You might think of London as the big city at the heart of England, with its huge, towering buildings and fast-paced lifestyle.

However, architects in London are constantly trying to find ways to improve the amount of space that’s left as it becomes more and more crowded.

There are ways that you can enhance the little amount of space that you have as well in your small London flat or house.

So, keep reading for our top tips to help you maximize your space in inner-city London.

1. Bring Light In

If you really want to create the feeling of more space and openness, then you want to bring as much light in as you can. Try swapping out your thick curtains for lightweight nets so that you can enable the sun to shine through as much as possible.

Using mirrors is also a brilliant way to bounce light around the room, especially if you don’t have lots of windows.

home light

Bringing in as much light as you can from one and then allowing it to reflect off of your mirrors can really help fill the room with it.

You can also dot small lamps around, focusing on the darker corners. Light creates the illusion of space when there isn’t any, which can be especially true for small homes in the inner city. So, if you really want your place to feel bigger, then you need to make it feel brighter.

2. Declutter

As well as creating more space through light, you also need to physically create more space by decluttering. Start by going through all your cupboards and getting rid of anything you don’t need anymore.

Then focus on areas you can see like shelves, desks, table tops, etc. You might not notice how much clutter you’ve built up until it’s gone.


Clutter can make a small space feel extremely cramped, which is something you want to reduce as much as possible.

You want your rooms to feel light and airy, which is something you won’t be able to achieve if you don’t get rid of all the little things that have piled up over the years.

3. Make The Most Of Windows

Windows are something that’s often overlooked, but they can actually be a great asset to a small room. For example, you could add extra seating by turning the sill into a window seat.

This is something that doesn’t cost a lot of money, but it can really open up the room. That way when you have people over, they don’t all have to fight for a spot on the tiny sofa. If you live in a flat in the inner city, you probably don’t have access to a garden.

home window

However, if you’re desperate for a place to grow some flowers or herbs, why not turn your window into a small patch of nature? You can find lots of planters that can be attached to the outside of a window or fit snugly onto the ledge.

This way you’ll feel like you’ve maximize your space and created an area where you’re a bit more in touch with nature. Inner cities are known for being quite grey, so having that little bit of color can really make a difference.

4. Use Innovative Storage

Storage will play a big part in whether your space feels large or not. Typically, storage solutions are hefty, chunky items of furniture that take up way more space than the things inside would if you’d left them piled up on the table.

So, to really maximize your space, try looking for innovative storage solutions that offer you the chance to grow your rooms instead of closing them off. Clothing rails are an excellent example of these. Wardrobes are generally quite big and take up a whole section of the bedroom.

Innovative Storage

But with clothing rails, their slimline appearance will allow you to hang your clothes without sectioning off the room. Hanging storage is also particularly useful, especially in kitchens.

You can find lots of hanging shelves to store your cookery equipment, keeping it off the sides but still within reach. Try going for a bed that has storage underneath as well.

Things like sheets and bedding take up a lot more room than you realize, so being able to pop them away can really help keep your room decluttered. Whenever you buy a piece of furniture for your small space, try to go for ones that offer you more than a singular function.

For instance, a coffee table that has a storage shelf under it or narrow shelving that is taller rather than longer. This tip can really help increase the amount of space you have in your home and also keep it neat and tidy.

5. Less Can Be More

When you don’t have much space, you might be tempted to try and fit as many things as you can into the rooms to try and make it feel more “homely”.

However, in actual fact, you should be focusing on taking away to help create a sense of openness. Try really taking the phrase less is more on board and don’t be afraid to have a more minimalistic style to your home.


The light and space will flow much better as well, helping to give your home a feeling of space when there isn’t. The biggest homes can feel tiny if they’re stacked wall to wall with furniture and clutter, so don’t let your lack of space hold you back.

Although you might feel restricted by a small amount of space in your inner city home, it’s all about what you do with it that will make it feel bigger.

It’s not impossible to maximize your space either, you just need to plan it carefully and think about how you can have less but get more. Utilizing innovative storage will be your best friend, as well as bringing in lots of natural light. So, if you’re home feels like the walls are closing in, try making use of some of these tips and you’ll soon feel the difference!  


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