Do you want to experience a small-town atmosphere and enjoy beach views at the same time?

If so, you’re in luck because you’ll love calling Topsail Island home, whether you choose to live on the island part-time or full-time.

So, what other reasons do people have for moving to this affordable island off of North Carolina’s shores?


Talk to a Realtor in Topsail

The main reason people move to Topsail has to do with the atmosphere. Part of North Carolina’s Southern Outerbanks, Top Island is a great place to buy a beach property.

Just ask any realtor in Topsail. He or she can give you some great reasons for living on the isle. You can also get further details by visiting Lewis Realty Topsail anytime.

If you’re interested in buying a townhome or single-family residence – one that has luxury amenities, you’ll love Topsail. Topsail Island represents a coastal lifestyle for vacationers, families, retirees, or anyone who appreciates a more laid-back pace.

Practice Your Putting or Golf Swings

Practice Your Putting or Golf Swings

You can also find plenty to do in the ocean-based location. You can play golf, fish to your heart’s content, or spend the day boating. While the island is quiet, you also have access to a commercial hub that offers plenty in the way of fine dining and shopping.

Topsail Demographics for the 3 Primary Towns

The island is home to three main towns, Topsail Beach, North Topsail Beach, and the biggest town, Surf City. People who reside in North Topsail Beach make an average income of about $46,000 per household while Surf City dwellers make around $41,000 per year. Topsail Beach locals bring home about $56,000 annually.

Home Values on Topsail Island

Home Values on Topsail Island

You can live a good life in Topsail and you don’t have to be a millionaire. Currently, homes sell for about $250,000 in the communities of Surf City and North Topsail Beach.

The prices hover around $460,000, on average, when you’re looking at real estate in Topsail Beach.

Other local residents on Topsail Island include the sea turtles, who, like the people who reside on the island, love habituating the lovely sands.

There are Only Two Ways to Access and Exit TopSail Island

You can only get on and off the island one of two ways. Surf City’s famous swing bridge allows access and a way off the isle as does the island’s bridge on Top Sail’s north side.

However, don’t worry about fighting traffic on your travels to and from the island. Each of the main Topsail towns is not highly populated. Right now, the total population for the largest of the towns, Surf City, is not yet 3,000, and the population is much lower for other spots on the isle.

So, living in Topsail allows you to experience beach life on a truly relaxing scale. While you have access to commercial amenities, you can also savor the quietude of small-town beach living.

Plus, as noted, there are plenty of beach-related attractions to keep you entertained. For example, the pier at Surf City is an old-time site that has weathered the weather well over the years.

If you love to fish, this is the first place to go for all your fishing needs and accessories. The locale features a tackle shop as well as a wide array of bait. You can also dine next to the water and enjoy foods prepared hot off the grill as well as ice cream.

The pier runs almost 940 feet long and features fish cleaning spots and lighting for anyone who prefers to cast their fishing lines at night.

Going Back to Plantation Days: Poplar Grove Plantation

Going Back to Plantation Days: Poplar Grove Plantation

A local attraction that is well known in Topsail is the Poplar Grove Plantation, which is found in southeast North Carolina. Once a peanut plantation and sweet potato farm, the site served, during the Civil War, as an agricultural hub – feeding soldiers on both sides of the conflict.

You can also find unique entertainment at the local skating rink, which plays all the music that was popular in the 70s, and 80s. Whether you want to step back in time for a while or enjoy modern amenities, you can do so easily on Topsail.

Another thing to consider is the area’s climate, and Topsail will not disappoint you in this regard. During the year, residents experience an amiable environment, as winters are mild and temperatures average, from May to September, in the lower 80s on the Fahrenheit scale.

Those soft sea breezes coming off the Atlantic make Topsail especially welcome during the hottest part of the summer.

Welcome to Topsail – Welcome Home

Would you like to know more about this island community? If so, review the featured homes online and pre-qualify first so you can begin your home search now. If you crave to live life in a peaceful place with nearby amenities, Topsail is one location that you can easily call home.

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