When we are guests somewhere, we usually use their washroom to wash out our hands after dinner. Of course, we all do! But did you ever get numb or feel unpleasant when the bathroom door opens directly from the view of the toilet?

That’s something really a heavy cross to bear. Well, this is the biggest mistake we all make, or maybe we simply shut our eyes to it. Another mistake we make is to add a bathtub instead of a custom glass shower door. So, here we are to disclose some of the common mistakes people make while revamping a bathroom space.

Bathroom space is one of the topmost priorities and we all want our bathrooms to appear top-notch and enduring. For this purpose, you must neglect the basic and old ideas when you are all set to revamp your bathroom. We can always add bathroom vanity refacing onto a new kitchen refacing project, as additional work. If you are looking to do a vanity by itself, we are not set up for that. It’s not that we don’t want to help people with their cabinet needs.

Checkout Some Common Mistakes People Do While Remodeling A Bathroom:


So, to remodel your bathrooms to the next level, make sure you steer clear of these bathroom renovating mistakes.

1. Set an affordable and reasonable budget!

Before you plan what exactly you want for your bathroom space, set a fixed budget. This is the foremost step of the remodeling project. If you don’t make a reasonable budget then probably it will become heavy on your pocket. Making an affordable budget will make your shopping and decoration plan way more convenient.

2. Poor shower layout

Usually, showers are located directly above the handles, why is it so? It sometimes gets awkward when our eyes get caught by a shampoo attack. So, we have to turn back and then find out the right handle, here you can slip, too. 

So, why not have volume and water temperature controlling handles on either side of the shower wall? That’s something of a classic design. You can easily get control of the handles and they won’t disturb you while having a bath. Another solution is to install a hand shower. 

3. Insufficient storage space

That’s the huge mistake we all make. We simply ignore our plan of sufficient storage while remodeling the entire bathroom. The more storage space you have, the neater and bigger your bathroom will look.

4. Under par or dimmed lighting

Do you, too, have poor lighting in your bathroom, especially at the vanity? Never do that! If you would have poor lighting, then you may not feel comfortable while preparing yourself for parties.  Also, dimmed or low lighting will never let your bathroom glow, no matter how expensive you’ve created it!

5. Is it appropriate to use wallpaper?

Usually, wallpapers are not recommended for bathrooms because they have daily exposure to moisture. Here, wallpapers will not work. Wait! If you have a bigger bathroom and separate portions of shower and vanity then you can accessorize the vanity wall with beautiful wallpaper. For shower areas, and bathrooms that do not have separate zones, wallpaper isn’t a good idea. 

6. Scant counter space!

Make sure to make your counter spaces bigger enough. This is the mistake we all make while buying a sink with less counter space. Although, the design with small counter spaces or no counter space fits well. However, you will not be able to place a shower gel, toothpaste, or even a comb on your sink. 

7. Errors in measurements

Before you opt for anything or any plan make sure that you have accurate measurements. In order to get exact measurements, we put forward to take measurements twice or thrice. It will remove all the errors. 

8. Is your towel rack out of reach?

The towel or other storage rack should not be out of reach. It should be placed maximum to your height. So, you can have easy access to each stuff and be able to keep check and balance on the cleanliness of the rack.  

9. Expensive but slippery tiles!

When you have a clear idea of what you are going to plan in your bathroom, make sure not to buy expensive tiles. The reason is, it would be out of your budget and tiles have to be daily exposed to water, dirt, and other mildew. They’ll lose their shine and worth. 

Another thing we’ve observed is that people seek expensive tiles but they end up with slips. Literally, it would be bootless when your expensive tiles cause any injury. 

10. Installation of a bathtub!

In modern times, no one opts for shower curtains, but people do want to install a bathtub. It can be great enough, but it can’t beat the benefits of a shower door. So, if you want to make your bathroom luxe and durable enough, simply buy a shower door without further ado. 

11. Door opening from direct view of the toilet

That’s the biggest as well as awkward mistake some of us make. Never create such a layout that causes the door to open from the view of the toilet. It literally brings to nothing, no matter how much we have spent on renovating our bathrooms.

Here you go!

The above mentioned were the common blunders we usually make when we are on our way to decorating or revamping our bathroom spaces. We recommend fabricating separate sectors in the bathroom and never underestimate the power and glory of toiletry niches.

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