Looking for your dream home can be quite a difficult task, probably more than you initially thought. You might spend weeks checking out open houses and showhomes before realizing that what you are looking for is probably not present in the market – or not in your budget. Maybe, just maybe, your forever home is waiting to be built from scratch?

Have you thought of finding a low-budget modern 3-bedroom house design so that you can build your dream dwelling from scratch? – minimal but modern, low-budget yet trendy! Yes, it might seem like a more complex task, but don’t you worry because we are here to help you! Keep reading to find out more on the same.

Top 5 Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design Of 2022:

If you have been looking for a simple low budget modern 3-bedroom house design, then you have come to the right place. Of course, the internet has plenty of alternatives, but in this article, we have explored the five most trendy design schemes, and that’s not all!

Keep reading to find out the bonus section featuring the pros and cons of each design below!

1. Modern Two-Storey House With Three Bedrooms

Modern Two-Storey HouseIf you are opting for a two-storey building structure with three bedrooms, you will need about 1950 to 2000 square feet of area. Think about it. A charming two-storey building, three spacious bedrooms, a modern garage with a two-car capacity, and three modern baths – the whole combination sounds so perfect for any modern family in 2022.

If this sounds great to you, you can further develop the design and include door and window sizes, floor plans, and all information about electrical operations.


  • More space for you and your family.
  • Perfect for families with kids.
  • Relatively cheaper than buying a similar house.


  • Taking the stairs every day might not be a suitable alternative for many people. 
  • It will take more time to build this house as compared to one-storey spaces.

2. Simple Modern House

Simple Modern HouseA simple, modern house is a big real-estate turn-on, considering it gives out the whole minimalist vibe combined with a modern, spacious approach. But, if you don’t find this design modern, then we don’t know what’s cooler than this one! It looks spacious, modern, and perfect for any family with minimalist tastes.

A relatively darker exterior, a beautifully sloping roof, and an artsy loft-type balcony on the second floor are all design elements that convert this design into something truly unique. This is a perfect low budget modern 3 bedroom house design that you can later improve with a few add-ons like exterior elevations, electrical layouts, and other construction-related details.


  • Looks aesthetic, minimal, and simple. 
  • Modern and unique from a design perspective.
  • More space for your family. 


  • Taking the stairs every day might not be a suitable alternative for many people. 
  • It will take more time to build this house as compared to one-storey spaces.

3. Modern Bungalow

Modern Bungalow Maybe those modern two-storey buildings are not what your dream house looks like. Maybe your dream house looks a lot like a single-storey bungalow with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all technically located on a single floor. But that’s not all this modern bungalow design offers you. There’s more to this!

The design is so versatile that you can easily add another bathroom and bedroom in this sort of bonus room/loft on the side. Moreover, this beautifully quaint bungalow also has a pretty front porch and a garage with a two-car capacity. Thus, if you have been looking for a low cost low, budget, modern 3-bedroom house design, this is totally made for you!


  • One-storey is best for every kind of family. 
  • Relatively less time-consuming considering there’s only one storey to build.
  • Looks quaint and aesthetic.


  • Not perfect for families looking for a spacious living area. 
  • Modern, but there’s nothing unique or even new about this design. 

4. Modern Duplex House

Modern Duplex HouseThe best part about opting for this modern duplex is more than one factor,

  • 3406 square feet area
  • The identical layout on both sides of the building
  • Three bedrooms on level two, kitchens and living room on the main level, and a basement at the lowest level.
  • Two garages on each side with single-car capacity.

Now this plan might not be as low-budget as you were looking for, but undoubtedly it’s a pretty chic alternative that you can definitely consider!


  • Lots of space for you and your family
  • The design structure is modern and trendy, something that’s pretty relevant in 2022 
  • The design is versatile, leaving space for extra add-ons in the future. 


  • Not really low-budget.
  • Also pretty time-consuming.

5. Modern Ranch House Design

Modern Ranch House DesignThe ranch home designs are pretty similar to the bungalow design, especially since both are single-floor designs. However, the ranch design is different from the bungalow one in terms of its low pitch and the elongated roof, which makes it distinctive and unique in its own way.

If you have been looking for low budget modern 3-bedroom house design in India, then this is the perfect house design for you! The only problem is the design lacks garage space, but it’s versatile enough for you to build one!


  • One-storey is best for every kind of family.
  • Looks quaint and aesthetic.
  • Relatively less time-consuming considering there’s only one storey to build.


  • Lacks garage space.
  • Not a great option for families looking for a spacious living area. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Type Of House Plan Is The Cheapest To Build?

If you think about it, you will understand that any home with a concise and simple layout plan will be the easiest and cheapest to build. So Ranch homes, bungalow houses, and similar one-storey alternatives are pretty cheap options.

2. Are Modern Houses Cheaper To Build?

Yes, modern houses are relatively cheaper to build as compared to buying a completely new building. But remember, you can’t go overboard with your plans otherwise, it might turn out to be quite expensive.

3. Is It Cheaper To Build A 2 Story House?

Two-storey houses are more easy to build and they are also cost-effective investments since they technically offer you a lot of space but at the same time does not add to the roof costs.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know which low budget modern 3 bedroom house design appeals to your tastes find yourself a great house plan now. Let us know in the comments below about your house building preferences now!

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