The laundry area is the one that we mostly try to hide from everyone who is visiting our place. For most of us, the laundry room is a messy one that does not get remodeled or transformation that often. In case you are thinking about remodeling this area, there are some things you always need to consider. 

Unless you have a stylish or amazing-looking washer and dryer, I believe, like most of us, you do not want to show them to your guests. Or you do not want to see that while the rest of your bedroom is properly organized and decorated. 

So, a laundry room door is a must. It is going to tell the story of your laundry room. After all, the laundry room door is not going to be an ordinary door. It needs to cover a really wide space. So, you have to be more concerned about it. 


Top 15 Laundry Room Doors To Watch Out For

When you are looking for laundry room door ideas, you might need some suggestions, and that is why you have landed on this article. So, now, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the main topic and help you with some amazing laundry room door ideas. 

#1 Cabinet Style Laundry Room Door

Your laundry room has to have enough storage to store your washing and cleaning supplies. Also, you will need some extra space or a cabinet to stack the dirty and also clean clothes separately. 

So, when you need more space and cabinets, choosing a cabinet-style laundry door is one of the best options to go with. Here, I would like to mention that while the option for this, you also need to consider whether the door is going to open inside or outside the laundry area. 

After all, you need to have as much space as possible. 

#2 Laundry Room Door With Hidden Storage

If you do not want to show the cabinets, you need to play it sharp. Here you need to look for hidden storage areas. For example, you can cut a block in the wall and attach your iron table to save space. 

Now, you will fold the table and then cover the space with a door. Or you also can attach the table or other storage options on the back side of the door. This way, you are not only getting more storage space but also can hide that from outside. 

#3 Closet Laundry Room Door

Having a closet side by side with your laundry room is actually a good idea to go with. Along with being a functional unit, this will also make your daily work a lot more hectic. Getting the dirty clothes and stacking the cleaned clothes will become much easier here. 

So, you just need to set your laundry area and your closet in the same area. Just use a barrier to separate both areas from each other. That means having a closet door will be enough to cover both your laundry area and closet.  

#4 Accordion Laundry Room Door

Accordion doors are also an amazing option to use in your laundry area. Relax, the accordion door is the other name for bifold doors. Folding doors have always been one of the best laundry room door ideas. 

So, when you are choosing a bi-fold or accordion door, you just need to ensure that you are joining both parts of a single door in such a way that it will not look bad. These types of doors are the best alternative option for sliding doors if you can not afford them.  

#5 Barn Door For Laundry Room

In case you are searching for a statement set of laundry room doors, you can always go with barn doors. Although, in most cases, the barn doors are used for larger spaces. However, small spaces also can work great. 

In case your space is not suitable for swinging doors, you can always go with bard laundry room doors. You also can think of pairing two barn doors for your large laundry room, which will give you a curtain effect. 

#6 Small Laundry Room Door Ideas

In case you have a small space that is nothing but an open layout, it is best to go for nixing the doors altogether and get a seamless transition between your other living spaces and laundry room. 

Dryers and washers nowadays are quickly stackable. That means you always can build your laundry appliances into surrounding built-ins in order to create a laundry nook. Here, the sans doors might not give you the privacy of a usual slab door, but they will let you get more accessibility. So, for small places, this works best. 

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#7 Hallway Laundry Room Door Ideas

In case your laundry space is in a part of your hallway, you need to remodel or design it differently. You can not go with the usual idea. You need to cover the entire space with a door. Both folding and sliding doors will work great. 

You just need to choose the perfect door design that will go with the rest of the area. Always remember that you need to pick a design or color, or styling of the door that will complement the entire area and your hallway. 

#8 Laundry Room Folding Door

Well, laundry room folding doors are one of the most popular for those who have a space concern. When you need to cover an area that is large, and you do not have the option to go with sliding doors, this is the best option. 

Because of the folding door, it will not take up much space at all when you are using the area. You either can have a complete. 

#9 Half Glass Laundry Room Door

Mirrors and glasses always have the magical power of making smaller places look more spacious. It’s kind of an illusion. So, in case your laundry space is really small, you can always opt for glass or mirror doors. 

But I’ll suggest you go with half glass and half solid door. You will need a wooden frame, after all. So, make the door half with solid wood and half with glasses. This will give you an aesthetic look for your laundry space. 

#10 Laundry Room Door With Stackable Rack

Just the way I’ve mentioned earlier that doors with storage are actually super convenient for smaller spaces. That will let you organize your laundry area properly. Doors with stackable racks can actually let you organize all your laundry supplies. 

That means you just need to invest in making the door, and you don’t need to invest separately in making the storage area for your laundry space. You just need to ensure that you are designing the stackable laundry room door in the most convenient way. 

#11 Vintage Laundry Room Door

Vintage style is always in. And especially when you have made your interior in a vintage old-school design. For vintage laundry room doors, you have to choose a design that will complement the rest of the space. 

I’ll recommend you go with the usual wooden vintage laundry room door that is sturdy and also will cover the entire space. Another perk of using a vintage laundry door is that you do not need to remodel it until you are remodeling the entire house

#12 Sliding Glass Door For Laundry Room

#13 Bamboo Sliding Laundry Room Door

#14 Half-Half Laundry Room Door

#15 Why Door, Go With Curtain

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now, you have a huge collection of laundry room door ideas. You can pick anything from the above list. And in case you want more options, do let me know in the comment section, and I will come up with a solution as soon as possible. 

Till then, I thought when you are searching, you might have several other queries or questions in your head regarding the same. So, here, I am answering the most common questions that I have been asked several times. 

So, now let’s have a look at them and get you the answers. I am sure this will help you in making a decision.   

Q1: How Can I Make My Old Laundry Room Look Good?

Ans: When you are thinking about giving your old laundry room a makeover, you can utilize the following tips. 

➊ With tandem washer-dryers, double your efficiency. 
➋ In order to make a small space feel and look bigger, use an all-white scheme. 
➋ Allow your laundry room to double up as your mudroom. 
➍ For easy folding, include an island. 
➎ To make it more fun in action, add wallpaper. 
➏ Incorporate any of the on-trend into. 

Q2:What Door To Use For A Laundry Room?

Ans: In case you are tight with space, it is always best to go for a sliding door. At the same time, it is a space-saving and also the stylish solution. Here, sliding barn doors might be the best option to go with. But that doesn’t mean you have to go with a rustic design. 

Q3: Should The Laundry Room Door Be Vented?

Ans: A vented laundry room door is one of the most popular options. And if you are thinking about going with it, you should know that it is a great idea, as laundry room ventilation is required because this is the room that has a major source of contaminants in your whole house. If your laundry room is not properly ventilated, moisture can build up. This is a recipe for dust mites, bacteria, and mold growth during hotter summer months. 

Q4: When Remodeling A Laundry Room, What Comes First?

Ans: First, you should always start with the design and planning of your laundry room. Before starting, take some time to think about exactly why you are thinking about remodeling your laundry room. Using the reason, you need to do the planning. 

Remodel Your Laundry Room Door!

You have plenty of options on your plate. You just need to pick the one you think will be best for you. You obviously need to consider your budget, the space, and what type of door you want to have. 

I’ll recommend you think practically and choose the one that will fulfill your requirement and will serve you the best. 

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