Do you dread summertime because of the added expense and hassle of running your air conditioner? Many homeowners don’t take the time to properly maintain their AC units. This leads to costly repairs and reduced energy efficiency. The good news is that regular maintenance can help extend the life of your air conditioner – saving money on those expensive repairs.

We’ll provide some helpful tips to keep your temperature controlled while preserving its lifespan as best as possible. By reading these tips, you can rest easy knowing that you are making a wise investment by maintaining it and creating a comfortable environment for yourself during hot summer days.

Here Are Seven Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

1. Check The Air Filter Monthly And Replace It As Needed

Check The Air Filter Monthly And Replace It As Needed

Maintaining your air conditioner is a great way to keep your home cool and comfortable. One easy but essential maintenance task is to check the air filter monthly and replace it when necessary. A clean filter helps ensure that your system works as efficiently as possible.

At the same time, a dirty one impedes the effectiveness of your system and can potentially make things worse in terms of wear and tear. So remember: maintaining a clean air filter helps you keep your home comfortable at an optimal cost.

2. Keep The Area Around Your Air Conditioner Clean And Free From Debris

Keeping the area around your air conditioner clean and clear of debris can be a relatively easy but important task. Not only will it help with improved airflow, but it can also prevent damage to your system in the long run.

So be sure to take some time out of your day to sweep away any leaves, twigs, or other build-ups that may have found their way into the vicinity of your unit. Your A/Cs will certainly appreciate it.

3. Schedule Annual Maintenance With A Qualified Technician

Schedule Annual Maintenance With A Qualified Technician

Trusting your annual maintenance to a qualified technician is vital. Professional technicians like the air conditioner dealer in Willis, TX, can spot any potential problems with your AC unit before they become major repairs. Then, they’ll perform thorough inspections and provide the necessary care that your unit needs to stay in tip-top shape.

Not only will it prevent larger issues, but it’ll also help to keep your energy bill more manageable. It’s a no-brainer – scheduling an annual maintenance visit is definitely worth every penny.

4. Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

Making the switch to a programmable thermostat is an easy yet effective way to save money on energy costs. Basically, you can set the temperature to be lower when you’re not at home or even. At the same time, you’re asleep so that less energy is being used.

This small but impactful change can significantly affect overall energy usage and what appears on your bill. Plus, with modern thermostats, you can check and control them from an app on your phone.

5. Turn Off Your Air Conditioner When You Are Not Home

Turn Off Your Air Conditioner When You Are Not Home

Turning off your AC when you’re not home is a super easy way to save a few bucks. It also helps the environment by reducing our reliance on energy produced from non-renewable sources. So the next time you head out for work, the grocery store, or anywhere else, flip that switch so you can take advantage of all those benefits. Moreover, it helps your AC run more efficiently and last longer.

6. Use Fans To Supplement Your Air Conditioner During Mild Weather

The great thing about mild weather is that you can save on energy costs by taking advantage of it. Instead of running your air conditioner all day, try using a fan to move the cool air around your home.

Ceiling fans are beneficial for this as they do an excellent job of circulating the cool air quickly and evenly throughout the room. As a result, your air conditioner won’t have to work quite as hard, and you’ll enjoy a more comfortable environment without breaking the bank.

7. Close Blinds Or Curtains During Hot Weather

Keeping cool during hot weather can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Closing the blinds or curtains is an easy way to give your home extra relief. That way, you’ll block out direct sunlight and make sure your home stays much cooler. You might find that the difference this measure makes is quite significant – so much easier than cranking up the air conditioning all day long.


Maintaining your air conditioner doesn’t have to be a chore. Taking steps like regularly cleaning the filters, keeping a watchful eye on the condenser unit, and scheduling regular checkups can keep your AC in tip-top shape. Not only do these practices help keep you cool, but they save you money in the long run. So why not make it a regular part of your maintenance routine? You’ll thank yourself later when you’re not stuck in the heat with an expensive repair bill.


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