Congratulations on purchasing your new home! Now, it is time to customize it, right? You want everything to look just right and to speak to who you are as a person or as a family. The thing is, your home is looking somewhat bare, and you want to spruce it up with some stunning curtains.

Curtains can make for a great talking point when you have guests come to visit, and they provide you with privacy when you need them. But, let’s face it, those old curtain rods the previous owners left up aren’t going to cut it. You want something easier to manage that fits your aesthetic.

That’s where curtain tracks come into play. Not only are they affordable to buy, but they are easy to install and can be used for a variety of window sizes. What’s more, they’re massively trending right now.

That being said, let’s go over five reasons to put curtain tracks in your beautiful new home.


Easy To Install

Easy To Install

One of the main reasons to buy curtain track sets is that they are easy to install. Most DIYers find that they can easily install curtain tracks using the set and a couple of household tools, such as a laser level, screwdriver, and drill.

Instructions for installation and use are usually clear-cut. Even if they aren’t, users are often able to figure everything out on their own. This makes preparing to move into your new home a whole lot less stressful.

A Minimalistic Aesthetic

If it is a minimalistic design you are aiming for, curtain tracks can create one. They blend into the wall or can be hidden behind a valance. That’s right, they can essentially become invisible to the unknowing eye. Your visitors can focus their attention on your gorgeous curtains, not on the track that is holding them in place. Also, the track conceals the carriers, so there will not be any unsightly and huge curtain rings.

Quiet And Seamless Operation

Quiet And Seamless Operation

Curtain tracks are quiet and smooth to open and close since they use curtain glides or carriers. There is hardly any resistance from carriers, and you can choose from a variety of carrier styles to incorporate. Adding a curtain wand will make opening and closing the curtains even simpler, plus they are affordable and easy to install.

Great For Taller Windows

These days, new homes are being built with taller windows. Tall windows mean using a lot of curtain fabric. And a lot of curtain fabric means you need strong tracks to hold those curtains in place.

Some folks choose curtain rods thinking they will be easier to use, but the truth is, they require brackets to support them. Curtain tracks are more ideal for taller windows since you can directly mount them onto the wall or ceiling. This helps you avoid curtains that look too heavy and that sag.

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They’re Totally ‘In’ Right Now

Curtain rods used to be insanely popular. Just ask any homeowner from the 1980s or ‘90s. Everyone had massive, highly decorative curtain rods with intricately designed finials on either end. Folks thought that those rods matched well with their fancy curtains. Café curtains were particularly popular back then.

Things sure have changed since then though. Today, most people are going for a more toned-down look with simple and clean lines. That is why certain tracks have become so popular. They are designed to be hidden and unintrusive.

As you go about decorating your new home, think about installing curtain tracks in your windows. There are many sizes to choose from and a variety of ways to customize them. The focus will end up being on your curtains, not on the bulky rods holding them in place – plus they run much more smoothly and serenely.

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