While trees provide numerous benefits, there are situations when removal is necessary. For example, if you have dead trees on your property, removing them may be the best option. In some cases, trees weaken and become dangerous or even attract pests. Additionally, you can remove unhealthy and damaged trees or those growing near your house or utility lines.

Before beginning this process, you’d want to ensure your property is safe. In that regard, here’s how to prepare your property for tree removal:

Hire Professional Tree Services

Hire Professional Tree Services


Undoubtedly, the tree removal process can be tedious and risky. For this reason, you’d want to hire professionals like Al Miley. Such experts will help protect your property against damage. They can prepare it, clear the area, and prepare the tree for removal. They have the right skills and equipment to protect your walls, driveways, foundation, roof, and sidewalks.

They will also make sure the process is fast and effective and saves you money and time. Hiring a tree removal service means you won’t have to worry about purchasing or renting the latest and safest equipment. This process is labor-intensive, and you may have to put in more effort and time if you need to do it yourself. Fortunately, utilizing the services of professionals can save you from this hassle.

Assess The Tree

Knowing the condition of your tree enables you to make vital decisions. For example, you need to know if the trunk is rotten or still strong. A weak tree may fall before you complete your removal and may fall in unintended directions. Alternatively, a strong tree may take longer and require a deeper opening. With this information, you can decide the type of equipment you need and estimate how much you spend.

Besides that, check the size of the tree. Like the tree’s condition, the size of your tree determines the tools you require and the amount of work you can do. Small trees are simple, take a shorter time and require simple equipment. On the other hand, bigger ones may require strong tools like a crane.

Lastly, evaluate the location of the tree. Trees in open and flat areas can be easy to remove. However, if buildings surround your tree, the tree is in a sloppy site, or are near power lines, it may be difficult to remove.

Clear The Surroundings

Another significant thing to do is clear the area around the tree. This allows the service providers to move back and forth with their vehicles, allowing them to work faster. Remove any obstacles along the way to allow easy movement.

It’s also best to remove any breakable objects like furniture or plant pots near the tree so they don’t break during the process.

Inform Your Neighbors

The machines used in the tree removal process can produce a lot of noise. Therefore, notifying your neighbors is vital. Let them know your plan to avoid causing inconvenience or unnecessary drama.

Depending on your tree’s location, you may have to use your neighbor’s yard to access it. It’s essential to ask for permission before starting your removal. This lets you know in advance if it’s possible or if other methods may be needed.

Create Space For Vehicles

The tree service company you select will probably use a lot of tools. For instance, they may use tree chippers to cut tree trunks, branches, and limbs into chips, making cleaning easy. They may also use a large truck that should be easily accessible. Thus, setting up a nearby parking space is vital.

Determine The Direction Of The Falling Tree

Depending on the location of your tree, you’d want to select a direction that allows it to fall naturally. For instance, if the tree is inclined to the left, you can cut it in that direction so that it can fall to the left. However, if properties are in that direction, you can redirect your tree to a safer path.

To keep everyone safe, set up escape routes. Your first thought is to plan for a tree falling in the area where you’re working, but don’t forget about unplanned areas!

Set Aside A Playground For Your Kids And Pets

Pets and children are the most vulnerable in dangerous areas. They’re innocent and can play around, increasing the risk of branches and other objects falling on them. Therefore, establish a safe space where your pets and kids can stay to prevent them from running and playing in the nearby area. Also, make sure to keep your children and pets in a safe place while the tree is being removed.


Preparing your property for tree removal is vital. It protects it from damage and ensures you keep yourself and your family safe. Therefore, before removing a tree, ensure the surroundings are clear and you have safe escape routes. However, you can hire expert tree services for effective removal and have peace of mind knowing that your property will be safe.


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