuinely interested in their property offerings.

10. Indulge In Referral Marketing

Besides building your online presence and lead flow, also get referrals from satisfied customers. You can straightforwardly ask and get referrals.

But for this, you have to focus on delivering your customers a smooth experience throughout their home-buying procedure and then ask them who they know.


Now that you have gathered the real estate digital marketing ideas to raise the customer influx, implement them intelligently and witness your business reaching dizzying heights.

Remember, the real estate business is customer-centric; therefore, wear your green hat and provide the customers with what they want, and consequently, the business will flourish.

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