According to data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, 84% of people who move stay within the same metro area. Only 7.5% of people move elsewhere within the state.

There are many reasons for selling a house and moving, whether it’s in the same neighborhood or across state lines.

This guide will discuss some of the most common reasons for moving. Keep reading to learn what they are.


1. Personal Relationships

There are many reasons to move, one of the most common is changes in personal relationships. You may want to move to another place if you’ve gotten recently married or divorced.

If you’re moving in with a partner, you might consider selling the home you already own. If you’re starting a family, you’ll definitely need the funds from selling your home to purchase a larger one to raise your baby.

2. A New Job

A change in your career might be another reason for selling a home. You might be selling your house after being relocated for your job.

If you’ve left a job or career behind, you might also consider selling your home and moving to a new city or state to start over. With so many companies offering fully work-from-home positions, you might consider selling your home.

If you’re able to do all your work without having to go into an office, you can live in one city while working for a company in another city.

3. Financial Struggles 

Other reasons to sell a house might include having some financial struggles. If you’re struggling to pay a mortgage, you might consider selling your home before the situation worsens.

Selling your home and moving to a more affordable neighborhood can reduce the financial burden on your life. This can help you save and make it easier to pay your monthly bills. Lower taxes are another reason why you might consider selling your home and moving to a new area.

4. Needing a Larger or Smaller Home

Needing a space upgrade might be a reason to sell the current home you own. While you might need a larger or smaller home for some of the reasons listed above, just wanting a change in size is enough reason to sell your home and buy a new one.

If you want a larger home and aren’t able to build onto your current one, selling is your best option. You might want to sell your home for something smaller because you’re trying to live a more minimalist life. You might want a larger home because you need an extra room to build a home office.

If you want to learn how to sell a house, check out this guide to home buying companies. This way you’ll be able to sell your home quickly and start looking for a new one.

Common Reasons for Selling a House and Moving Explained

There are many reasons for selling a house and moving to a new neighborhood. You might need to move because of a new job or changes in your personal relationships.

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