Being the space where we practice our daily hygiene and self-care rituals, the bathroom plays a vital role in our lives. That said, it should be practical and, at the same time, comfortable.

Unfortunately, it’s often a space that generally doesn’t get much attention when it comes to aesthetics, even though there are simple ways to make it a warm, modern refuge without sacrificing comfort and usefulness. 

You probably wonder: How can I make my bathroom gorgeous without committing to a complete renovation? To tell you a secret – there are some smart shortcuts to creating a fashionable contemporary bathroom, one of which is using the right accessories.

A few eye-catching accents may be all you need to bring flair and elegance into your bathroom. 


7 Tips To Elevate Your Bathroom’s Style

Some intelligent small bathroom style ideas use light, texture, form, and contrast to lend flair to even the simplest, tiniest bathrooms. You may visit this website or other similar resources to learn how to start a bathroom remodeling project or continue reading to get a hold of some tried and tested tips.

1. A Modern LED Mirror

 LED Mirror

Aside from making it easier to apply make-up, shave, or cleanse your face, an LED mirror can also be a significant décor feature. Long, slim bathroom layouts, lack of windows, and dark tiles are all aspects that influence the perception of a room. 

Although they may be difficult to address without substantial renovations, expense, and stress, a stylish bathroom mirror with lights can help minimize their effect. 

By reflecting the walls back at the spectator, mirrors naturally deceive us into thinking a room is larger than it actually is. With the addition of light from an LED illuminated mirror, even a tiny bathroom may appear much larger. The larger the mirror, the greater the sense of space. 

LED lights also produce beautiful, natural-looking ambient illumination that is not only useful but also relaxing. To create a peaceful atmosphere for unwinding in the bath after a long day, turn off the main light in the evening but keep the mirror on. 

Nowadays, you can find LED mirrors in different styles, sizes, and shapes, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that suits your space. If your bathroom has a classic design with classic elements, a framed LED mirror may fit the design better. 

2. Frameless LED Designs

Frameless LED mirror designs feature cleaner liners and a large surface area, making them a great option for more modern, contemporary bathroom designs. Colour customization, dimmability, and anti-fog capabilities on models can help you turn your daily routine into a faultless experience. 

The size of the mirror is another important factor to take into account as it affects whether it will fit into your bathroom or not. Large mirrors provide the appearance of spaciousness in tiny rooms, while smaller mirrors can add style wherever they are placed. 

Just make sure the mirror you choose isn’t wider than the sink. This will make the mirror look balanced in relation to your vanity unit or basin.

3. Stylish Towel Racks And Rail

Stylish Towel Racks

Even though a towel rail or rack is typically only partially visible, it can have a lot more functions than simply serving as a functional must-have accessory. Depending on the design you choose, it can be a great way to add a touch of modern style to your old-style bathroom sinks. 

While many options are available, some being able to store just one towel and others a whole compliment of towels and facecloths towels, racks and rails generally fall into two types: wall-mounted towel racks or rail and freestanding or floor-mounted towel racks. 

Towel warmers or electric towel racks and rails are a great alternative to traditional versions. They dry the towel or bathrobe after you take a shower. In addition, they help reduce the need to wash towels often. Hence, installing and using a towel warmer in your bathroom can decrease your laundry load, extending up to two weeks between washes and saving water.

4. Smart Floor-Mounted Towel Racks

Mounted Towel Racks

Freestanding or floor-mounted towel racks are a better option for larger bathrooms with plenty of floor space. Aside from being elegant, these racks offer plenty of space for your towels and are easy to move from one place to another for when you decide to change your decor occasionally. 

If you have a freestanding bath, a freestanding towel is a bathroom need. Such a bath is frequently placed in the middle of the room, away from the walls, making it difficult to reach a towel rack installed on the wall. 

For a small bathroom, a wall-mounted towel rack or rail may be a more suitable option as it can fit comfortably in any area. Some wall-mounted towel racks can hold up to six towels, offering you plenty of space to work with.

5. Beautiful Trays And Storage Containers For Your Beauty Items

Beautiful Trays

All you need to create a personal spa in the convenience of your home is a large shower, delightfully hot water, and your favorite body lotion and other skincare items. What could be better than entering a stunning sanctuary, blocking off the concerns of the outer world, and taking some time to concentrate on your own wellbeing? 

Enhance your experience by surrounding yourself with lovely yet useful items starting with a convenient place to store your soaps and cosmetics. A beautiful circular disc can look lovely on a vanity unit or small side table if you have the space, while a hanging shelf is a practical choice for bathrooms with limited space. Look for styles that offer adaptability without sacrificing style. 

Bathrooms are always in need of little pots and containers, and stone pieces combined with exquisite walnut lids are perfect for storing things like cotton balls, makeup pads, or hair accessories.

Add more positivity and aesthetic value to your bathroom by placing some crystals in decorative trays. The perfect choices for any bathroom include quartz, citrine, amethyst, emerald, bloodstone, sunstone, and green aventurine. Most of these crystals are connected with the heart chakra, giving you comfortable warmth and promoting natural healing during baths.

6. Unique Soap Dishes And Toothbrush Containers

Soap Dishes

We just cannot ignore those necessary bathroom accessories, such as soap dishes and toothbrush holders, which are an integral part of our daily rituals. They may be commonplace items, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fashionable; in fact, given their prominent placement on the vanity or basin, it makes it all the more important to make sure they’re attractive to look at. 

When placed against a dark surface, minimalist pieces made of cold white marble can look very stunning. If you prefer angular, solid forms, pieces with a simple and subtle geometric design can give your bathroom a polished, sophisticated touch.

Do you want to ensure you have a clean and germ-free toothbrush to use every time?  Smart toothbrush holders are now available, taking personal hygiene to the next level. They help reduce the number of germs using ultraviolet light. With a built-in UV sanitizer, the mirrored panel reflects the ultraviolet light on the toothbrush’s surfaces for disinfection.

7. Multi-Functional Baskets

Multi-Functional Baskets

Baskets are very useful, adaptable, and attractive accessories that, depending on their size and shape, can be used to arrange cosmetics, put on dirty clothing, store towels, and store toilet paper. Straw, crochet, and macramé baskets are a strong trend in bathroom design right now, so feel free to use them.

Even white country-style bathroom vanity also gives your bathroom a very unique and antique look. When you are selecting something antique and old-fashioned, always pick the modern lighting for your bathrooms. Hence it will give your rest room very unique and transformed features.


Your bathroom is no longer a place where you can spend just a few minutes. This is the place that reflects your test. And with the small changes, you can make your bathroom as unique as possible. These are the seven tips that you can maintain and make your bathroom look unique and attractive. So what types of refinishing techniques do you want to select? Share your opinion through the comment sections.


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