We, as humans, have the right to have a comfortable and eye-pleasing house to live in. It’s free to choose whatever concept you want.

But if you’re thinking about designing your house as a royal type, choosing painters and decorators in London could be the option.

Especially if you’re living in the UK, you could be more familiar with the building there.

They have certain characteristics that other countries might not have. If you want your house to keep it like that, or wanna change it to that British style, here are some stories and inspirations for it.

  1. History of house painters and decorators in London
  2. Inspiration for British house style

1. History of house painters and decorators in London

History of house painters and decorators in London

Trade and the structure of buildings are one of the things that England was known for. This makes the painting and decorating building industry develop.

It resulted in London’s Lord Mayor of the City forming the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers in 1502.

They have functioned to standardize the craft and acted as a protector of the painters and decorators. 

In the old times, a painter and decorator’s job were mixing the paint which kept a ready supply of pigments, oils, thinners, driers, and sundries.

But this responsibility isn’t common as modern paint manufacturing techniques and architects these days lean more toward the reliance on brand label products. 

Even though mixing the paint is not their responsibility again, professional painters and decorators in London are getting more skilled at decorating buildings with various techniques. Today’s painters are trying to broaden their field of faux painting. 

2. Inspiration for British house style

Inspiration for British house style

Just like what it stated before, houses or buildings in London have their own traits. If you’re interested in designing with a typical London house style, here are some inspirations for your painters and decorators to make it fabulously :

a. Georgian terraced house

This style of the house was inspired by the Georgian style where it’s linked with the classical period of Greece and Rome. Usually, it’s painted with neutral colors like brown, beige, white, or brick colors.

This house style is generally built from buff London Stock Brick and has the characteristic that it has slate mansard roofs above an Attic pediment. 

b. Cottage

Cottage styles are always popular for the one who wants to live in a cozy place. The main features of this house style are shingled, stucco walls, gable roofs, small porches, balconies, and bay windows. It’s giving the vibe of simple yet comfortable.  

c. Victorian domestic styles

The style is inspired by the Georgian era, or we can call it the Victorian era (1830-1901). It was influenced by the industrial revolution, so the materials that were used were different from Georgian houses. 

As for the traits, usually, they have bay sash windows, wide mantelpieces on fireplaces, and multi-color bricks. Sometimes they added patterned or floral wallpaper to the house. 

3. Modernism house

These days everything is moving fast, from technology, engineering, and building materials.

It makes the house style isn’t only about the beauty, but also the purpose of the design. Modern house style usually has that clean and minimalist vibe.

How Can I Make My Home Look More British?

Building a house in the British style is a different thing; however, decorating your house in the British way is a more fun thing to do. The fact that not everyone of us has a British looking home. Therefore, the most we can do is decorate the house in such a way that it gives the look of a colonial British home.

So, let us see how to make our home look like a typical Victorian era house.

Campaign Furniture

These kinds of furniture are motivated by the idea of exotic traveling. Here, the furniture was made in such a way that it could be rearranged for traveling purposes. That is why they got the name campaign furniture. Folding writing tables, mahogany chairs, or collapsible beds are the best additions to your house to make it look British.

Lightweight And Eclectic Fabrics

It is no news that colonialism helped the British people bring a lot of different textiles from India, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Therefore, botanical prints, animal prints, ikats, and such patterns on very lightweight cotton or linen were very popular during that era. So, you can just go around and find such fabrics to add the British tone you are looking for.

Natural Texture

Natural texture is a staple when it comes to British colonial architecture. Rattan, sisal, and reed caning were mostly used to give that added touch of contrast to their darker traditional furniture.

Airy And Light Colors

If you have seen a good old period drama, you would know how British people are obsessed with lighter colors when it comes to their homes. Even now, the British royal family is not very fond of using dark colors for their homes, clothes, etc.; therefore, choosing light shades of pastel or going to simple white can give that touch of elegance and class to your home.

Traditional Shutters

If there is anything that I have learned from watching British dramas, it is that British people love a good shutter. During the Victorian era, almost every British royalty would have their windows laced with shutters. These shutters are made from pure wood and are either left in their natural state or decorated with a coat of paint.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are also a signature British decoration. Back then, fans were a necessity to circulate the cold air inside homes. Eventually, they became one of the most important British colonial home requirements. Against the high white ceilings, the wooden or brass fans were ecstatic to look at.

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