Do you want to sell your home this year because you’re moving away or want to downsize or upsize? Or perhaps you own an investment property you’re ready to put on the market?

When preparing your place for a quick sale, taking steps to generate the most bang for your buck is essential. Here are some low-cost ideas you could implement.

Declutter Your Home

Declutter Your Home

It’s wise to declutter and streamline your possessions significantly so that your home looks larger, lighter, more spacious, and generally appealing. Potential homeowners want to see if their furniture and other belongings will look okay in the spaces, which is very hard for them to do if you have your things everywhere.

Plus, removing a lot of “stuff” from each area will make it easier for people to see how they might set up the spaces in their own ways. Another benefit of decluttering is that it makes it easier to clean your home and see any potential issues that need attention before you open the property for inspections, such as holes in walls patched up or cables replaced.

Do A Deep Clean

Next, do a big spring clean throughout your property. You want the place to be sparkling inside and out, to look great, and smell pleasant to potential buyers. Once you’ve done a significant clean of all the things that often only need doing a few times per year, you’ll find it easier to do shorter cleans in between open homes and other inspections to keep your place looking its best.

Take care of tasks such as dusting the tops of fans and light fixtures, cleaning out sliding door tracks, oiling door hinges, and removing cobwebs. You can also wash the windows, get carpets and rugs steam cleaned, and remove mold and mildew. Clean under the beds and give drapes a good clean or wipe over blinds, too.

Replace Affordable Appliances And Fixtures And Fittings

Another way to prepare your home for a quick sale is to replace some of the more affordable appliances around your home with newer ones. If you’ve got a ton of old machines that look outdated and don’t work well, this can affect what price you get for your place.

It’s not too expensive to buy a low-profile ceiling fan for each bedroom or a chandelier, windmill, or smart fan for other parts of the house to keep rooms cooler. You might also like to change the light fixtures around your home, as those that aren’t modern can date a home. The same goes for your stovetop and the faucets in your kitchen and bathroom.

Choose A Neutral Color Palette

It’s also a good idea to ensure your home has a lovely neutral color palette. While you might love many bright colors and look-at-me feature walls, this doesn’t mean potential buyers will feel the same way. It’s much safer to repaint your home as needed to tone it down and strip out some of the too-bold furnishings, fixtures, etc., to present a more calming, neutral vibe in your property.

When space is neutral in its look and feel, it’s much more appealing to a wider variety of people and their tastes. Those inspecting your place are more likely to be able to imagine their furniture in the home, and the whole property will come across as bigger, too.

Improve The Curb Appeal

You can also make some impactful changes to your property for a low cost via curb appeal. You want potential buyers to arrive at your home and be impressed and keen to see more rather than driving away because they don’t like how it looks from the street. As such, take time to boost external areas like the front fences, doors, pathways, etc.

You can swap out an old front door and rusted mailbox for new products at an affordable rate and similarly add some lighting up the pathway and some colorful potted plants at the entranceway to welcome people. Repair broken fence palings and paint fencing to make it look brighter, or add a low-cost fence to help demarcate the border and show people they can easily have pets or children in the yard without worrying about their safety.

Trim overgrown trees and shrubs, too, and remove dead plants. If your yard is currently bare, it’s wise to plant some pretty flowers and low-maintenance shrubs to add more flair to the outdoor areas.

You can also cheaply prepare your home for a quick sale by researching the market and knowing the type of buyer your place may appeal to and then setting up rooms in a way that will most appeal to them. (E.g., setting up a spare bedroom as a home office or a media room.) You can also update soft accessories like pillows, throws, towels, and other pieces you display to help give your home an inviting, warm, and modern look.

All these things don’t have to cost a whole heap but can make a massive difference to how your property comes across to those who inspect it. A little time, energy, and money now can pay off in spades later.


Abdul Aziz Mondal
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