If you just bought one of the over 5 million homes sold each year, you’re likely excited about making it your own. That means remodeling and decorating to most people. It also means some home landscaping.

While landscaping is part of every homeowner’s life, it doesn’t mean you automatically know how to landscape or even where to start. Are you caught in this struggle right now?

Keep reading for five landscaping tips that will make your homeowner journey an easier row to hoe.

1. Make a Plan

It might sound obvious, but a lot of people jump into landscaping without considering the bigger picture. Will you use your yards for entertaining or mostly for family activities? What colors do you prefer, and will they work together?

Considering these things ahead of time lets you plan landscaping that works around your needs, wants, and goals.

2. Think Long-Term

It’s all too easy for new homeowners to sink way more money into their landscaping than they initially planned on. They buy mostly grown annuals or full-grown decorative trees at a premium.

Build your landscaping around perennials instead and buy them young. Perennials are a one-time, lower-cost investment. Plus, they will grow into space you provide them over time.

3. Limit Maintenance

The more complex the house landscaping, the more time you or your landscaping service will spend on maintenance for it. Look for ways you can limit that maintenance.

A patio in the backyard can reduce your overall mowing time. Drip irrigation can spare you time moving sprinklers around and help you avoid overwatering.

4. Mind the Trees

Trees can add a lot of beauty to your home, especially older and decorative trees. Like your lawn, trees require periodic trimming to keep them healthy and away from your neighbors’ properties. Unfortunately, tree trimming can prove dangerous for homeowners with tall, older trees.

Trees can also get sick or die, which makes them a potential threat to your home. Consider a tree service for both tree maintenance and, if necessary, tree removal.

5. Play to Your Environment

Playing to your environment is one of the key landscaping tricks for smart homeowners. If you live in a desert, for example, you’ll struggle with maintaining the kind of lush landscaping that you see in the northeast.

Think about using local plants to boost their survival rate. You can even combine that with some hardscaping to reduce water consumption.

Landscaping Tips and Your Home

Whether you’re a new homeowner or a long-time resident in your home, you can take advantage of landscaping tips to make your life easier.

Always start with a plan, though. A strong plan will make all of your landscaping efforts run smoother.

Work with your environment and think long-term. Local plants will typically do better and perennials will grow into the space.

Look for ways you can limit maintenance. Also, mind those trees before they become a problem. And lastly, ensure you’re using high-quality landscaping tools from ArchiPro. These will make your life easier.

Looking for more landscaping tips? Head over to our Home Design section for more articles.

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