Colors in interior designs are so important.

They can set the place’s tone, mood, and overall allure. Whether it’s the bedrooms, bathrooms, the living room, or even the kitchen, paying attention to the color of the walls or the other elements is vital.

The kitchen needs extra attention in terms of colors because you can’t change it as quickly as you can change the color of your bedrooms. The reason is that your kitchen consists of various appliances, cabinets, and other essential elements. Thus, choose the shade of your kitchen wisely.

If you’re in a hitch about what color to choose, we have listed 5 of the most popular colors as per expert interior designers.


Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Colors:

Pick inspiration and add your personal taste into the mix to create something new, or just stick to the basics.

Kitchen Cabinet Color

1.  Nature Greens

Nature elements have grabbed interior trends of 2022 by their throat. Nature Green is THE most popular color for kitchens in 2022. It can give a relaxing and soothing tone to the kitchen.

Make your meals amid the timeless green by choosing from a range of natural shades, like deep emerald and soft sage. Sage green can give an earthy feel to your cooking area. You can also extend the palette by consulting a professional interior designer.

Adding nature elements such as plotted plants could enhance the theme further, giving your kitchen a rich look.

2. Yellow

Yellow is associated with brightness and cheerfulness. It also signifies other attributes such as emotional stability, creativity, and learning whatnot.

Having breakfast amid such a cheerful color can feel rejuvenating. If you want to give a fresh look to your kitchen, then sunny yellows should indeed be on your list. You can choose Yellow for a kitchen of any size.

But still, it’s best to consult a professional interior designer before zeroing in on a hue of yellow or any other shade, for that matter.

3.  Sleek Black

You must have heard the saying, “when in doubt, wear black.” Well, it’s not limited to clothing alone. When used right, black can be a dazzling color for kitchen spaces.

If you want your kitchen to have a luxe feel to it, then black with white oak is the perfect combination. With the proper lighting, these colors could enhance even further. We see no reason not to choose this color while redoing your kitchen.

If you don’t want to fully commit to black and turn most elements into a dark hue, you can select Black as an accent instead. Trust us; it would work amazingly, even with less commitment.

Popular kitchen Color

Colors in interior designs are so important.

4. Warm White

Warm white is another color that has been making waves in 2022, although white itself has been around for a long time.

White is considered one of the classics, and for the right reasons. But rather than going for plain white, you can switch it up a little and choose warm white.

If you want to venture deeper into the white family, you’d realize that there are several more options to choose from. Again, with the proper lighting, the allure of the warm colors could be increased manifold. Give your home a modern twist while also staying rooted to the basics.

5. Earthy Tones

Plum, blush, and earthy terracotta are a few hues to give your kitchen an earthy look. The inherent color of the wood is seen as another element of nature to be brought inside.

There is little surprise that earthy tones have become a fan favorite, especially because they collaborate so well with natural wood cabinets. Earthy tones are yet another way of bringing the outdoors inside and giving your kitchen a tranquil feel of nature.

Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just these five colors and play around with other ideas as well, but speaking of trending shades, these five have been leading the race.

How To Choose Kitchen Colors

While choosing interior colors, such as for your kitchen, you also need to consider the ambient elements.

Kitchen Colors

You want everything in your kitchen, such as wall paint, lighting, cabinets, appliances, etc., to complement each other. To get the kitchen color right, choose colors of all kitchen elements wisely, including;

  • Cabinet colors
  • Appliance colors
  • Countertop colors
  • Flooring
  • Lighting

The colors of all the elements in the kitchen design and the wall colors would form a cohesive whole. You can play with wall colors all you want, but make sure you consider the hues of the fittings in your kitchen as well.

If you’re not well-versed with the color schemes and complementary colors, we’d suggest you speak to a professional.

Note: An interior designer could look at the existing shades in your kitchen and recommend changing or introducing new colors accordingly. You can brief them on your vision, and they would definitely bring consistency to your aspirations and reality.


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