Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Everyone knows it for its romantic atmosphere, the canals, the gondolas, the carnival, and the architecture.

But there’s one thing the city is famous for and very proud of, and that is Murano glass. Have you ever heard of it?

It is highly regarded and loved by many, and I think you’ll like it too, so I’ll explain a little the magic and history of Murano glass. 


What Is Murano Glass?

Murano Glass

It is an art passed from generation to generation since the 13th century, and it is still handmade with the same techniques used then.

It is made by mouth-blowing, and every piece is created one by one with fatigue and precision at the Murano furnaces by glass masters. 

Being a handmade glass, every piece is unique and never the same. Murano glass perfectly captures the elegance and timelessness of the city, and, like Venice, every part is an outstanding work of art and perfect in its imperfection. 

History Behind The Creation Of Murano Glass

Why is it not called Venetian glass? Murano glass takes its name from the tiny island where it is made, which is part of a network of tiny islands in the Venice lagoon.

Originally the glass was made all over the city, but because of several fires caused by glass masters. 

In 1292 all the furnaces were moved to Murano, and since then, the famous glass has been exclusively made on this island.

Tourists can visit the island and learn more about the glass blowing process and heritage at the Murano Glass Museum. 

Behind each Murano glass piece, there is eight hundred years old tradition and techniques the masters have learned and taught for all this time, preserving the authenticity of the work perfected by their ancestors. 

However, while the Murano glass blowing process hasn’t changed for centuries, the design aspect of the glassware is certainly not stuck in the past. Mixing tradition and innovation, the masters give birth to timeless creations. 

The Amazing Beauty Of Murano Glass

Indeed, Murano glass is loved by interior designers not just for its incredible beauty but also for its timelessness.

It is perfect for interior decor because it can never go out of style as it goes beyond trends and different interior styles. Every house would be better with a Murano glass piece inside, and there’s an ft with any type of interior style. 

Of course, this glassware is handmade and traditional, but most importantly, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. First, let’s talk about the colors.

They are bright, vivid and can create amazing shapes inside the glass. Masters achieve these rich colors by adding different minerals into the mix. 

How Is The Murano Glass Made?

Traditionally, gold and silver specks are also added to the glass, making the piece even more luxurious. This gives any object a glowing effect, as the specks reflect the light and can brighten up the room. 

But what object are we talking about? Virtually anything decorative. However, traditionally Murano pieces are vases, perfect for brightening a living room, you can use for flowers or, as they are, centerpieces for your dining room.

The decorative bowls or plates will give any table character, elegant glassware, sculptures, such as one of the animals, aquariums, but also abstract figures, etc. More eccentric pieces are goblets, mirrors, jewelry, lamps, and much more. 

Murano Glass Is A Compliment For Your Interior

Murano Glass Is A Compliment For Your Interior


Murano glass is so loved in the interior decor because it can complement the house without standing out too much, but at the same time, it’s a unique artwork.

If you own a Murano glass piece, you know no one else has the same, every work is imperfect, and that’s the charm of a handmade creation. 

Moreover, if you buy Murano glass, you are sure that the quality is as good as it gets. Everyone recognizes Made in Italy as a trademark for premium quality, and every Murano glass product is not only Made in Italy but also certified Made in Murano. 


Suppose you are scared of buying counterfeit goods. In that case, you need to know every Murano glass piece has a trademark that certifies that it was made on the island of Murano at a furnace that follows the traditional glass blowing process. 

Authentic shops show this certificate, and you can also buy authentic Murano glass online from certified retailers such as

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