Going on a first date is often nerve-wracking!

You are worried about phishing for red flags, awkward silences, and ordering the right food and wine in a ridiculously fancy restaurant.

What to wear?

What to say?

What are you doing wrong?

There is so much to do. However, those are only a few of the dilemmas for certain dates. But what if you do not do anything conventional? Speak to your partner or date and plan something fun.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about some of the best date night ideas. They are quirky, entertaining, and for people who are willing to have real fun. These dates will allow you to better understand your date and enjoy each moment.

Surely a date that guarantees a second date! So, what are you waiting for? Sit back, and take notes.

Entertaining Date Ideas You & That Special One

Entertaining Date Ideas

If it took you some time to ask her out on a date, then do not waste the opportunity on chic fine dining. You will have too many awkward silences, and this might make you lose the chance of a second date.

Here is a list of dates you can try, or if you have the whole night, maybe pick a few.

1. A Picnic In Nature

Waiting for the waiter to stop interrupting or finishing the endless “special list.” Or memorizing the menu to give an immaculate order. Forfeit all these pressures before a first date, and go for a picnic in the heart of nature.

If your date is an old soul, they will love the idea. You can get anything you want to eat or get something for each other to taste. Once the food and wine part is settled, you have a clear mind to talk about other things.

It is peaceful; you do not have to worry about unnecessary interruptions. You can cork your own wine and pour it.

2. A Live Concert

 Live Concert

If you or your date is a big music fan, this is your sign to look for some of the best concerts happening around. It doesn’t have to be a headbanger metal, but something more new pop.

Once the music gets to the head, the sensation is different. You will be seeing a very different side of your partner. The fun and quirky one with less guard. What better place to dance than once on live music while singing your heart out?

3. An Escape Room Fun

Teamwork makes the dream work!

But, you do not have the pressure to win or lose, just the fun of the game. Couples or duo escape rooms are a new uber-cool dating trend that gives many a chance to enjoy their dates.

This game includes a lock & key and two minds trying to solve mysterious puzzles in the best company, aka each other! The task is to escape, but when it is so much fun, no one wants to.

Before you go about searching for an “escape room for two near me” because of the excitement, read the rules and gear up.

4. A Paintball Competition

With the stress of work, and our lives getting greyer each day, we all need a splash of color. If your date is also a hustler like you, they would probably agree.

What better way to get some frustration out than treating your eyes with vibrant colors? Paintball competition!

Gear up in camouflage, and do not be afraid of getting a little dirty.

5. The Amusement Of Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

When adulting starts in its full-fledged merciless force, there is only one thing that we miss the most.

Our innocent and simple childhood. When cotton candy at the amusement park was all that was needed to make us happy. Why not bring that back on your very first date?

The adrenaline rush of the Ferris wheel and the corndog delights at the amusement park is all one needs to feel like a child again.

6. Long Talks Under The Stars

Suppose you are not a big fan of the adrenaline rush and want something peaceful. Soul to soul, and more philosophical than physical, then you do not have to go far to find that.

You can pick a terrace, or take a long walk at the local park in the evening. Even if you are not a big fan of talking, the ambiance will bring about all the existential conversation at once.

7. A Local BookStore Cum Cafe

Both are ardent readers.

You two can literally pick the easiest date and no doubt have the most fun. To find the nearest bookstore cafe, pick a book, and dive into the world of fiction.

The time will move so fast that that one date wouldn’t feel like enough. However, the enjoyment of discussing your favorite parts of a book will make u two plan another date.

To continue…

8. Baking Session


Want to have fun all the while doing something productive?

Get your favorite cookbooks, and bake something. With the double effort, you both will end up with either the tastiest key lime pie or it tastes weird, and you two will have a great laugh.

Both are great for making the best memories!

9. Go Boating (Notebook Style)


Whether she is a fan of Notebook or not, this romantic gesture will make her swoon all over you.

It is like killing two birds with one stone.

– Good location.

– Great talk.

(three, if you count the amazing food).

If rowing gets too tiring, you can bring the boat to a halt and have the perfect date in the middle of the lake.

Ask Them First!

No doubt these are great dates and quite entertaining, to say the least. However, before you plan any, it is polite to discuss it with your date and then carry on.

Or else, no matter how great the date is, they will not feel comfortable.


If it is an important date, you wouldn’t want that!


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