Adding a rug to the living room can instantly bring it to life. Placing a vibrant rug in space is the most cost-effective and sure-shot way of making it appear dynamic and stylish. Even if you have a wall-to-wall carpeted room, pairing it with a rug is still a great option to create a more homely atmosphere.

If you live in a rental space, it is tough to warrant spending a ton of cash on a redesign. You also may not be allowed to install some new floor tiles or even carpet the whole area. Personalized wool area rugs can be a perfect solution to enhance the style without permanent changes.

A rug comes in handy in such a situation. You can even place it on a stained carpet, completely concealing a dirty area. Alongside this, it would give it a revamped look altogether. You can experiment with new designs and color palettes too.

You can decorate your living space with area rugs in numerous ways. Some of them are as follows:

1.  Create Rug Zones For A Large Space

If you are lucky enough to reside in a house that comes with a massive living space, there are many opportunities to adorn it with rugs. For instance, you can create various zones where you place the rugs. Now it’s your choice whether you want to use the same pattern of rugs or different ones.

For a vibrant living area, it is recommended that you use rugs of different patterns but stick with similar colors. If your living room is open, you can experiment your heart out! You can easily highlight your favorite part in the living room by adorning it with a colorful and vibrant rug.

If your living room is an elongated one, you can use a combination of rugs and runners. This will give a distinct appearance to the entire space.

2.  Select A Pattern That Complements The Vibes

Your living space should exude a vibe, and everything should match it. For instance, if your room appears rustic and homely, you should be really mindful while choosing a rug Earthy colors will complement the overall feel of the room pretty well.

In case your living room flooring is worn and dull, and you want to divert the visitor’s attention from it, simply get your hands on a colorful and vibrant rug. It will not only hide away any dirt but would make the whole space appear lively. In both cases, the Isabella Traditional Medallion rug will make an excellent choice and make your home look sophisticated and cozy.

The furniture of your living room is also something you should consider before choosing a rug for the room. For instance, if the furniture items are already bold and vibrant, go light with the color of your rug. Adding some texture to the rug will complete the look of your living room.

A living room is supposed to be calm and relaxing. So make sure not to bombard it with too much color and hue. Instead, mix and match similar shades of furniture with the rug.

3.  Go Dramatic With A Statement Rug

If you don’t want to splurge a lot on decorative items and furniture in your living room, you can simply opt for a statement rug. Conversely, you can dramatize a simply put-together living room by placing a huge, vibrant, and uniquely textured rug right in the middle.

Going for some kind of pattern or texture for the rug will let you go simple with the curtains and cushions. You can choose solid-colored complimentary items to supplement the rug easily. This is surely the easiest and most cost-effective way to make your living room stand out in the house.

4.  Choose The Stripes

A rug with stripes brings some character to the space you place it on. It doesn’t only make the entire room appear longer but also makes it chic and stylish. You can never go wrong with a striped rug.

A striped rug will draw your eyes to it if it sits powerfully right in the middle of your room. Especially if you combine it with a rather plain living room with simple walls and plain color drapes. It will instantly grab the attention of anyone entering the room.

5.  Go Vintage

Do you have a fireplace in the living room and want to bring some warmth to the space? It’s high time you go vintage with an old-fashioned rug. If it’s dark in color, it would further make the whole space appear warmer and cozier.

Vintage rugs can transform the entire look of the living room. They add luxury and opulence to the room, making it appear magnificent.

Be Crafty

Simply putting it into words, there are hundreds of ways you can make your living room appear grand by adding a rug. You just need to be playful with your ideas, and the creativity will pay off!

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