Landlords usually send late rent notices to their tenants when they have passed the due date for rent payment. Also, some lease documents have three to five days of provision before the renter can pay their late rent fees.

So, how does the late rent notice work? How does a landlord deal with a late rent situation? Go through this article to learn in detail about the same.


What Is A Late Rent Notice?

What Is A Late Rent Notice

A late rent notice is a very common thing among tenants and landlords. This happens when a tenant fails to pay their rent to their landlords. The landlords usually hand them a late rent notice. There are different names for this notice.

Here are some common notice names such as –

  • Notice to Pay Rent.
  • Notice for Failure to Pay Rent.
  • Demand Notice for Nonpayment of Rent.
  • Rent Payment Demand Notice.
  • Demanding for Past Due Rent.
  • Notice to Cure.
  • Notice to Demand Payment for Failed Rent Payment.
  • Notice to Pay Rent.

So, what does such notice include? Well, here are a few things that a rent notice must have –

The amount that is due, and the late fees the tenants owe to the organization.

When the landlord sends a Rent notice, they usually list all the different expenses that that tenant pays. The rent notice also has a warning stating that the landlord can take action if the tenant does not pay rent within due time.

But, a tenant and the landlord must know that a rent notice does mean starting eviction. This notice allows the tenants to know that their nonpayment has caused a problem and the landlord might take action.

Why Does A Landlord Send A Rent Notice?

Why Does A Landlord Send A Rent Notice

A landlord can send a late rent notice to their tenants when they have not paid their rent. But, maintaining this formality is not as necessary as an eviction notice. You will be helpful in covering any unpaid notice.

However, the late rent notice allows a landlord to bring attention to the unpaid rent they have to pay off. In general, the tenant immediately pays you the amount they owe. But if they are unwilling to comply with you, then you can send them a late rent notice.

When this notice is also neglected on the tenant’s part, the landlord can later proceed with the eviction process. Sending a late rent notice is also necessary for the landlord to keep proof of their interaction with the tenants.

Also, during the eviction proceeding, the landlord can provide the court with proof of advising the tenant to pay the late rent. This can help the landlord win the case against their tenants who have reportedly refused to pay their rent.

When Is The Time To Send A Late Rent Notice?

When Is The Time To Send A Late Rent Notice

Since you know what a late rent notice is and why send it, you should also know when to send it. As a landlord, you can try to understand your tenant’s shortcomings to not be able to pay rent. So, based on the situation, you can consider a late of few days after the due date.

But when is the right moment to send this rent notice? Go through these points below-

  • The best time to send a late rent notice is after 5 to 7 days of the due date.
  • Do you consider an eviction? If that is the case, then you can start with a late rent notice.
  • When the tenant is not attempting to pay their rent, you can choose to send a late rent notice.

How To Deal With Late Rent Payments?

How To Deal With Late Rent Payments

Dealing with late rent payments is difficult. However, a landlord needs to think of different areas, such as their lease documents and the rent payment history of the tenant, before they take any action. Here are some answers you can ask for –

Check The Payment History

As a landlord, you must check the rent payment history and be sure if the tenant is actually missing out on their rent payment. As a landlord, it is possible to make mistakes. However, you should keep these data documented to avoid such mistakes.

Most of the lease agreements provide the tenants with a few extra days (3 to 5 days) after the due date for rent payment was missed. A landlord needs to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned on the lease documents and send late rent notices accordingly.

Usually, the lease includes a late fee that the landlord can add on top of the payable rent. Also, paying rent late means the violation of the contract signed by both the tenant and the landlord. So, the violation means a breach of the contract.

Send A Late Rent Payment Letter

The tenant needs to have a notice of the unpaid rent that follows a few steps mentioned here –

  • First, the document needs to note that the rent is due and the due date has passed.
  • If the rent is not paid in full price, the landlord will be ready to take legal action.
  • The late rent payment letter should include a summary of all the payments that are due.

Usually, the landlord affixes the rent payment letter to the unit door of the tenants. However, there are also options for mailing directly to the tenants or giving it to them in person.

However, it is smart for the landlord to keep a copy of the late rent notice. Usually, the tenants are sincere in paying. However, more forgetful tenants might need to remain.

Phone Call

After the landlord sends the late rent notice to their tenants, they can call the renter to ask about the development of the situation. This is not a reminder but a way of communicating with the renter whether they are ready to pay the rent.

A phone call notice gives both parties to communicate about the situation and come to an agreement. However, this must be done mindfully to avoid harassment claims.

Notice Of Pay Or Quit

This notice allows the landlord to communicate that they are serious about taking any legal action. This notice contains the landlord’s intention to evict their tenant. It also includes the amount due and the amount that needs to be paid.

Final Words

When the tenant is unwilling or unable to pay their rent even after the late rent notice, the landlord has the right to take legal action against them. They can take help from an eviction lawyer to draft the lawsuit. So that was all you needed to know about late rent notices.

However, if you have more queries related to the same topic, you can ask us through the comment section below.

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